[Editor’s note:  The following article contains excerpts from a message delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as Part 52 of his Lecture Series, “The Time and What Must Be Done.”  Given the U.S. government’s recent admission of the existence of flying crafts often referred to as UFOs in a June 25 report, we reprint this vital message from Min. Farrakhan which reveals the truth about these crafts, their purpose and their Creator. This message originally aired on Saturday, January 4, 2014, and is now available in its entirety on MP3, DVD and CD.  Please call 1.866.602.1230, ext. 200, or visit store.finalcall.com to order. We encourage our readers to get this message in its entirety.]

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad started learning and teaching of this Great Wheel called “The Mother Plane” around 1932.  Ten years later in 1942, after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, The Temple (as it was called at that time) was raided by law enforcement officials under the guidance of the F.B.I. 

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s home was also raided, and the Teachings that Master Fard Muhammad had left with him were taken from the home and The Temple.  Later, he was questioned by the F.B.I. on the drawing of The Wheel, and his writing about it, that they had taken from The Temple; and he explained to the government of the United States, and to the F.B.I.: 1.) Its aim and purpose2.) Who made it; and 3.) Why it is now above America.


The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said it was “a masterpiece of mechanics and engineering,” and that “nothing like this has ever been seen before.”  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said it is “the greatest military weapon ever developed in the annals of the history of Allah (God) and man in this Universe.”  He said that the Vision of this Wheel was seen thousands of years before it came into being, or became a reality.  He said that this weapon was made for the purpose of destroying this present world in The Final Battle with the forces of evil that had ruled our present world. 

Some of the prophets were given the ability to envision it—and were terrified, and overcome, by the majesty of such a dreadful weapon that was the greatest mechanical object ever made. …  masterpiece, developed by The Master to assert His Mastery:  That He had come to sit down the tyrants that had ruled humanity for 6,000 years, and to set justice in the Earth, and to set up a Kingdom of Peace on this Earth that would never be destroyed.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that this Great Wheel was made for military purposes, for it was to engage in The Great “Battle in the Sky” that would end this world and usher in that world that the prophets exclaimed would come at the end of the 6,000-year rule of the enemy of Allah (God) and the enemy of the Aboriginal People of the Earth.

Scripture supporting prophecy, existence of The Son of Man and The Great Wheel

In the scriptures of the Bible, we read that Moses was guided and protected by this “cloud” that was “a pillar of fire by night” and “a cloud by day”—but no such Wheel was in existence in the time of Moses.  So what we read of “Moses” and this “cloud”; and “fire and light coming from this cloud” to part “The Red Sea” and destroy “Pharaoh’s army” did not happen like that 4,000 years ago, but that was a prophetic, symbolic picture of the end of this world, and the destruction of the armies of this world and the power that holds sway over the people.

Again, this Wheel that is sometimes called a “chariot” came down and picked Elijah up.  That did not happen with “Elijah The Prophet,” but that “Elijah” in the Book of 2 Kings was a sign of the “Elijah” that would come at the end of this present world.  … The Chariot that picked up Elijah (2 Kings, 2:9-12); and The Cloud and The Pillar that guarded and protected Moses (Exodus 13:21-22 and Exodus 14:19-31); and The Vision of Ezekiel of “a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night” that was so dreadful, that he cried out in exclamation, “O Wheel! O Wheel!” (Ezekiel 10:1-13).

And the last person, or prophet, that a “cloud” or “wheel” is mentioned with is Jesus (but not the historical “Jesus”).  In the Book of Acts, Chapter 1, the scripture teaches that some of the Disciples saw Jesus going away in “a cloud” or in “a wheel-like plane”: “… And when he had spoken these things, while they beheld, he was taken up; and a cloud received him out of their sight. And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel; Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven?

This same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.”  And, it is written in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 24 that the same Jesus that was seen going away in this manner will come back in like manner in “the clouds of heaven”:  “… And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.”

Well, men don’t “move about on clouds” except in planes.  And this “plane,” as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us, is made like a “wheel.”  Not that it is a “wheel,” but it is made like a wheel, circular in motion, circular in make. 

