[Editor’s note: The following article is Part II of excerpts from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s major July 4, 2020 address “The Criterion,” delivered from his home in Michigan. The day also marked the 90th anniversary of the Nation of Islam in America. We urge you to order this important message in its entirety on CD, DVD or MP3, please visit store.finalcall.com or call 1-800-602-1230, ext. 200.]

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Mr. Alan Dershowitz, if you bring the Covid-19 vaccine and say you’re going to bring your army to force us to take it, once you try to force us, that’s a declaration of war on all of us. You only have this one life.

Fight like hell to keep it and fight like hell to destroy those whose heart and mind is to destroy you and take your life from you.


So yes quit. Quit the police force because the day of partying in the Black community is over—using our women for playthings, taking our young people feeding them guns and drugs. And you are such a silly young man. You are out there killing one another, eighteen in one day in Chicago.

Do you think that you will escape the wrath of God? This is the last time that you will hear me for a while, because you’ve treated me like a lovely song. “We love to hear you sing, Farrakhan.” But you won’t do what I asked you to do. So, I’m telling you that when you don’t see me anymore, I’m fulfilling the Qur’an. “I will not chastise them while you were among them,” Allah (God) says. Once He takes me away from you, by whatever means He uses, death and destruction will come down on America and the world.

China you cannot escape. You’re powerful, you’re strong, but you’re mistreating the Uighur Muslims. They are not your enemy. The way you think is becoming your enemy. You can’t be a tyrant and live today. People are rising against all tyrants. So be careful, Mr. Xi Jinping. You may have a presidency for life in China; but be careful because you are not the Master of Life. I represent the Master of Life and when He gets tired of you, He will end your life. Same with you, Mr. Trump.

The Jewish rabbis came to my home—don’t cut me off. I’m not lying. Cut off the liar who lies with every breath. Don’t cut me off. One great rabbi said to me, “It’s not for you to criticize us. That’s for me to do.”

In other words, “n—–,”—he didn’t call me that. But telling me at my dinner table that I don’t have a right to criticize him. I don’t come to you asking you for authority. You didn’t authorize me. I’m authorized by a power bigger than all of you. So, He told me, “Deliver the message. And if you do it not, you are not delivering the message. But if you do it, surely, I will protect you from men.” I have authority to say what I’m saying. So, don’t talk about you are going to be president for life. You might be but your life may be in the balance.

Don’t take the vaccines. There are 14 therapies that are in the world today that we can use to fight against the Covid virus.

America, you won’t solve it.

The scientists of the world, you won’t solve it.

I want to tell you what will solve it. This virus is a pestilence from heaven so scholarship from hell can’t deal with a pestilence that came from heaven.

But if you want to stop it, you have to go to heaven. …

So, if you really want to end the virus Mr. Xi, recall your sins. Don’t tell me presidents don’t have sin. Go in your chamber and look at your record.

Have you sinned? Is there anyone here who has not sinned? Raise your hand. I don’t see nobody. I can’t say that I have not sinned. But I can say with truth that God has taken care of my sins. The Scripture says, pray to me, and I will forgive you. The God will forgive you. He says He will not punish you while I’m among you. But He won’t punish you if you’re in the middle of repentance.

So now you know your sins and Covid is spiking. It’s like 40 states going toward 50 states. Nobody’s going to escape. You haven’t seen the worst of this yet.

When I close down in the garden, the God will do some work. I want you to see the vision of The Wheels. You see that Wheel? That’s from a giant mechanical object which is the mind of Master Fard Muhammad, who is the master of The Wheel. He helped to make me. You can take it or let it alone. He made my father, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

You thought you killed Elijah. I don’t represent a dead Elijah. I represent a living Elijah Muhammad who is on The Wheel; and I had the two pictures floating around on the airplane banner to let you see who is the Master of this Day that we’re in.

Abdul Hafeez Muhammad, our Eastern Regional minister lost to the coronavirus, called this day into existence. If I had not prayed so fervently to Allah (God) to understand this Covid virus, we wouldn’t be here on the Fourth of July. But the answers that He, Allah, gave us through the study of the Qur’an and the Bible, but mainly the Qur’an, is why we’re here. No big crowd, all of us sitting together, all of us with our masks on, all of us distanced.

We don’t need a crowd. We just need what’s in front of us, and microphones, that can put my word around the Earth in a moment.

In closing, the Talmud is the enemy of the people who have received from God the prophets of the Torah. Jesus of 2,000 years ago is my brother. He was melanin color. He didn’t hate the Jews.

In fact, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said he was disappointed like Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Prophet Muhammad wanted to convert the White race to Islam and they don’t want Islam.

So, Allah (God) says to the Prophet, would you grieve yourself to death because they won’t believe? A prophet wouldn’t grieve himself to death if he didn’t have the best in mind for those to whom he was teaching and calling to faith. He called them to faith with love. Jewish people don’t think that I hate you. I’m solicitous for you. Take it or leave it.

