Imam Sultan Rahman Muhammad and Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad shared the history of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s work in delivering the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s program and position. Photo: Haroon Rajaee

“There’s a song we used to sing when we were in the church. It goes, ‘I never can forget what he done for me.’ We who follow the Honorable Elijah Muhammad can never forget!” 

Those were the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s words as he introduced and brought on stage the Honorable Elijah Muhammad at the Nation of Islam’s 1974 Saviours’ Day convention.

The Nation of Islam commemorated the 124th birth anniversary of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the Eternal Leader of the Nation, with a prayer service. Taking place on Oct. 7, the prayer service was led by Imam Sultan Rahman Muhammad, the Student National Imam of the Nation, and Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad, National Assistant to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, at Mosque Maryam in Chicago and digitally webcast.

“This is the One who’s here to wipe away all our tears. This is the One who’s here to comfort you and me, to guide us into freedom, justice and equality,” were words heard and sung by Minister Farrakhan, “This Is The One,” played under images of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the Nation of Islam and the Black experience in America. Pictures included Mother Marie Muhammad and William Muhammad, parents of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.


“We thank Allah for this beautiful woman. Her name Marie, that’s another name for Mary. The Messiah that is promised is to be born from a woman that is regarded above all the women; Mary, or Maryam,” Min. Ishmael Muhammad said.

Imam Sultan Muhammad referenced a conversation, shared by Minister Farrakhan, in which Mother Marie Muhammad said, “This is not the child that I borned. Allah made Himself all up into him.”

Minister Farrakhan’s mother, Mother Sumayyah Farrakhan, was previously named “Mae,” which Min. Ishmael Muhammad described as another name related to Mary.

“From the womb of both of these women, a Jesus is born,” he said.

The service included a detailed message on how the Honorable Elijah Muhammad influenced the world. 

Imam Sultan Rahman Muhammad (left), the Student National Imam of the Nation of Islam, and Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad (above), National Assistant to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, lead prayer service at Mosque Maryam in Chicago. Photos: Haroon Rajaee

“The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us about the Caucasian people. He taught us of their origin in the world, and now the historians, the researchers, the scientists, they know that something happened,” Min. Ishmael Muhammad stated. “And from our Research Team, they have studied this, and the scientists are writing and saying that some event took place approximately 6,000 years ago near the Aegean Sea and that there had to have been an event that caused a genetic mutation. You can’t say Elijah Muhammad just told us stories.”

Other examples included the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s teachings that the moon was once a part of the earth and was blown into space, coupled with astronauts sampling “moon dust” and likening it to gunpowder; the Messenger’s words on life on other planets now being confirmed by White scientists; teachings on The Wheel, or Mother Plane and the 1,500 Baby Planes and government officials admitting these Unidentified Arieal Phenomenon or UFOs exist; and his words on How to Eat to Live.

“All of the advancements in the realm of science and technology in the last 90 years, you can go back to 1930 and what Master Fard Muhammad taught us,” Min. Ishmael Muhammad said. Master Fard Muhammad was the teacher of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and fulfills the prophecies of the Messiah of the Christians and the Mahdi of the Muslims, and in his person is the divine Supreme Being.

Min. Ishmael Muhammad, a son of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, also connected the Messenger to multiple Biblical and Quranic scriptures.

“O people, keep your duty to your Lord, Who created you from a single being and created its mate of the same (kind), and spread from these two many men and women,” he quoted from Surah 4, Ayat 1 of the Holy Qur’an.

“A single being. That represents who? Allah. We believe that Allah came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, a single being. He raised the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, but he gave him a mate in the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. And it is from these two, as the Qur’an teaches us, that Allah creates in pairs, from these two, the Mahdi and the Messiah, they will spread forth many men and women and bring in a new heaven and a new earth.”

When the Honorable Elijah Muhammad departed and was taken up on The Wheel, the world thought he was dead. It was Minister Farrakhan who resurrected the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s name and rebuilt his work. 

“When I came to understand that he really was alive, and the enemy had been deceived thinking that he killed that great Jesus … he was made to appear as such, as the Qur’an teaches, but Allah raised him to Himself,” the Minister said during his Saviours’ Day 2020 message.

“So in 1981 at our first Saviours’ Day to a small crowd of about not even 4,000 at the time—after working underground for three years, the Nation of Islam popped up again, and I declared at our first Saviours’ Day that Elijah Muhammad is alive and now in power. I suffered the loss of a lot of friendship when I made that statement.”

Lead prayer service at Mosque Maryam in Chicago. Photo: Haroon Rajaee

People questioned him, “You know Elijah Muhammad is dead. Why would you say such a thing?”

“But I made a declaration that took a lot of courage to state my belief. You say but there was a death certificate. Yeah, you make them all the time. I offered the family to exhume the body, and I said if you can prove that that body is Elijah Muhammad, I will stop teaching. Well, I sounded to many like a crazy man. But 39 Saviours’ Days after, here we are, all over the world,” he said.

For the second edition of The Final Call, the Minister focused the paper around “the crucifixion of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam.”

“They never wanted Elijah to come back to you. No negro or White man produced the fruit of the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad given to us by Master Fard Muhammad. So we had to grow from nothing to bring back the name and the Teachings of the greatest Black man to ever walk among us, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad,” the Minister said during the Saviours’ Day lecture. 

He expressed that he loved his teacher, he loved the truth he taught and he loved the people his teacher was missioned to raise from a dead level and resurrect into the most highly civilized people that the world has ever seen. 

At the time, it was reported that the Nation of Islam existed in 131 cities across the United States.

“We’re in the Caribbean, in Jamaica, in Trinidad, in Barbados, in Antigua, in Cuba. We’re in Africa. We’re in the United Kingdom, and we’re even in the Isles of the Pacific,” the Minister said. “Elijah Muhammad lives, and there is no God but Allah, and Elijah Muhammad is His Messenger, Messiah, now the Exalted Christ.”

And during Saviours’ Day 2019, the Minister stated boldly: “I represent the Messiah. I represent the Jesus, and I am that Jesus!”