On Friday, August 27, more than 3,000 people viewed a special virtual event sponsored by the Nation of Islam Online Study Group. The revelatory study guides given to the Black community specifically and humanity in general from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, make up a Course entitled Self Improvement: The Basis For Community Development.

A panel of five scientific, medical and public and wholistic health experts, gave the viewers a powerful, safe and effective approach to protection from Covid-19. It was a brilliant demonstration to overcome the false propaganda that the only response to the virus are the deadly vaccines being deployed by the U.S. Government. The panel proved that “unvaccinated” in no way means “unprotected.” They went beyond how to respond to an infectious disease and offered keys to a healthy life.

Student Minister Ava Muhammad, National Spokesperson for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, moderated the historic seminar, entitled “Covid-19: Practical Steps for Self-Care: What You Can Do to Protect Yourself.”

“This course engages us in self examination, self analysis and self correction, and that takes place on three levels: the spiritual, the mental and the physical. And of course, the Covid-19 virus has presented us with a problem on all three of those levels,” Minister Ava Muhammad explained in her opening remarks.


She noted that from the beginning of the pandemic, Allah (God) made it so that participants in the Course were strengthened because the particular study unit they were on was directly responsive to the difficult circumstances and trials arising from the pestilence from heaven under the name Covid-19.

Four of the special guest speakers, Dr. Safiyya S. Shabazz, Dr. Akili Graham Muhammad, Public Health Administrator Anissa Muhammad and Dr. Darnita Muhammad, are registered members of the Nation of Islam. Dr. Velva Boles, a physician-scientist trained in microbiology and gene regulation, is a well-known activist in the fight for independent Black hospitals, health care and doctors which were lost to integration.

Self Improvement Study Group Coordinators from across the country also took part in the 2-hour live presentation: Troy 5X (Chicago), Jini Muhammad (Las Vegas), Bobby Muhammad (Colorado), Audrey Muhammad (North Carolina), and Jabril Malik Muhammad (Washington, D.C.)

Organized in less than a week, the special virtual presentation reached the 3,200 enthusiastic viewers without any technical “glitches.” The “short-but-sweet” presentations were loaded with valuable, practical and inexpensive tools and therapies that people could apply immediately.

The Nation of Islam Executive Council has been working diligently to develop the framework for the Ministry of Health and Human Services, Minister Ava Muhammad said. The presentation manifested part of their diligent efforts. The Covid-19 pandemic manifested the need to quicken the response to the Honorable Minister Farrakhan’s directive to activate Nine Ministries. We must quickly prepare for the Original Man’s Exodus out from under the children of our slave masters, said Minister Ava Muhammad.

The Nine Ministries to Build a Nation: Health & Human Services, Agriculture, Education, Defense, Art & Culture, Trade & Commerce, Justice, Information and Science & Technology are designed to cover the full scope of human needs and are central to the development of a new nation of people.

Student Minister Ava Muhammad advanced the dialogue by connecting the dots in a snapshot of Black People’s deliverance, from their suffering at the end of chattel slavery in 1865, to the work of the NOI and the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, up to the direction and leadership of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

“I can say I have been faithful.” After lifting these words of Minister Farrakhan from The Criterion, a message delivered July 4, 2020, Sister Ava Muhammad told the viewers that while we are going through trials, everyone is going through his or her own severe tests. “Allah (God) promises us that whatever we are going through, a way will be made and He will make a way that will enable us to bear it.”

She described “The Criterion” as likely the most profound Message delivered to humanity, as the 6,000 year rule of Satan comes to an end.

Seminar Presenter Sister Anissa Muhammad, from Muhammad Mosque Number 27, is an active member of the Ministry of Health and Human Services in Los Angeles, California, and has a background in nursing and allied health, chronic disease management and quality improvement in healthcare. She has a Master’s Degree in Public Health Administration, and is currently working on her doctorate in Health Administration.

She outlined the definition of public health, which is concerned with diet, hygiene, the prevention and eradication of epidemic diseases, in addition to sanitation and removing environmental hazards.

Subdivisions of the Department of Health are disease prevention and control, namely, Covid-19 and HIV.

Sister Anissa Muhammad detailed the vision and plans of the NOI for a ministry of health and human services: medical hospitals, systems and professionals to specifically handle mass hospitalizations, intensive care units, and hospital settings, in addition to the NOI’s work to educate its registered members and Black and Indigenous People on how to treat and prevent Covid-19, as well as self-management of chronic diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Seminar Presenter Dr. Akili Muhammad attended Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee, and completed his residency at the University of Texas at Houston. He presented the highest level of protection the human being has the natural immunity; he shared the divine solution Allah (God) gave us through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s dietary program in his monumental 2-volume book, “How to Eat to Live: From God In Person.” Dr. Akili Muhammad addressed specifically the underlying “pre-conditions” or “co-morbidities” that exacerbate the effects of the virus in Black and Indigenous People.