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, in an August 24, 1973, article in the Muhammad Speaks newspaper titled ‘O Wheel’ Part 1: Messenger Muhammad’s Analysis of Ezekiel’s Wheel” he writes: “It has been over 2,000 years since the revelation of the book, entitled Ezekiel …  The Bible scholars are a little confused over an exact date of Ezekiel’s vision of the Wheel.  Some of the Bible scholars are actually doubtful [as to] whether or not there was an Ezekiel, living or not. They arrive at their various conclusions concerning the Book of Ezekiel and whether or not he was a living Prophet or whether the Book of Ezekiel is a vision of a Prophet, or not, because of the style of the writing of the book.  Ezekiel is called a ‘priest’ in chapter 1, verse 3 [of the Book of Ezekiel in the Bible]. …”

Now let us look at this Wheel, since it really wasn’t in existence during the time of Moses who lived 4,000 years ago; it wasn’t in existence in the time of Elijah in the 9th century before Christ; it did not exist during the time of this one named Ezekiel; and it was not in existence during the time of Jesus the prophet.  But, it would become a reality in the time of The One that Jesus prophesied would come after him in the last days of this present world! 

Elijah and Moses prefigured not the prophet “Jesus,” but The Great Messiah“Jesus” Who would come at the end of this present world—and The Wheel would be with Him.  And this Jesus that is seen at the end of the present world is referred to in the language of “The Son of Man.”  This “transfiguration” means that the figure of God came across the person and character of Jesus; so that God was sending Himself through Jesus to the world! 

So this is the meaning of “Messiah”:  “A man in whom is the indwelling spirit of God Himself.”

Who is this “Son of Man”?  This “Son” is born out of the longing of The Original Family to deliver them, because all members of The Original Family have longed to be relieved from the oppressive hand of this new people who were made to rule, that have come on our planet. 

“Ezekiel” in the Bible is also referred to as a “Son of Man.”  So if there is a question as to whether Ezekiel (595 years before the prophet Jesus) lived,  yet there had to be a man that had a vision of this Wheel; but he was not the reality of the fulfillment of it (which would come at the end of this present world) …the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that this “Son of Man” represents “The Coming of God in Person.” 

But He is coming out of the direction of the East, and He is journeying toward the West.  Why should He come toward the West?  Because it is in the West that “The Lost Sheep,” or The People of Allah (God) would be, that had to be delivered from a modern “Pharaoh”—a modern oppressor!  And The One that would come up from them is the “Jesus” that the Jesus of 2,000 years ago prophesied would come, in his name, at the end of the present world.

So the Honorable Elijah Muhammad says this great masterpiece of science and engineering and technology (that the scientists of this world say the technology they have seen demonstrated in these Wheels is millions of years ahead of themselves and what they know) … The Wheel was made on the island of Nippon that is now called “Japan.”  He said some of the finest brains of The Original People were used in making this greatest object of military science. And this Wheel, as it rose up from the Earth:  It came following The Son of Man from the East now even unto the West; and this Great Wheel is sitting up above the United States of America, 40 miles out of the Earth’s atmosphere in space.

So “the mountain” that all these prophets went up into to get up to The Wheel:  It represents a powerful nation, where the science and wisdom of that nation makes it the pride of the nations of the Earth, like a great mountain.  And above America is The Presence of that Great Wheel—that Great Mother Plane.

The Two Natures of The Mother Plane: Referencing the 1973 

Muhammad Speaks series

In the Book of DeuteronomyChapter 30, verse 19, when Moses said to Pharaoh, “I present before you this day two signs: one of life and one death; one of blessing and one of cursing…,” he gave the people of Pharaoh, and Pharaoh, the chance to choose between life or death!  And Moses encouraged Pharaoh to “choose life, that you and your seed may live.” 

Aerial view white clouds in a blue sky. View from drone. Aerial bird’s eye view. The texture of the clouds. View from above. Sunrise or sunset over clouds.

So it is with that Wheel that is above our heads.  When you understand the two natures of that Wheel, then the government and people of America, and the people of the Earth, have to choose now between life and death, between blessing or cursing. 

And so it was with Elijah; so it was with Jesus the prophet:  Every time these men came, the kings and rulers and the people of that day had a choice to make between life and death!  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that Jesus was “the last prophet to the Jews”:  He offered them life, and he warned them of the end of their civilization.  Unfortunately, they rejected him, and sought his death.  So today, in The Time of The Presence of The Great Messiah, you are offered again the choice:  Between life and death, between blessing and cursing. …

Suffice it to say, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said The Wheel was made for the purpose of the destruction of this present world:  The armies of the world, the rulers of the world; the people that go along with wickedness in the world—that’s “death.”  The Wheel comes in the time of Elijah, in the time of a great and dreadful day; a “day” with two different dispositions. …

Muhammad Speaks newspaper, May 25, 1973 -In his article titled “Ezekiel’s Wheel: Mother Plane—Battle In The Sky,” he writes:  “The Bible and Holy Qur’an, both books, refer to the final war between God and the devil that would be decided in the sky.  The [Caucasian people were] given the authority and power and 6,000 years to rule us, the Black Nation of earth, but at the end of 6,000 years there would be a great time of trouble and a great display of the signs of this final war between God and the enemy [of God, “the devil”]. 

