Organizations and change agents are coming together at a trimonthly meeting to discuss elevating the quality of Black life in America and internationally. The National Black Leadership Summit III organized by the Nubian Leadership Circle—an alliance of Black leadership and organizations—will be held virtually on August 14, from 10:00 a.m.–3 p.m. EDT.

The working theme is “Our Mission is Undone, Until We Become One” with a keynote address by scholar and public intellectual, Dr. Cornel West.

“Our mission is to do the work,” said Sidiki Kambon, summit convenor. The objective is “to bring together our brilliant minds and mobilize our vast resources out here to do for self  and build a nation within a nation,” he explained.

The gathering is a continuation of two previous summits held earlier this year in April and in December 2020.  The first summit was introductory to facilitate unity, the second set the stage for “next step up” action by the leadership alliance. A NLC blueprint was developed that individual organizations can use moving forward with the collective support of the Nubian Leadership Circle. The blueprint is available on the NLC website. The idea is for groups to ultimately organize and convene their own summits in their own cities, said organizers.


Participants will meet in breakout rooms representing seven working areas or cadres covering Spiritual Renewal; Health and Education; Land and Food; Economic Development; Arts and Culture; Family Essence; and Communication Technology.

A highlight of the August 14 summit is the addition of an eighth cadre called International Advocacy, which was formed out of an interest of participants during the previous summits, Mr. Kambon told The Final Call. Besides people from across America, organizers said, there will be participants involved from the United Kingdom and Haiti to interconnect and share ideas.

Mr. Kambon explained the summits are not the ultimate end but only “the vehicle” toward the organizing work of change between the summits based on plans of action established in the cadres. The summit is free and open to the public For more information and to register for Black Leadership Summit III. visit