He stated that he has seen many medical problems that had been diagnosed by other physicians as incurable, but improved when the patient followed the Guidance of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, which calls for, among other things, eating one meal a day or every other day. “Let’s not wait any further,” said Dr. Akili Muhammad, who practiced in a federally funded health facility in Houston prior to opening his own practice in 2003.

Dr. Shabazz, a board certified family physician and owner and medical director of Fountain Medical Associates, received her Bachelor of Science and Engineering and Medical Doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a diplomat of the American Board of Family Medicine.

She offered valuable items that we all should have at home and vastly increase our ability to know and understand our condition. She stressed the importance of getting these tools (available at most drugstores and large discount stores) in advance to monitor vital signs in the event there is a need to treat a known or suspected case of Covid-19 at home. For example, a digital thermometer for temperature readings can help determine if additional bacterial infections exist on top of a viral infection. Dr. Shabazz is a multi-award recipient in chemical engineering and medicine.

Like many of the speakers, she spoke about over-the-counter medications and nutritional supplements used to support immune systems and for treatment purposes, should one fall ill. Similarly, presenters highlighted the highly successful medication Ivermectin. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, said Dr. Shabazz.

She pointed out that Ivermectin is becoming very controversial (due to attacks from those pushing the vaccines) and as a result more difficult to source, and find a healthcare provider willing to prescribe it. Even when a provider is willing to prescribe the medication, it is more difficult to find a pharmacy willing to fill it, according to Dr. Shabazz.

Similarly, the other special guest speakers emphasized the importance of early preparation and obtaining the various products they recommended to treat and prevent the virus.

“You want to be in your best health,” stated Dr. Velva Boles, who received her medical doctorate degree from the University of Pittsburgh, Doctorate of Philosophy degree in Health Sciences from Concordia University, a Master’s Degree in Chemistry from Duquesne University and a Bachelor of Science degree from North Carolina State University. She also has teaching experiences in the Biochemistry Department, Colorado State University, and School of Nursing in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Dr. Boles provided a comprehensive list of tools and practices to prevent or defeat Covid: She urged the viewers to relax; get enough sleep; drink enough fluids, primarily water, to help keep the body flushed.

In addition to a cost-effective disinfectant demonstrated to shield households from viruses for 24 hours, she recommended keeping a simple at-home Covid-19 test. The test is the same technology as a home pregnancy test, can be purchased at a pharmacy, and gives results in approximately 15 minutes, according to Dr. Boles.

Dr. Darnita Muhammad, a trained Osteopathic Physician who specializes in family medicine, has been practicing for over 25 years. She has worked most recently in community health clinics and urgent care centers throughout Alabama, where she also teaches and is a physician at Tuskegee University. There is no magic pill or potion, however a multi-faceted approach is necessary and has proven effective and essential in the pandemic for the prevention and early and late treatment of Covid-19, she stated.

Before concluding the power-packed session, Minister Ava Muhammad presented several astounding videos. One was the Founding Physicians of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance’s video summary of what Ivermectin is, where it came from, what it does, and a web link to help prepare in advance. The Final Call publishes the website where one can learn about and obtain Ivermectin each week in this section of the newspaper.

Another powerful demonstration of the actual impact of Ivermectin was a graph showing how the Delta variant, which first appeared in and ravaged India, underwent a steep decline to almost zero presence, after government officials began to disperse Ivermectin treatment kits to its citizens. Mexico City, Mexico experienced a similar decrease, Minister Ava Muhammad pointed out.

A third video was that of Dr. Christina Parks, a Black woman with a Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Michigan, testifying on August 19 for Michigan House Bill 4471, which would prevent employers from mandating certain vaccines, including the Covid vaccine, as a condition of employment. Dr. Parks gave irrefutable evidence that the Covid vaccines as well as others such as the flu vaccine, are dangerous, ineffective and actually make a person more susceptible to becoming infected and seriously ill or dying from the virus.

She closed with an explosive statement that those who are “vaccine-hesitant” are Ph.D.’s such as herself, because they know what is in the vaccines; people with less than a high school education, because they know they don’t know and they don’t trust the government; and Black people because we have been the subject of deadly experimentation throughout medical history in this country.

“As we all know now, there are extreme measures, extreme deprivation of human liberties, in this quest to force every member of the population to take the Covid-19 vaccine,” said Minister Ava Muhammad.

“For years, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has warned us of the overarching goal. U.S. policy is the depopulation of the planet Earth, specifically the Indigenous people, by half, approximately 2 to 3 billion people, and it has been exposed now by him that this vaccine is a primary instrument by which this is being sought to be accomplished.”

The “Covid-19: Practical Steps for Self Care: What You Can Do to Protect Yourself” special presentation in its entirety may be accessed at https://media.noi.org/video/gmt20210828-003138-recording-1920×1080