In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

What most of us do not know is that God, through the prophet Abraham, gave us a sentence of time.

If you have been to prison, I hope that you haven’t, but so many of us have: Lord, when the time comes for you to get out, you don’t want to hang around. In fact, you start getting ready before the morning of your leaving prison to get out to meet your family and your friends. What you have not, maybe, realized is that God said to Abraham in the 15th Chapter of Genesis:

“Know of a surety, Abraham, that your seed is going to be a stranger in a land that is not theirs. And they’re going to serve a strange people in a strange land, for 400 years, but after that time, I will come—and I will judge that nation which they shall serve. And afterwards shall they come out with great substance, and go to their fathers in peace, and be buried in a ripe old age.”


How long have we been here? We have served the “400 year” sentence—in a strange land, among a strange people who have afflicted us every day of those 400 years up until this very moment. So God has fulfilled His promise: He came. He found us robbed and spoiled, wearing the name of our former slave master, speaking the language of our slave master. And about 240 years ago, the same slave master, who didn’t want us to learn how to read and write, finally said it was not “incompatible” that we should be slaves and Christians at the same time. So they’ve made us Christians.

We’ve been better Christians than they are: We love them—but they have not shown no love of Christ for us. None whatsoever. Our time of servitude is up. Our time of living in a strange land is up. God wants to give us a land of our own like He did the Children of Israel 4,000 years ago. He doesn’t want us integrated into our slave master and their children; He wants us to come out of them. America, now, is under Divine Judgment, so God is giving them, and us, a period of grace. “Grace” to see if the slave master wants to live a little longer by letting you go, and giving you a good sendoff.

God wants to see if they would be kind to their ex-slaves who have fought for them, bled for them, died for them. … Yet, while at the same time we died for their freedom, we are still around here singing “We Shall Overcome.” But some of you elders, you have to remember what happened to the elders of Israel: They didn’t want to leave Pharaoh. “House Negros” don’t ever want to leave massa: “Massa, you sick? We sick!” “You hurtin,’ massa? We always hurtin’!” Some of us are just like that.

And some of us that are preachers: I’m happy to see preachers because you are the hope, and you could be the damnation of our people. Did you see the movie The Birth of a Nation? Maybe it was a little too much for you. Those Black folk were killing White folk—I know that’s a little hard for you. I understand. (Smile.) But Nat Turner knew how to read; so every intelligent Black person who knew how to read, what [the enemy] wanted to do was make us a preacher, and then they would tell us what to preach.

The master would tell the preacher: “Now you can go and tell the slaves: ‘Don’t take massa’s chicken.’ ‘Be kind to massa.’ ‘If he slap you on one cheek, you know, show him the other.’ ‘Pray for them that are despitefully using you,’ and ‘Remember that if they take your coat, go give them your pants; you just go naked—but you make sure they’re clothed.’ ” And Nat Turner was preaching that kind of gospel to the rebellious slaves.

Dear pastor: That is the role they want you to play in a time of the rise of your people, and the anger of your people against injustice that continues to this very moment.

To every preacher in the house: You are a “watchman on the wall” for God and for your people. A “watchman on the wall” is watching for that which is coming to wreak havoc on that which he is watching for, to sound the alarm. But if you fail, if you fall asleep on the watch, because master has offered you a little fried chicken around the back door, and a buttered biscuit. Now, I know there aren’t any preachers in Charleston like that. (Smile.)

I have been trying to get here for over two years since the nine members of our family were shot down; I have been trying to get here to pay respect to that church, that pastor that was slain, and those beautiful Christian worshipers who allowed a devil into their worship service, who had murder in his heart when he came to the door. Our beautiful hearts: We welcomed Satan in, and gave him the warmth and reception of a true Christian heart.

He sat among us, he prayed with us, and then took out his weapon and killed as many as he could. But he left one alive to go and tell the story, because he wanted to produce a race war; knowing that we can’t compete with the armed forces of this enemy, so that if we rose up, they could come in with their tanks and slay us wholesale. They are angry with us. They were so angry when a Black man went to sleep in the White House; they were so upset when Michelle brought a hot iron in there. (Smile.)

But the slave: We built the White House. White folks say, “Yeah! That’s what slaves do!” We built all of the great houses in the South; White folks are not the builders, we were the builders. You’re not a builder because you just happened to learn a trade, you’re a builder because you are Children of a Master Architect:

A man that got hit in the head, was taken on a westerly course and buried in a shallow grave in the north country. It’s you, the Master Builders whose Fathers built the pyramids, whose Fathers gave civilization to the world. You are their Children, and their DNA is all in you.

Now, God saw you: He knew He was the One that had the Master Grip to raise you, so He came after you. He wouldn’t have a cat’s paw, because He knew there’s a lion in that shallow grave. It took a Lion’s Paw to raise Hiram. When you (Masons) get up to your 32nd Degree, you’re talking about Solomon.

