[Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint and was published online on Jan. 1, 2014; and The Final Call will continue to reprint articles published by our late and dear Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.]

“Surely man is created impatient–Fretful when evil afflicts him, and niggardly when good befalls him–Except those who pray, Who are constant at their prayer, And in whose wealth there is a known right For the beggar and the destitute, And those who accept the truth of the day of Judgment:” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 70, verses 19-26

As I continue writing on my journey to Hawaii, I wish to thank my two traveling companions, Sister Callie Muhammad and Dr. Darnita Muhammad, who will share some of their impressions of the journey.   There are a few observations I wish to make about the topography of the Island of Maui.   The island contains two dormant volcanoes, a plush rainforest of diverse vegetation and flowering fruit trees.   There are many organic farming communities and ranches spread throughout the land, interspersed with sacred waterfalls and pools and picturesque seascapes with sandy beaches of finely ground volcanic rock.  

It is also a rendezvous place for wind surfers and boatmen and is a spawning place for the great humpback whales and other marine creatures.

A map showing the island of Maui shaped like a fetus in the mother’s womb prostrating with the head facing the ground and its body in a crouched position.

There are miles and miles of backpack hiking trails for walking and bicycling and other recreational activity–everything to make a heaven on earth.   The traditional philosophy of the native Hawaiians is contained in the word, “Kuleana” or “Responsibility” as stewards of the land which defines the inter-relationships between people and resources, both spiritual and physical, and implies the natural care of the land and all that grows on it.   This implies that through generational knowledge and natural cultural resources, the care with appropriate respect and behavior must be practiced by all who enter the Hawaiian chain of islands.   Maui has two extant volcanoes, the main one is Haleakala, meaning “House of the Sun,” with 12 observatories and telescopes and a state-of-the-art research center in advanced astronomy.

The smaller volcano is named “Halenahina” meaning “House of the Moon.”   The Hawaiian Islands are a series of volcanoes rising from the ocean floor 20,000 feet below the ocean surface.   When looking at a map of the island of Maui, we will note that its shape appears like a baby fetus in the Mother’s womb, prostrating in prayer with its head touching the face of the ground at Makena Bay, with its body stretching toward Hana on the other side of the island.

Two views of the largest extant volcano of Haleakala volcano meaning “House of the Sun” showing topography reminiscent of the topography on the surface of Mars. One can hike into the cone of the volcano and experience striking picturesque scenes in a circular motion. This is also the location of one of the most powerful astronomical observatories reaching a peak of 10,038 feet above sea level.

The following words about Maui were submitted by Sister Callie Muhammad from Columbus, Ohio:  

“I would like to thank Mother Tynnetta for asking me to be a traveling companion on this journey of healing, I am so grateful. Our journey began in Los Angeles, California, in a meeting with Dr. Jolie Harris, the food prophet, who shared some healing secrets that were magnificent.   The next part of our journey was to Maui, Hawaii.   The Island of Hawaii is called paradise because it truly is a place of restoration and healing.

“We were a part of a divine ceremony for Mother Tynnetta’s sister, Karlotta Muhammad.   Our healing and restoration began where we were able to touch the great Pacific Ocean which is 68,634,000 square miles and is the deepest ocean in the world.

“We felt the gentle winds blowing through the trees, the warmth of the sun, and the softness of the white beach, all that nature has offered to us.   From there the road to Hana, which is 52 miles long, it takes three or four hours to travel the road because you have to cross 59 bridges, 46 of them are one lane and you have 620 winding curves.   We now entered a lush tropical rainforest and the healing frequency of the trees, the mist off the ocean, the sound of the winds, the sun, the waterfalls, touched our souls and acquainted us with all the different elements of nature and their different modes of interaction. Our goal was to reach the seven sacred pools.

“The sacred pools in the Hawaiian language are called, “The O’HE O Gulch.   As the waterfalls cascade down into the seven pools, it was very healing.     We were truly communing with nature.   We realized that being in the proper environment had set into motion a true healing from Allah.

“After visiting the seven pools, we needed a place to stay overnight; we were lead to the Aloha Cottages.   We met Mrs. NaKamura, who is a third generation Japanese lady, who offered for us to stay at her cottages that were very nice and clean. Nature continued to amaze us in that special place.   On the grounds of her cottages were orange trees, lime trees, banana trees, guava trees, papaya trees and a beautiful view of the ocean. We all slept very well.

“Upon leaving the next morning, she presented us with some of the best bananas that one could eat; we were happy and felt invigorated. We continued our journey down into Haiku, Maui, to the Temple of Peace and Healing Spa where we were received by Rev. Kedar and his wife, Shelly St. John.   We were treated with advanced state-of-the-art technology and treatments for healing.   After the treatments, we had a good night’s sleep in Maui before our departure to Los Angeles.

“Upon our arrival in Los Angeles, our receiving party said, “We looked like pure light,” and we felt like pure light.   Thank you again, Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.”   Callie Muhammad.

“And those who are faithful to their trusts and their covenant, And those who are upright in their testimonies, And those who keep a guard on their prayer. These are in Gardens, honoured.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 70, verses 32-35

To be continued.