Have you seen Miss Chelsea Handler, the Jewish comedienne? She saw something of Farrakhan on the Phil Donahue Show from the 1990s. It was so truthful—in the manner of Donald Trump—so truthful, so sweet and wonderful. She posted it for her millions of followers. Who came out and jumped on her? No, not Jews, not Jews, the Imposters. She recognized truth and that is something that those who attacked her will not recognize—though if you listen to my millions of words. You want me dead, find me false. So, Miss Chelsea, don’t feel bad. Thank you for putting it up.

Go back and listen to more of Farrakhan and get to know me, not from the mouth of your lying Imposter brothers. Get to know me from the God within that can tell you if the Minister is false. I can show you fake news. I am certainly not of that. Have you noticed Mecca is shut down? What do you think about that? Mecca, our Holy City, is inoperable. Pilgrims can’t go there for Hajj. Ask yourself why? Medina is shut down. Jerusalem is shut down. Rome is shut down. Why is the Pope talking to no one? Why is Mecca shut down?

I asked Allah (God) and the word had already been given to me long ago, but I didn’t recognize that my teacher had already taught me. He went to the Book of Daniel and He asked the question, “What is the abomination that bringeth desolation?” He said, “Do you know?”

I don’t even try to guess when I don’t know. I’m standing with the teacher, so I said, no. Don’t try to teach what you don’t know. Stop it. People live from truth today and they die from falsehood. Don’t fake it. If you don’t know it, shut up and seek it. For the Bible tells you, “Ask and it shall be given. Seek and you shall find, knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” I was seeking. I was asking.

I wish I could have told you all that God had shown me. I think this is enough now. It will be written. … This is a parable of the wicked husbandmen. They were over a vineyard that produced grapes. And there was a wine press nearby that they could produce holy wine.

I believe there is. Because if the master could turn water into wine, that’s a wine that I want to drink. This is not foolery. This is not foolishness, a wine press that makes pure wine. I read in the Qur’an, rivers of milk—rivers of wine. I’m not misinterpreting or mistranslating—rivers of wine. If God’s going to have rivers of wine in the Hereafter, that’s not the stuff you’re drinking.

Or if it is, you don’t know when to stop. But the wine of the word, the water of the word, is enough to revive you. But the meaning of the word, the exegesis of the word, the digging into and proper interpretation of the word turns water into wine. That wine inspires, that wine enlivens, that wine emboldens, that wine is what I’m giving you today. Have a drink.

The wicked husbandmen were given charge over the possession of an owner of a vineyard. He went off somewhere. The wicked husbandmen were supposed to bring in the fruit of that vineyard. So, the owner from wherever he was, he sent somebody into the vineyard and those that were possessing the vineyard, some they beat like police brutality.

Because they sure are not bringing in good fruit in their policing efforts. Vicious men and you in the police union, you are the worst ones. You are worse than the killers in blue. You sit behind a desk and find a way to absolve them of the guilt that you know they’re guilty of.

You are no good at all. So, we’re not going to get rid of bad police and leave a no good police union in place.

The owner of the vineyard said, “Well, let me send my son into the vineyard, surely they will listen to him.” The wicked husbandmen beat him and killed him.

The question was asked, “What will the owner of the vineyard do when he comes?” Now Jesus happened to be talking to members of the Jewish community. And they answered, saying, “He will utterly slay them.”

So, Miss Chelsea Handler, my Black brothers and sisters, the reason they hate me is because they know I represent the end of their civilization. I represent the uncovering of their wickedness, fulfilling the judgment that God has come to bring down on America and the world. God’s mercy is so great that when He pronounces His judgment, He gives you time to accept it. Because you are not as wise as God. So sometimes when He delivers His judgment, you have a problem with God. And when Master Fard Muhammad came in 1930, He issued a judgment against America on our behalf.

Do you remember that? What did He say? He said, “America is Number One on My list. He had some other European nations that followed suit with their wickedness on the Black, the Brown the indigenous people of our planet. It’s judgment time now. It’s time for us to reap what we have sown.

That’s why they hate me, Americans, because they are wicked, and they know they cannot say I’m lying on them. They just say, “he’s a bigot. He’s anti-Semitic. He called us termites.” I never called you a termite. No, I did not. If you study my words carefully, I was talking to a percentage of people that Master Fard Muhammad had given us in our studies. Eighty-five percent of the people, who don’t know the law of cause and effect, are poison animal eaters, who believe in a Mystery God.

But the 10 Percent, they know God is real. They are the bloodsuckers of the poor. If you are a bloodsucker, and the poor are who you suck from, you don’t want to stop sucking. So, anyone that points out the sucker and puts fire to the sucker, and he falls off what he’s sucking, that’s the enemy to the bloodsucker. You understand me? But I never said what I said out of any degree of hate.