Some of you are 32nd Degree, and 33rd Degree, but (with only) “33 degrees” of a circle, you’re just crawling; you’re not standing up yet. But when you’re up, you’re at a 90 degree angle—you’re a Builder. God saw you; but He didn’t choose you because you were righteous, because a wicked man had us in bondage and made us into himself.

“Jesus Christ”: Let’s look at this being, this marvelous human being. “Well, he was born of a virgin. Stop right there. Now, just a minute: Farrakhan, don’t go there.” See, you have been taught by a liar, who is the father of lies. He was born of a “virgin,” but not the way you think it. There is no creature that comes to birth without the agency of a man in order to produce the flesh and blood.

“Well, God can do anything!” Yes, but lie. Sisters, all of you were virgins at one time; and if you are not one now, it’s because you met a man. The Qur’an says it so beautifully; it says God is talking to Mary, and telling Mary that she is going to have a child; and she says to the angel:

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“But how can I have a child when man has not touched me?” And God said, “Oh, that’s easy. I just say, ‘Be!’ and it is.” God can say, “Be!” and it is—but somebody has to do some work. The scripture in The Qur’an says, “And what appeared unto Mary was the Spirit of God, and it appeared in a well-made man.”

Let me tell you, sister—this is real talk: You cannot have human life without sperm. Even if it’s called “artificial insemination,” all of that, there has to be sperm meeting with the egg to produce the first cell of life. So if you look at the lineage of Jesus, in scripture it states, “And so-and-so begat, and begat, and begat, and begat,” right?

There wasn’t any “mystery” there. And Jesus’ lineage went all the way back to David, who was a man. And by the way, a Black Man. David’s father was Jesse, wasn’t he? And David’s son was Solomon. But Solomon was the wisest of that day, up until now; until the coming of Christ, Solomon’s wisdom was the greatest, but not the same as Jesus.

“Jesus The Messiah”: The Book of Revelation talks about him. It said he is “the bright and the morning star.” When do you see “the morning star”? You see it just before the dawn of a new day; and that morning star is so bright that it leads you right up into the light of the sun—where it gets lost in the light of the sun. See, when Jesus is raised from “the dead,” and rises up: He comes, now, at the end of Satan’s world, which is nothing but darkness.

Not “2,000 years ago.” Satan still had 2,000 more years to do his wickedness; but the Bible said God’s Coming is “after the workings of Satan.” Satan was given “six days” to work: Six-thousand years to do his evil on the Earth. It isn’t a “spook.” Satan is as real as you sitting here.

The Bible said, “As by one man sin entered into the world, and death came also by sin, and it has passed to all men; so all men have sinned and death has passed to all men. But as by one man sin came in, so by one man shall all be made alive.” The first “one” is Adam, but the “second Adam” is Jesus Christ: He is The One that will give life to everything that is dead.

You’re already dead; you don’t need to die anymore, because you’re dead right now. Like Lazarus—he was in the grave “four days,” and stinking. You’re stinking: You’ve been in your grave 400 years, and you’ve got a stench coming up from your decomposed state; you stink in the nostrils of God. Look at you, the people of God: Fornicators, adulterers, liars, pimps, hustlers, gamblers, thieves, lesbians, homosexuals—look at yourself. You can’t even see that you’re wrong as two left shoes.

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Jesus was talking. He said, “I’m the seed of David, the root of Jesse.” He’s talking about his physical body: It’s from living people. But, he is “the bright and the morning star of God,” he’s chosen by God, and raised from a dead level. To my dear Christian pastors, Jesus is so very special that people want to know: “Well, where did Jesus come from?” We know he had an earthly father; but Jesus said, “Before Abraham was, I Am.” Jesus was in existence from the beginning of creation. Not in actual form; but, let me talk about The Creator Who originated this magnificent thing that we call “the universe.”

We were with God in the beginning: His first act of creation was a woman from Himself (He studied Himself, and brought forth from Himself a Comfort for Himself). Sisters, you are not the woman of man, you are the woman of God. And every one of us, we are The Original People of the Earth. You don’t have a “birth record”—there’s no birth record for Black people; it’s not in the sun, it’s not in the moon, it’s not in the stars, it’s not in the rocks, it’s not in the sand. You are the ancient of days. And you are, really, Gods: All of this creation was by our fathers. So if “in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth,” think about this: How was Jesus in the beginning with God?

