Male students of the 2021 graduating class of Muhammad University of Islam display their troy ounce silver coin.

CHICAGO—For the second consecutive year, graduating students at Muhammad University of Islam (MUI) received a one troy ounce silver coin as a “gift” from the Elite 50 Plus squad during the July 8 graduation ceremony at Mosque Maryam. The coin is given in honor of their achievements and commemorating the works of the late Elite 50-Plus Student Lt. Khalil Muhammad.

The limited edition coin is embossed with the image of Bro. Khalil on one side. The images of Master Fard Muhammad, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan with an image of “the Wheel” hovering over the heads on these divine individuals is on the other side.

Students also received a pamphlet with a description and specifications of the coin as well as a brief history of Lt. Khalil.

“We want to honor Minister (Louis) Farrakhan’s desire to establish a scholarship in Bro. Khalil’s name,” said Elite 50 Plus member Barney Muhammad, describing the Minister’s declaration made during the 2018 Janazah (funeral) service for Bro. Khalil.


“Presentation of the coin is our starting point to build momentum for the scholarship. Some who worked to establish MUI, their children weren’t able to benefit due to finances. Ultimately, we want to make MUI tuition free by raising enough money every year to retire the school’s annual budget. That’s the goal,” he said.

Bro. Khalil Muhammad joined the Nation in 1965 and distinguished himself as the top individual distributor of The Final Call newspaper, the Supreme Bean Pie and other products, which are financial keys for raising funds for the school.

In 1991, Minister Farrakhan commissioned Bro. Khalil as his choice to lead the Elite 50-Plus, which is the Minister’s squad and consists of male members of the Nation of Islam age 50 and over. Bro. Khalil made his transition on Nov. 24, 2018.

Elite 50-Plus Student Lt. Ron 7 Muhammad described the coin presentation as a “gift, investment and treasure.”

He likened the gift of the .999 percent pure silver coin to the “100 percent pure truth” in the gift of the teachings of Master Fard Muhammad through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He said that “truth” is the investment with our people toward total liberation.

“To the extent that we utilize the truth of the word is the extent of the ‘return’ on the investment that our people will receive,” he said. “Likewise, our students will go out and gain additional knowledge. But they all talked about returning to the community and our Nation and giving us the ‘return’ on our investment as parents, staff and teachers. They are a treasure to our Nation, and our Nation is a treasure to them.”