These signs would serve as a warning to us and what we may expect. And, as we see today, [these signs] are coming to pass.  And all of the other signs and prophecies of such signs appearing just around that time of the ending and destruction of the world of evil [and the enemy of God], and the displaying of these signs, as Jesus mentioned some in the Heavens and some [of these signs] on the earth; and the preparation to be made for a final battle between God and [Satan and his minions].  The (enemy) has conquered both land and sea travel. 

The sea used to serve as a barrier against him.  But now the (enemy) has conquered [the sea].  The (enemy) now can go over [the] surface [of the sea] in the worst of storms, and he can go through her with under-surfacing boats as well [that you call “submarines”].  [And] now the [Caucasian] has cast his eyes into space [to the sky], to conquer it, and he is doing that.  The (enemy), having knowledge of what they may expect today, is spending billions of dollars on space travel.  He has now brought the moon to him and [has] seen some of the stars. 

[But] the main thing I guess you are thinking is: Can he win against [Allah] God, if [Allah] God and His Prophets have foretold the outcome of this battle of the sky?  It is impossible for the (enemy) to win.  What makes it impossible for them to win is because they have not the power of the forces of nature, while the power of the forces of nature is in the Hand of [Allah], making it impossible for the (enemy)”—Satan, The Devil, The Wicked—“to win in a war of this sort.”  No…  He continues by stating:  The (enemy) cannot win against the God on earth, so why waste billions of dollars to fight against the God Who has Power over the heavens and the earth?

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad continues in his writings, asking the question:  Why all of this hurry to try to ascend into the Heavens for a close-up peek into the planets when you are destined to be defeated?  Both books, (Bible & Holy Qur’an) prophesy of a great defeat for you.  The Holy Qur’an refers to the Heavens as being a ‘guarded canopy’ and warns you that they have a flame waiting for you.  In the Holy Qur’an Chapter 72:8-9:  ‘And we sought to reach heaven, but we found it filled with strong guards and flames: And we used to sit in some of the sitting-places thereof to steal a hearing. But he who tries to listen now finds a flame lying in wait for him’”  Now this is directed to the National Security Agency (“NSA”) of the United States government that has developed a way of listening in on everyone and everything—“The Universal Snooper,” as Almighty God, Allah, through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, calls him!  But oh, NSA:  You are trying to get a “hearing” on that Exalted Assembly!  Butyou’ll find waiting for you a flame.

Continuing in his article, the Bible also prophesies in the Book of Revelations, the last book of the Bible, that: “…fire was used to destroy the (enemy) after they ascended on the breath of the earth—which is called “air.”  “So we see them going up on the breath of the earth daily.  What is their plan for wanting to land on the moon since they know they cannot make the moon their home?  The (enemy) would have to continue to live off the earth’s air (oxygen and hydrogen).  The earth would still have to produce all their food for them. So, it is useless to think of any planet other than the earth as a home for [the people of the earth].  Then, why are they spending billions of dollars just to go and look at these planets, or try to land people on the moon? 

What are their plans for Mars and Venus since they cannot live on these planets?  Do they think these planets serve as great fortifications of God and they could cast their bombs on these planets and destroy them?  Or, do they fear attacks upon themselves coming from these planets.  No, this is not necessary.  The (enemy) is not that great in the eyes of [Allah] God.  The earth has all the weapons necessary to destroy [this] (enemy); and [this] (enemy)”—Satan—“cannot leave the earth’s surface unless it Pleases Allah (God).  Allah [(God)] has Power over the very life veins of the body.  Allah has Power over the brain cells of our body.  Just what do they have in mind in wanting to go to the moon, since they cannot live there very long even [when] they get there?  It is very expensive to feed and water people on the moon.  Though quite a bit could be carried there, [but] what do they have in mind? 

