Almighty Allah (God) and the Nation of Islam elsewhere (Asia and Africa, the Islands) are grieved and hurt to the heart to see you walking into the trap your enemies (the devils) have and still are setting for you.

I am your sincere brother with the truth from your God and mine, which means your very life and the future of your children and nations of Black men and women. The truth being that you should know your enemies and their tricks being played on the world of our kind. Will you listen or read the truth?

Do not take what I am teaching and writing lightly. It is the truth from your God and you shall soon bear me witness that it is the truth. Allah has said to me that we are living in the end of the world of White rule, a race whom Allah has made manifest to you and me as being real devils.

They were created to rule us for 6,000 years, and then Allah (God) will destroy them from the earth and give the earth back to its original owners— the Black Nation.


The time has arrived, and you must know the truth of this race and yourself and nation. You must be reunited to your own Nation. The time is ripe for your return. You will never again be slaves to any other nation. Allah will make you the head and not the tail. Accept your own! Stop destroying yourself trying to be other than your own kind and patterning after a doomed race of devils. You may say, “How am I to live without going along with my enemies’ desires?” They did not create themselves—we are their creators—our father, the Black man, feeds them. Is it not our God who created food for all?

He raises the clouds from the earth and causes them to pour their water on the thirsty parts and causes the seeds to germinate and grow for your food. Can this devil whom you trust do these things? And is it not Allah (God) who has made the earth to rotate on her axis in such a way that she causes changes in seasons four times a year to satisfy life and vegetation in all parts of the earth?

You are letting the devils fool and disgrace you and are taking you to hell with them! Your God, Allah, will be happy and will rejoice in feeding, clothing and sheltering you if you believe. The Bible teaches you that He fed and sheltered Israel in the desert (Exod. 16:12-15). Fear not, Allah (God) is with us. The enemies of Allah and the righteous are leading you only to evil and indecency, as the Holy Qur’an teaches you and me.

They are pulling off your clothes and showing the world your shame, and you think it is right. They are used to going nude. They have nudist colonies here in America to prove it. Four thousand years ago all of Europe was a nudist colony. And your little daughters are being brought up to not be shy of indecency.

You have them stripped to their trunks, all because the devils invited you to wear such styles of theirs, and you are obeying. This is to tempt the Black people in becoming sharers in their doom.

Your common sense teaches you that God does not approve of such filth. This should also bring you into the knowledge that the religion (Christianity) so talked and preached of by the White race is only a bait for you to swallow to become the followers of them (the enemies of God). Your loving and sweet-hearting with them only means that you are in love with the devils in person, and you are courting death and hell fire. Believe this or leave it. Read Holy Qur’an 7:27, “O children of Adam, let not the devil seduce you, as he expelled your parents from the garden (this was done by the father of this race, Yakub, 6,000 years ago) pulling off their clothing that he might show them their shame, he surely sees you as his host.

They make fools of you and then laugh at you for being dumb enough for them to trick. (The devil scientists and rulers prepare the trap for you and the others spring it on you.) The above verse you are now fulfilling by going partly nude. You have confidence in the devils because you do not know them to be devils. You are now being taught, and there will be no excuse for your taking them for friends instead of Allah.

The clothing that guards against evil is the knowledge of good and evil, the reward of good and the consequences of doing evil and the good of both. Again, the above verses (26,27) answer the lie (that you are not able to feed and clothe your children and that you should not have many children) that the devils are tricking you into birth control in order to sterilize the so-called Negroes of America.

Beware, my dear sister, the tricks of your enemies and mine, the devils.

(Reprinted from “Message To The Blackman In America,” 1965.)