“In My Fathers’ Steps: Self-reflection and lessons in my journey to Allah” is a new book by Brother Hannibal Muhammad.  “In My Fathers’ Steps” is a book that lays out a spiritual thought-provoking journey to oneness with God by helping the reader learn how to set goals, overcome difficulty, become more disciplined, and grow into love by unleashing their hidden powers.

This self-analyzing book opens readers hearts to loving self. It contains information to assist readers to rethink how to handle issues with family members and children.

“In My Fathers’ Steps” has helped individuals reconnect estranged relationships with family and helped others find their purpose in life, and even transform their lives through changing their diet. Brother Hannibal has discussed his new book on various programs and has recently conducted book signings in various cities.

Hannibal Muhammad

Brother Hannibal Muhammad is multi-talented and loves to express the natural talents and gifts that he was blessed with.


He is the student assistant minister of Mosque No. 32 in Phoenix, Arizona, under the leadership of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Brother Hannibal is a loving husband and father, youth mentor, author and talented photographer/designer.  One of his biggest passions is being a philanthropist.

He has dedicated many years to initiatives aimed at bettering the local community and helping the less fortunate.

“In My Fathers’ Steps: Self-reflection and lessons in my journey to Allah” is available now. For more information visit, hannibalmuhammad.com.