TV Station did not expect these vaccine DEATH stories

Despite the fact that the “vaccine” has now killed 14,925 previously healthy Americans, Facebook has heavily censored any information that shows the “vaccine” as anything other than the savior of mankind. But when WXYZTV tried to solicit stories of the dangers of being “unvaccinated” they DID NOT expect the flood of stories about the deaths and injuries caused by the “vaccine”! As of Sept 17, 2021, their Facebook post has received 47,000 likes, 196,000 shares and 216,000 comments. Here are some of those comments:

Chad Blatherwick

My grandfather died from the vaccine…will you do a story on that?

Erika Ellis


My grandma is currently in the hospital, testing negative for COV1D but has been sick as hell since getting the vaccine that she HAD to have for her hip surgery…. It’s awful. She’s been SO sick and now she’s in the ICU on oxygen and will probably get COVID from being in the hospital and the vaccine is what has landed her there!!!!

Debbie Hitchcock

My dad (49 y/o) died suddenly two weeks to the date of getting his first vaccination (Moderna) and did not have Covid however his death certificate stated otherwise. These are the stories that need to be told.

Richard e Hamblen

There is no test to verify the “delta” variant. So how do they know people have that variant.

Justin Barclay

I almost died two days after I got the Moderna, I kept losing consciousness on the way to the hospital, my blood pressure dropped, my heart was barely beating, they got the crash cart ready, had the paddles out, then I woke up, they put the paddles away….It’s been 7 months and I am still sick [with] newer symptoms….I feel poisoned, my head is too heavy and the poison just sits in my body, I am very sick I can’t get up from the bed, if I make it to the couch, I am Stuck there, it’s an effort to go the bathroom, this is all from the moderna WXYZ-TV Channel 7

Justin Barclay

My friend lost her mother 2 days ago after a month long battle from receiving the covid vaccine ..started with inflammation of the heart and then continued from there and ended up shutting down her kidneys …she died Sept 14th … from the vaccine itself not covid…And she only got the vaccine because the doctor was pushing it on her husband and she didn’t want him to get as they were both refusing and against the vaccine itself…so she got it because he did …so sad

Cynthia Lippy

Justin Barclay I lost both my parents to Covid, 11 days apart over the holidays of 2020. They were both vaccinated.

Mattelyn Cassels Chatham

I work in a nursing home all but two of our most recent Covid positive patients were all vaccinated. The only ones that required hospital stays were vaccinated.

Katelyn Goncalves

I see it everyday too! Exactly what you describe in the same settings! This is not a coincidence!