Eat one meal per day—nothing between meals and eat the right food.

We eat meat but meat was never intended for man to eat from the very creation of man. We have been eating meat. Why? Because the ruler of this nation of earth for the past six thousand years (6,000 years) is an enemy of the Original Man who has inhabited the earth from time unknown to man. A people that have been populating the earth here for billions and trillions of years would not eat the wrong food if they had not been made to suffer for guidance under a made enemy of theirs. And, the enemy does not follow what we, the Original Man had and was practicing.

It is true, according to the Teachings of Almighty God to me that he caused us to eat the wrong foods. He is doing it himself and any man (the Original Black Man) who comes into his civilization, he tries to force him to eat the wrong foods. I have seen him doing this and, we whom he reared himself and had the power over us after destroying the knowledge of self from us.

The White race or the Caucasian or devil eats all kinds of poison: frogs, snakes, and all filthy scavengers of water. He eats it and invites you to eat it but they know it is not good. He eats all kinds of fowls, he knows they are not good for us to eat—and wild fowls at that. And, he eats wild animals and beasts of the jungles. That which he digs up out of the earth of the live creatures that live under the earth’s surface, he knows that it is not good to eat (for himself and you too) but he advertises it that it is all right to eat. Everything he eats, he tells you it is all right. So, if you follow the White race’s food eating, you are bound to eat the wrong food for your consumption. So, I warn you against the food of this race.


They do not eat the good food because they found us eating the good food and to make a world different from ours, they had to resort to eating the wrong food so that they could say that they established something which we did not have or were not doing.

The Holy Qur’an Refers to the White man as eating like a beast. They eat as the beasts. This is true; they do not deny it. The Bible teaches us against eating their dainty meats, which is a warning that you may be eating the wrong meat.

Since they learned that their time was limited among us on earth, they have studied everything possible that was an enemy to us to make us to accept that enemy and like the enemy.

The old filthy hog was not made to be taken as food for us, nor them. Allah Taught me from His Mouth that they made hog for medical purposes. Since he was a weak human being, created for the purpose of weakening the strong Black Man in every way possible, they knew he was going to carry lots of diseases because of the essence that they were made out of themselves (the weak germ of the Original Black Man).

These thousands of different kinds of foods that he offers you, be aware that they are not to keep you alive, but to kill you. Do not think that they are following the right way by eating that which he himself eats.

Do not eat that which this book has warned you not to eat. And, do not eat like the beasts (every hour or two or whenever food is offered to them, they will eat it). How can you live, eating poison and keeping your stomach trying to digest food 24 hours per day? More next time. HOW TO EAT TO LIVE: One Meal Per Day.

(Reprinted from “How To Eat To Live,” Book Two, 1972.)