TheHonorable Elijah Muhammad then writes:  “Do they think that they could fight God from the moon?”—Do they think they could attack The Wheel from the moon?  “Just remember, the old Bible’s prophecy [in the Book of Isaiah, the 14th Chapter, the 15th verse]: ‘Thou may ascend above the clouds into the Heavens, but yet will I bring thee down to the sides of Hell.’  Or, you may go on the bottom of the sea and that they are doing today.  The Holy Qur’an further says that whenever God gets ready to destroy a people, He opens up the heavens for them and gives them the pleasure of what they seek or lust after.  And, then He destroys them.  The Holy Qur’an further prophesies that the Heavens would be open to this people and the veil of every secret would be removed.  This prophecy does not mean that the (enemy) will, after that, be able to win against the God in a battle between them and God.” 

Muhammad Speaks newspaper, June 8, 1973 – The Honorable Elijah Muhammad continues his writing on The Wheel in the article titled “Ezekiel’s Wheel: The Battle in the Sky”:“In the battle in the sky, it is scientifically clear that the Wheel, the Mother Plane, will be the victor due to the fact that nature has given anyone the advantage over the other, if the other is not able to produce the type of weapon that is needed to overcome the attack of that one (enemy). When the Prophet Ezekiel saw this battle in the sky and saw the Wheel, the Mother Plane, that would be the victor, [this] has encouraged us, the Black Nation, to have confidence in the victory of that Wheel”—that Great Mother Plane that is above our heads, over the United States of America. 

“When the Prophet Ezekiel saw the vision of this Wheel (Mother Plane), Ezekiel became a little excited in his words, Ezekiel said ‘Oh, Wheel. Oh, Wheel.’  [And Master Fard Muhammad, our Saviour] affirmed it.  The Wheel, the Mother Ship, is one of the greatest wonders of man, in making military weapons.  The Black Scientists knew at the time that they built the Mother Ship”—under the direction of Master Fard Muhammad—“that the Mother Ship and its well-trained crew would have to fight with her (America) and the other Nations of the earth.  The well-trained crew of the Mother Ship, the Wheel, can dodge the enemy and make the enemy look for the Wheel where the Wheel is not. As the word goes, the crew of the Wheel can elude the enemy anywhere in the sky that this crew desires to elude them.  [So] when actual fighting has been declared against the armies of [the wicked of this] planet, the enemy will never get near enough to do any harm to [that] Wheel. Actually, the Mother Ship, the Wheel, serves as a carrier for 1,500 deadly prepared planes with which to visit mankind on Planet Earth.  Do not look for the Wheel,” he writes, “the Mother Plane, because it is not out there for you to find it when you are looking for it.” 

Elijah Muhammad continues in that article:  “I am so happy that Allah (God) has prepared this unmatchable weapon to save us, the Black People [of America]! It carries supplies for the crew of this made Wheel-like plane … it is something to marvel at!  The battle in the sky!  As the Black man has been on the planet earth for billions and trillions of years, and the Black Man has been here that long, and there is no doubt about it!  Do you think that the Black Man [would] allow the made man (the enemy) that has been on the Planet Earth for only 6,000 years, to out-wit the Black Nation”—and The God of this nation—“in any war, whether it be physical or mental?”  Then he writes, “If I w[ere] [the Caucasian], I would just give up and not try to fight an old ancient people who were here before the father of [your people, Yakub] [even] thought of making a new people, the Caucasian race. There is plenty that we will be discussing about this Wheel in The Battle In The Sky!”

Remember the words of the scripture:  “Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!”  Not the prophet Jesus of 2,000 years ago, but that One that would rise from us in the last days, and be taken up into The Wheel with The Great Mahdi!  Yes …  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad continues:  “Every prophecy of prophets, prophesying of destruction, is aimed at America.  This dreadful and awful trouble that is Divinely focused at America.  I say to you, my Black brothers and [Black] sisters, Seek refuge in Allah.  Fly to Allah [and] Come Follow me”to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and The God that he represents.  Hecloses with:“… the end of the war, desolations are determined”—remember this!  “Keep waiting with your disbelief and doubt.  [And] you shall soon come to know that what Elijah Muhammad has said to you”—and written in his articles and books to us—“is most certainly the truth!”

‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’ The Destructive Power of The Wheel above our heads

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad in an article titled “The Battle In The Sky Is Near,” (also appearing in Muhammad Speaks),he writes of The Wheel, The Mother Plane, in these words:  “It is the largest mechanical man-made object in the sky. It is a small human built planet made for the purpose of destroying the present world of the enemies of [God].  The cost to build such a plane is staggering!  The finest brains were used to build it. 