God created all of this, but the Holy Qur’an says it like this: “You can’t see any crookedness in the creation.” “Crookedness” would mean imperfection; but since this world is made on the number “6” (“six days”), that could be billions of years or trillions of years, but, “six periods of time.” The number “6” is a number of incompletion—“6” is a number of dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction has always existed since the beginning, so the dissatisfaction keeps leading man forward until he finds perfection. When The God created the heavens and the earth, He started creation, so one of the Attributes of God that He is called in the Qur’an is Rabbi ‘Al-Amin—meaning that “He starts a creation, then He evolves it, making it attain stage after stage until it reaches its eventual perfection.”

The universe is not yet perfect—but nobody has been wise enough to see the imperfection. The Qur’an says you look and you search until your eyes roll back in your head tired, to see imperfection in God. But God saw it in Himself. … Inside of The Original Man is an enemy of self; but as long as we controlled that weaker side of self, he could not make himself manifest. The greatest experiments that have been made are the experiments that are made on self: God experimenting with himself.

Brothers and sisters, I have a Teacher and he has given us an Invincible Truth that answers what Christian pastors say, but don’t understand. When The God put this thing called “universe” into motion, it never was perfectly round. When The Messenger was talking to me about “perfection,” he said: “Yes, brother: The planet is not round; it’s egg-shaped. And your head has taken the shape of the planet, so that it never makes a perfect circle.”

There is a wobble in the motion of the planets, but it’s corrected by means of Law. The planet, even though it wobbles—it dips in and dips out, giving you your seasons—in its motion, that “wobble” is crookedness in the motion that shows that there is something in us that gives us trouble. That crooked thing is only brought “in check” by means of Law. So The Law has the planet moving, rotating on its axis, revolving around the sun at the terrific speed of 1,037 1/3 miles per hour, with a weight of six sextillion tons. Just like when you have a tire that you take to the shop because your car is shaking: They take the tire off and say,

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“Yes, it’s imbalanced, so we’re going to put a weight ‘here,’ we’re going to put a weight ‘there.’ ” When they put it on, now it spins perfectly. Put it back on your car, you have a smooth ride. The Holy Qur’an says Allah (God) put mountains in the earth “lest the earth convulse and carry you away.” (Surah 31:10) So the mountain ranges are like those things that they put on a tire, so you’ll have a smooth ride on the Earth—until God wants to upset it with an “earthquake.” God wanted to perfect it, and He couldn’t perfect it until He perfected Himself because even He was on an evolutionary path to perfection.

“You can’t say that! God was perfect from the beginning!” Yes. He was perfect for that stage of His development. If you’re pregnant, there is a clot—“perfect” for that stage of development. But it doesn’t stop there: the clot becomes an embryo, the embryo becomes a fetus; and when the fetus is developed, and the tiny house that holds it can’t hold it no longer, “freedom”—the child comes forward. Its head is bruised, because it’s forging the way for the body; not perfected yet, “complete” but yet incomplete. God is complete, but incomplete who is going to complete God?

This man called “Jesus”: He was in the beginning, seen by The Originator coming down the wheel of time. You can’t have a “perfect universe” until you have a perfect man, because it’s a Man that made the universe. And if there’s any crookedness in the universe, there was crookedness in The God that made it. When Jesus comes, and I’m not talking about Jesus the prophet, I’m talking about The Coming of God, Jesus said: “Behold, I make all things new.”

Now if God is to be perfected, then God in Man has to be a perfect vessel. We have been evolving through time; but when Jesus comes, he represents The Perfection of God in Man. So only The Perfection of God in Man could see imperfection in the universe, and say, “Behold, I make all things new; there’ll be a new heaven and a new earth, and the former things will pass away.” He is present now. He is in the world now—in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God—and all things were made by Him. Then the word became flesh, and dwelled among men.

The scriptures teach “he came unto his own, but his own received him not,” “the light shined in the darkness, but the darkness comprehended it not.” God has come. God has come, and He chose you, because in you is the material that He needs to make a Brand New Reality.

Who are you? You are the People of God, but you’re in a state of death. The Son of Man is coming out of The East; the Book of Matthew teaches, “As light shined from the east even unto the west, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be, because wheresoever the carcass is, there shall the eagles be gathered together.”

An eagle is a bird of prey: It eats flesh—and here we are; where the symbol of America is an eagle. They brought us to America; stripped us. All the good that you all do? You do it in the White man’s name. Barack has an African name—he is “Mr. Obama”; but he is working for White people. He is the “CEO” of a corporate entity called “USA Inc.” He’s working for “the stockholders” of that corporate entity.

How much stock do you have? You are part of what they own. So this beautiful human being, highly intelligent, gifted, wanted to do something for America. He is a Black man. Look at what Mr. Bill Clinton said when his wife and Brother Obama were competing eight years ago: “Years ago, why, this man would have been bringing us coffee.”

The Bible calls The One that comes “the Son of Man,” because since the beginning of time man has been moving toward his perfection; so a “son of man”—one who comes from the longing of man to fulfill what all the prophets predicted: He comes out of The East. Why The East? Because that’s where they brought us from, The East.

