Eat one meal a day or one meal every other day. You say: “Oh, I will starve if I eat like that; I have got to have my three meals.”

THERE ARE even some professional people of ours such as doctors who know that this will prolong your life and theirs too, but they are like us, they were reared under the same teaching and therefore they cannot teach you what Allah Teaches us.

HOW TO EAT TO LIVE. It makes sense to wait such a length of time for our food to digest; it is good for us.

Do not be foolish to use such words as: “I cannot do that” … We can do many things. There are people known to go without food for forty days and nights. But, we have learned to be ever so eager to spend our language and time in foolishness.


We will feel better and we will keep the doctor away—not by an apple (smile), but by prolonging the time between each meal. I keep repeating to you, as others prophesied, that God Will Come to Give you life and more life, abundantly.

HE CANNOT give us more life if we hold on to death (eating without any regularity).

As the Holy Qur’an Teaches us, the devil eats as the beasts eat. There is no set time for the beast to eat. He eats whenever he sees his food present. This is the way many people are. They eat the food and will tell you, indirectly, “I said, I was not hungry.” This is really ignorance. I said indirectly, but they tell you these things DIRECTLY.

There is hardly a one of you who does not wish to live a thousand years and who can hardly live a thousand days, the way you eat. You may say, “Well, how about you?” I am a man, according to the Bible, that is afflicted with everything that you are afflicted with. If I was not bearing the same affliction that you are afflicted with, maybe I would be better. But this affliction must come to me to prove that God and myself love you (that I am willing to go through with that which you are afflicted with, to bring you to a better way of life).

THE VERY EATING of one meal a day or one meal every other day makes your beauty appearance to shine more. You are the only people who do not need make up. You are already beautiful, by nature.

Stay away from all of his various kinds of foods and eat the common food. Do not try to eat all of that fancy food that he has your eyes attracted by and your appetite tempted by. This is not the kind of food that will make you live longer. But it is hard to get people like you away from that which is wrong and bad for your life.

The common food (just milk and bread or just bean soup and bread) is better than all the fancy food that you may try to eat. Eating good, common food will make you live a long time. This civilization intends to get us death and not long life. So, eat to live and not to die!

(Reprinted from “How To Eat To Live” Book Two, 1972.)