It is capable of staying in outer space six to twelve months at a time without coming into the earth’s gravity.  It carries fifteen hundred [1,500] bombing planes with the most deadliest explosives; the type used in bringing up mountains on the earth.  The very same method is to be used in the destruction of this world.  The bombs are equipped with motors and the toughest of steel was used in making them. 

This steel drills and takes the bombs into the earth at a depth of one mile and is timed not to explode until it reaches one mile into the earth.  This explosion produces a mountain one mile high;”—destroying everything within a 50 square mile range—“…not one bomb will fall into water.  They will all fall on cities.  As Ezekiel saw and heard in his vision of it”—in the Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 10, verse 2; that this Wheel “is terrible.”

“It is seen, but do not think of trying to attack it.”—Elijah Muhammad writes—“ That would be suicide.”    He continues with:  “The small circular-made planes called ‘flying saucers’, which are so much talked of being seen, could be from this Mother Plane.  This is only one of the things in store for the (enemy’s) [evil] world.  Believe it or believe it not!  This is to warn you and me to fly to our own God and people.”

These Wheels have been seen since 1929, and they have not attacked any city or anyone.  We’re talking about the destructive power of The Wheel; yet, to many, they have been harmless!  They have not attacked one city, but they have been seen over the cities of the Earth—millions have seen them!  And they have hovered over the most sensitive military bases of every nation that has nuclear weapons, and they have shown their power to neutralize these dreadful intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that are loaded with nuclear power. Yet, one of these Wheels can come over the place where these silos are, and where these missiles are, and these missiles cannot be fired!  In fact, they can do what they have done:  Render these things inoperable.  And when they leave, they can restore it to its original condition. 

The scientists that made these intercontinental ballistic missiles thought of every possibility that could render these missiles inoperable, and yet they felt that it was “foolproof.” …  And then a Wheel came over the place where these missiles were and showed them that they had no power to move those missiles at all!  Just the presence of The Wheel has stopped automobiles from moving; turned the lights of a whole city or region off!  They have incredible power that God is showing you; that He can take you out in the twinkling of an eye

No wonder Ezekiel cried out when he saw this magnificent masterpiece of mechanics …  I’ll state it again—and this time, it’s coming from mymouth: “O Wheel!  O Wheel!”  You know, our people in slavery used to sing a song, “Swing Low, sweet chariot coming to carry me home…”—it was “a band of angels coming after me, coming to carry me home.”  In the Book of Ezekiel it talks about these “wheels” and the “cherubims”; and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said it only means the presence of angels on these wheels; angels that are human beings!  So in the Bible it teaches:  “Be careful how you entertain strangers, for you may be entertaining angels unaware.” (Hebrews 13:2)

No “little green men,” with olive skin and funny looking heads!  Human beings that look just like you and me, but they are members of The Original Nation—the power of which you have not seen displayed! 

It was your time to rule, and you have not even the brains to build a mechanical object like that which is above your heads, so teaches the Honorable Elijah Muhammad!  And if you built one like it, you could not get it up into outer space; so, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad asked the question, “Why are you spending billions of dollars, wasting your money to fight a war that it is written you were born to lose from the day you were made?”He said, “If I were you, enemy, I would just give up.”  You know that’s wise; because, whenever you meet a force that you can’t overcome, you give up!  In the mixed martial arts, when you cannot overcome the force that is pressing you, you “tap out.” 

America:  You can’t win this one.  Tap out!  Why waste the taxpayers’ money building planes when you have nothing that can attack this—but it can attack you anytime it desires! 

The Jesus is connected to The Wheel; his movements are like the movements of The Wheel:  When you think he’s here, he’s there!  When you think he’s there, he’s here. When you think he’s up, he’s down.  The Wheels move like that!  There is nothing in existence that you have that can “stop on a dime”—go north, go south; go east, go west; go up, go down…  And then move so fast that it is almost like they’re moving at the speed of light!  Not that they are, but their movement is so fast:  “Now you see them!  Now you don’t.”  And this is why, my beloved Black brothers and sisters, the scriptures warn us that “vengeance is Mine”—God says (in Romans 12:19).