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You weren’t over in Africa saying, “Hey baby, how you doin’? Wassup?” You didn’t speak English; you don’t even know what your mother tongue was. Poor us, we had to make up pig Latin thinking we’re confusing the White man. But like eagles, they have descended on the Black community: All the immigrants that come, they build their “American Dream” on the Black man’s nightmare.

You beautiful Black politicians: You love to put your people behind these crooks, for your personal elevation. But they are not doing anything for the masses of the people, just remember that, nothing for the masses. So you learned ones: Show how “learned” you are. It’s time for you to get out of jail. The enemy says, “Keep the Negroes bound to us, because God has come for them.”

You remember that song: “My Lord, He calls me/He calls me by the thunder/I hear Him call within my soul … I ain’t got long to stay here.” You ain’t got long to stay here: God is wrecking the country with fire on one end, water on another, tornados, hurricanes, and you haven’t seen anything yet. He is after the White man—but He will lash us, too, because with all the hell that you have caught you still want to stay with them.

But your young people? Elders, your young people are falling out with you, because you’re Pharaoh’s Made Negro—and you should have it right in the back of your collar, “Made in America.” “I’m a White/Black man, but I’m Made in America!” “I don’t know if I’m a man or a woman today, I’m Made in America!” “I’m a drug addict; I’m Made in America.” “I love men and boys!” Made in America. “I can’t stand men; I like women”—that’s a woman talking. Made in America. “I’m an educated person that wants to be White!” Made in America. “I’ve got a doctorate degree, and can’t heal nothing.” Made in America.

I want you to read something from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad on “this national election,” who wrote it over 50 years ago (“The Fall of America” Chapter 8), but it was like he wrote it last night for today: “This election is one of the most serious in the history of American government, because either party that seeks the office of presidency is faced with the problem of saving the lives of the people of America.” God is so angry that the American people’s lives are hanging in the balance. And your life is too, because they are holding us hostage—they don’t want to let you go.

In closing, study the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 59, verse 14, wherein it states: “Justice stands afar off, and equity cannot enter because truth has fallen in the streets.” My teacher asked me one day, “What is it that justice can’t come on the heels of the truth?”

Truth is designed by God to bring justice in the wake of truth; but when “truth is fallen in the streets,” and “justice is standing afar off,” and “equity cannot enter,” it is because the forces that uphold falsehood are so powerful that they will not reason with truth—and that is why they have to physically be removed. Brother, sister, you can’t do it. God is here: He said, “Vengeance is Mine,” and “Be still, and know that I Am God.” He is here to fight for our liberation—and the only thing He is asking of you is to Accept Your Own and Be Yourself. Come into Unity.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote: “If the present party (Democratic) remains in office, you know the answer. If the Republican party takes over, you should know the answer. There will be a lull before the storm. The storm can be delayed and every hour and day that it can be delayed is to your benefit.” What is “the storm”? It is the dreaded Third World War, “the War of Armageddon,” where every nation on this Earth will be involved.

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Read it in the scripture—it’s there in the Book of Joel, Chapter 3, verses 9-11, “Go and turn your plowshares and your pruning hooks into swords and spears”/“Wake up the mighty men of war.” It’s a time of war, now. The earth is going to be shaken. The enemy has to be removed from the face of the earth so that the righteous Kingdom of God and His Christ can be established.

Yes, Christ is in power: He is controlling the weather. Watch what I say. When I leave Charleston, you keep your eyes on the weather; God is going to answer, and show you. He isn’t with this. He is with you, if you are with Him. If you believe in Christ, if you want him in your life, then surrender to him—don’t keep fighting him. Submit, and watch how quickly he will enter into your life, and make you stronger than you ever thought you could be.

I’m not the kind of person who is strong on my own; I am strong because of my faith in Him. My strength is in my ability to love. Brothers and sisters, I love you more than I love life—because people have died for saying less than what I say. But I’m not running from death, I’m running to it: They can’t take my life. I’m offering my life to see our people free. All I am asking of you is to try your best to come into unity with each other.

Remember “The Lord’s Prayer” (“Our Father, which art in heaven”): The Christ that I’m talking about is above us, 40 miles above, in that which the enemy calls “unidentified flying objects,” but it’s a Wheel that Ezekiel saw, a “wheel in the middle of a wheel.” It’s just above our heads. It’s “a cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night”—and he is on that Wheel with The God Himself.

I am not saying something I don’t know anything about. That Wheel is able to destroy America in 12 hours; there are 1,500 little Wheels on that Big One. It’s ready to take care of business, I’m just getting you out of the way. It’s you who are holding up The Judgment of your enemy, because you’re all wrapped up in them.