Mecca I love you. That’s the greatest city in the world to me. Tears come in my eyes when I enter the Holy City, “Here am I, Allah, in your august presence.” That beautiful city is desolate.

My teacher asked me what is meant by “the abomination that brings desolation?” I said, “I don’t know.” He said, “it’s hatred. When people who hate will stand in the place where love should be exercised, that’s when the house of God will become desolate.” To my Christian family, you talk about Christ and he’s the right man to talk about. I talk about him, too, but I represent him.

The product that God allows me to produce, lets you know that I represent somebody that loves righteousness. Mecca, you’ve been halted because hate stands in the place where love for God and your fellow Muslims, and others, should be seen. You buy planes, guns and all kinds of weapons of destruction from America and you’re aiming it at your brothers. So, when I read the Qur’an and it says “Mecca is to be warned.” Who of you is courageous enough to warn Mecca?

I don’t fear anything from Mecca. I love Mecca. But if Mecca is wrong, I have to say it because if I don’t say it, He who commissioned me will see that I’m weak and punish me. “Mecca is to be warned and the cities and towns around it.” Who’s around Mecca that needs also to be warned? Yemen, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, all of these are the towns, cities, nations around Mecca. Mecca, you must repent. I have to close with this.

I was with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad one day when he was teaching in the Theology of Time lecture series. He said, and I know he was talking to me. He said, “Brother, you have to do more than preach that Jonah went to Nineveh. You have to say why he went.” I was in the background saying, “Yes, sir.” I’m learning something.

So, Jesus, now I’m coming back to this great one, he said, “This wicked and adulterous generation.” Now, look at the iniquity that’s in the house. How many of us are guilty of fornication, of adultery? You do it so effortlessly that it doesn’t even bother you anymore. Your conscience won’t even talk about you anymore, talk to you anymore because you sentenced the Messenger of God in your being to death.

That’s why God has to send a pestilence after a pestilence. So, this pestilence is going to get worse. But you, America, China, if you don’t want to get caught up in the next phase of the blowing of the trumpet, then what you should do is call your people together and come out to them and ask them to go in their chambers of quiet and ask forgiveness for your sins, for your sins have reached unto heaven. …

Pope Francis of the Catholic Church, you seem to be a man that wants to do good. But there’s so much evil that the church has done. Who will pardon the church? You ask the sinner when he comes to the father to confess. He says, “Father, I have sinned.” And you ask the sinner to enumerate his sins. You should stop that because you’re talking to a sinner that may be worse in sins. The priest needs to confess. The ministers need to confess. The presidents, the kings, the rulers need to confess. They may say to me in their arrogance, “So what if I don’t? What are you going to do about it?”

What shall be done with the wicked husbandmen? God is coming to slay them. To the false Imposters that claim they’re Jews and they are not, they have broken their covenant relationship with God. They have failed to live up to the statutes, commandments that He gave them. Everybody’s seeking a sign. What’s going on? You are asking questions now. “Why ain’t Farrakhan speaking?” Why? What is it about Farrakhan speaking that you need to hear him? You’re not desirous of hearing his word in any other time. Take this word because you won’t hear it again from me.

This wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign. No sign shall be given to them except the sign of Jonah. As Jonah was in the belly of the great fish, three days and three nights, so shall the Son of Man be in the heart of the earth.

Jonah was the only one that came out to Nineveh and got Nineveh 300 years of more grace from God.

Mr. Trump, you’re the leader of America now. You need to try to make America safe from the wrath of God, her chastisement over the wickedness that you all have been involved in since your inception. Since you are the last of the presidents, maybe, that has a chance, on your watch to delay the judgment of God. You have a secret chamber in the White House, a place where you can go to pray. Mr. Trump, I really don’t see you falling down on your knees. God has to knock you down on your knees because your arrogance, your false pride in the little money you have.

Florida, are you becoming the epicenter of the coronavirus? I asked God to do that. That I asked Him for, while Florida was white all the way around (low infection rates). Now you’re deep red. I asked God for that. I just want to show you that this man that is talking to you has power with God. I’m not fake. I’m the real deal. You can take it or let it alone. Why did I ask God to drop that on Florida?

Because of you, Florida, and those that ran out or were run out of Cuba, who were members of the Jewish community, who lost everything, your hatred for Fidel Castro has caused America to be blind now. I asked God to bring down the virus heavily on Florida because 90 miles from Florida our Cuban family, when the plague broke out in Wuhan, they went to Hubei province in Wuhan and with the Chinese they corrected it and drove it out of Wuhan. Don’t we need something that Cuba has? But you have an embargo on Cuba.

Florida has stood in the way of a better relationship of our government with Cuba. We want what Cuba is developing against Covid-19. We want alpha interferon 2B, if that is what is good against Covid. We’re looking into Madagascar. We’re looking into other therapies, but we definitely will not accept your vaccine. You’ve blown it all the way around with us.