In the Book of Psalms, Chapter 46, verse 10, God says to His People: “Be still, and know that I am God …”—“I am your Defender!  I am your Protector!  Vengeance is Mine.”  Brothers, sisters:  What do you look like with your little “pop gun” when God has put a Weapon above your head that is for your and my deliverance?  “Swing low, sweet chariot …”  Our old ancestors sang it, because they knew that this was not their home; but God would take them to their home. 

If you’re thinking, “But if it is only a ‘half-a-mile by a half-a-mile, how are we all gonna fit in it?”  It wasn’t made for us “all” to fit in it.  But the Earth is a wide expanse for you to fit in it … And The Wheel—after it finishes its work—the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said you’ll have much spacefor you to move out and make a way for yourself.  Because when that Wheel gets finished its work, there won’t be, unfortunately, much human life left on the planet Earth—unless the leaders choose life.

Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan:

‘The Capstone’ of UFO Studies

In closing, I’ve talked to many UFO-logists, and they know nothing about the destructive side of The Wheel; because in their study of The Wheel, they never saw that, nor have they ever known that.  And that is why Professor Michael Lieb in his book called “The Children of Ezekiel,” included The Nation of IslamElijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan.

Professor Lieb is a professor of English and a research professor of humanities; also, a senior fellow at The Divinity School at The University of Chicago.  During an October 16, 2003 “One-on-One” interview with The Final Call newspaper (http://goo.gl/HzDWcZ), to the question “Tell us about your book “Children of Ezekiel” in which you included Min. Farrakhan,” Prof. Lieb’s response was:  “…The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan represent the capstone to this study [of so-called ‘UFOs’].”

What is the meaning of capstone?  It is “the crowning point”:  “It is the most important element; it is the decisive factor.”

All of the scholars that talk about these “UFOs”:  They talk, but they don’t know the reality, they don’t know the aim, they don’t know its purpose; but they know something about it after observing it, after studying it—but they believe it comes from somewhere else. So why are the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan “the capstone” of that study?

The scientists of the world think that it’s from someone, somewhere else other than Earth, because they have never seen from any scientist of any nation on Earth the ability to produce what they have been observing and studying!  In their minds, they are “the masters of the Earth and its people,” and they know of no one that could produce what they have been looking at from this planet; so, they call these Wheels “extraterrestrial.” 

Well, the Bible teaches “Satan deceived the whole world”—but the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that 98 percent of the people, of The Aboriginal People, have been mastered; but from the two percent that they have not mastered has come that which is above their heads. 

It is the clearest sign!  If you say that the technology is so far ahead of you that the scientists are already bowing, and admitting that they are absolutely overcomedumbfoundedamazedawestruck and astounded by The Majesty of The Wisdom being displayed by The Wheel, then why don’t you want to admit, then, that:  1.) Allah (God) is Present; and 2.) God is The Most Wise?

And since you don’t have any wisdom to match that, then The Most Wise is Present!  Since you have no power to reach it, but it has the power to reach you any time it desires, then know that a Superior, or Supreme Power is present!  Then why won’t you admit that—that God has entered into “the equation,” fulfilling everything that has been prophesied of The Coming of God, The Coming of The Great Mahdi and The Presence of The Christ/The Presence of The Messiah? …

So as you are trying to find the meaning of these “UFOs,” you talk to your scholars; but they didn’t know that this existed before Elijah Muhammad taught it—before they ever saw it!  Well, why didn’t you come to the man that God taught about this?  The F.B.I. did; but they act as though it doesn’t exist. They hide the knowledge of this from the American people; they refuse to tell the American people what they know about the existence of that Great Wheel—and the 1,500 little Wheels that are inside The Great Wheel!

The capstone with the “all-seeing eye” represents God’s search of the Earth for His people, “The Lost Sheep” that He would find, and restore; and make them the head—and not “the tail”:  The Capstone of The Pyramid of Knowledge, sitting on top of the knowledge of this world.  I say to you:  You can’t complete or perfect anything that you have done, or desire to do, without The Knowledge of that Wheel—and The Science and Technology that is in it, on it, and coming from it. 

Professor Lieb, in his interview with The Final Call, further states that:  “When it comes to the Nation of Islam, it’s a study of the Mother Plane and its apocalyptic overtones.”   What did he mean “apocalyptic”?  Apocalyptic means “describing or prophesizing the complete destruction of the world; resembling the end of the world, momentous or catastrophic. Of or resembling the biblical ‘apocalypse’.”  And no one on this Earth is speaking like that but the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his Minister, Louis Farrakhan.