What can the guilty say when the truth of their guilt is made known? I have been teaching for over 35 years what Almighty Allah (God) has revealed to me of the truth of this subject. The origin of sin, the origin of murder, the origin of lying are deceptions originated with the creators of evil and injustice–the White race.

I am sick, tired and worn out with suffering from the persecutions cast against me and my people by the hands of the most wicked and deceiving race that ever lived on our planet.

I say as David in his Psalms, “Oh Lord, persecute them and take them.” None of them are righteous–no not one–they are ever seeking to do harm to you and me every second of the day and night.

They (White race) are not hostile toward me because I am a Muslim and because I am teaching the true religion, Islam, to my people and the worship of the true and living God who is not a spook, but is flesh and blood (Allah).


They are hostile against me and my followers because we are of the Original Black Nation whom they were made to hate from the very beginning of their existence, 6,000 years ago.

They were not made to love or respect any member of the darker nations, for they are by nature, as Almighty Allah has taught me, incapable of loving even themselves.

They cannot produce good, for they are without the nature of good. They cannot love Allah and His religion Islam, for it is against their nature to submit to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. All manner of evil and corruption has come from the White race.

Though we as a people have become affected by over 400 years of contact with this race of devils, we have become like them in many ways, but we are not by nature evil or unrighteous. For we are not a grafted product from any other race, so we are not weak physically nor mentally toward doing evil.

Almighty God, Allah, has appeared in the Western Hemisphere (North America) to tear off the covers of this wicked nation for their evils committed against our people, the so-called Negroes.

We have been living under the God of darkness while in the absence of the God of light. In the same way that the light of day appears to put out the Black of night, so it is that Almighty Allah has come with Truth to cast out and destroy falsehood.

As long as the devil is on our planet we will continue to suffer injustice and unrest and have no peace.

The guilty who have spread evilness and corruption throughout the land must face the sentence wrought by their own hands.

I am offering you from Allah a Kingdom of righteousness that will never decay, a New World that will be based upon the principles of truth and justice while we live.

(Text from “Message To The Blackman, in America,” 1965.)