Nurse Katrina Philpot protests against COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates demonstrate near the state Capitol on Friday, Aug. 20, 2021, in Santa Fe, N.M. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham issued a health order this week obligating hospital workers to get COVID-19 vaccines. State workers are also ordered to get vaccinated. Philpot says her Rio Rancho hospital will fire her if she doesn't get her shots. (AP Photo/Cedar Attanasio)


A rising number of frontline nurses are coming forward and exposing major Covid lies amid a nationwide pushback against threats of termination unless they submit to federal vaccination mandates.

Having already been fired or threatened with termination, nurses across the country and worldwide say they have nothing to lose and are able to speak now about the lies and atrocities they have witnessed in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mainstream media is saturating the airwaves with the false claim that unvaccinated Covid patients are flooding hospitals with the Delta variant. That is an outright lie, according to a registered nurse in an interview during the Stew Peters Show. The nurse, who remained anonymous, identified herself as “Sarah.” She told Mr. Peters that periods of patient overflow since the vaccination rollout have never been specifically for Covid-19:


“In fact, there was no word or mention of the word ‘Delta variant’ in any note from any doctor, from any outside office feeding in specialists, urgent care, emergency room. I have not seen that word, the word Delta variant in the chart. The only place I have seen the word ‘Delta variant’ is in the letters going out from the hospital administration to the staff, quoting reasons why they should get the vaccinations,” Sarah stated.

“It’s all termed ‘Covid-19.’ There’s no test for the ‘Delta variant’ that I’m aware of,” she continued. “Nothing changed from before ‘Delta variant’ came out. And now, in the charts or in the patient symptoms or anything, nothing changed. There’s no exacerbation once they started using the term ‘Delta variant.’ Those patients have not changed at all.”

Nor has the number of sick people changed, she continued. “The influx I have seen is since the vaccination rollout, and it’s more vaccination-related injuries— blood clots, cardiac issues, neurological issues, balance issues, cognitive issues, aggressive behavior, encephalopathy, things like that, that are very different from the previous Covid.”

Despite the fact that the majority of patients under her care been vaccine injured people, “Sarah” told Mr. Peters she has never seen doctors or providers reporting the incidents to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

“They will not acknowledge. They will actually stop you mid-sentence. I mean it is completely blatant,” she continued. However, some staff are aware and acknowledge what’s happening, she said. “The Delta variant is the vaccine injuries. … It’s common knowledge around the staff that is aware of what’s going on and are paying attention, not in denial,” said Sarah.

She also wants the entire world to know that (mainstream) news media is lying to people, and they should stop watching it. “It is absolutely false. It is creating a false fear,” she said. “People are walking into the hospital with breathing issues and a lot of these people are not…leaving. People with normal levels of life, that were actually caregivers to their family, are coming in, and they’re changed forever, and their family is now taking care of them. This is horrific. This vaccine rollout is a nightmare, and the media is completely not telling the public any truth of what is actually going on with these vaccines.”

In a video of whistleblower nurses posted online by Pandemic Debate (a network of doctors, health experts and scientists who say they are uniting for truth, justice and peace) an unidentified nurse questioned the continuing lies in the face of such evidence.

“I see it every single day. This whole story about 90 percent unvaccinated cases: No! I can tell you I’ve been in front of the line for the last year and eight months or however long it’s been— too long— and that is a complete lie,” she stated. “I have seen nothing but vaccinated individuals, unvaccinated as well, but don’t believe the lies. Don’t believe the media,” she said.

“I had a 30-year-old woman who started bleeding, basically hemorrhaging, ever since she got injected, literally within the 48 hours,” she stated. “This poor woman is a mother of two, 30 years old, and she was fully vaccinated and regrets it deeply. This was a month ago, and she is now intubated in critical condition, fighting for her life, potentially about to leave her children motherless… of course she regrets 1000% being injected and she acknowledges it. So did her physician.” The nurse waved to passersby who honked their vehicle horns during the protest.

A critical care nurse with 27 years of experience said, “There’s a lot of stuff that goes on there. It will blow your mind. People put a lot of faith in medicine, in health care, and it really needs to stop.” She works as a traveling nurse, currently stationed in the New York City area. She spoke to The Final Call on condition of anonymity to protect herself from retaliation, harassment, and potential harm for revealing what she has seen, heard, and experienced surrounding Covid-19.

“They really don’t know what they are doing, and medicine is so political.” She explained treatments are really based on profit margins, bargaining between insurance companies and pharmaceuticals, and a failure to think outside the box and try something different, even if it is a proven therapy already FDA-approved, such as the anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin.

She recalled an instance where a patient went into cardiac arrest and the responding physicians were extremely slow and delayed, as if they didn’t have a care in the world, while the nurses were in the Covid room doing everything possible to save lives.

“I had to ask the physician, when we are in this situation, should we even call you guys? What should we do, exactly? Because you guys take forever to get here, nor do you guys even have an attitude like you even care. … What if that was your mother?” she recalled.

She said that many patients are just written off by physicians, saying nothing could be done about it because they had Covid.

“These doctors don’t go in these patients’ rooms to assess them. … We have glass sliding doors. They talk about the patient outside of the glass room, but in their notes will write down a heart sound, a breath sound, a full head to toe physical assessment, but they were not in that room.”

She went on to explain that doctors get paid for those reports; the neglect is going unchecked because no one is challenging the doctors or the system. She learned of this through her observation of the computerized charts, and what she saw happening during her shift, she stated. Other than herself, she has observed only one other nurse who attempted to address the problem, which is happening in all of New York’s boroughs where she has worked. She said her perception is based on experiences in multiple facilities, even before the pandemic.

She urges people to educate themselves, and particularly seek to understand anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and how viruses work and affect the body. In addition, everybody needs to have a healthcare proxy and a power of attorney, even if they are 16 years old, so that God forbid, if something happens to them, someone is there to speak up on their behalf. The forms are easy to pull online, fill out and have notarized, so hiring a ‘fancy attorney’ is not necessary.

“What do we need to do to really take care of ourselves? I mean, if you really want to help the population, the promotion should be about eating properly, exercising, supplementation properly, because vaccines or not, if your body doesn’t have what it needs, you’re going to get sick,” she emphasized, offering a view that echoes the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in “How To Eat To Live: From God In Person” (Books One and Two).

She told The Final Call that from her perspective, the great need for nurses stems from factors such as delayed care due to lockdowns and neglect to the point of extreme illness, not from a Covid pandemic. She has seen vaccinated and unvaccinated Covid cases, mostly in youth between 16 and 20; but it is definitely not overwhelming the medical facility right now.

“That’s just for the New York City area that I can speak of. I know in other states it might be a different scenario, but even with that, the deaths are nowhere near what they were in the past— in March and April 2020 … A lot of the deaths were due to a lack of care and incompetence.”


–There was an overwhelming response to the July 20th article on Ivermectin, a safe, inexpensive medicine which has proven extremely effective in treating Covid-19. It can only be given by prescription. In response to numerous requests for information on how to obtain Ivermectin, we are providing the website which gives a nationwide list of physicians who will prescribe it. Go to: