Nurse reassuring stressed tired female surgeon working over hours due to coronavirus pandemic

By the time you read this, 117 hospital workers in Houston have been suspended and could soon be out of a job. Methodist Hospital became the first major healthcare system in the country to force its employees to be injected with an experimental Covid-19 mRNA gene modification injection or be fired. This hospital’s decision is forcing them to be human ‘guinea pigs’ as condition for continued employment, argued Attorney Jared Woodfill who is representing the workers in a federal law-suit.

That is a severe, blatant violation of the Nuremberg Code, which requires informed consent for medical treatment/experimentation, he charged in the suit. 

“The things they’ve been doing there are insane, and we have all the proof,” said lead plaintiff Jennifer Bridges, a registered nurse who has worked at Methodist Hospital in Baytown for seven years.

“Oh my gosh!  The amount of bullying and just everything that’s going on at work, I mean, either through emails, phone calls, the managers personally coming up to you, people are getting bullied left and right.  People call me crying. They’re just tired of getting bullied and harassed by the management,” Ms. Bridges told The Final Call in a phone interview on June 3.


“No one’s ever seen Methodist act this way. The CEO himself sends us emails that are not something you’d expect a CEO to say  that the ones not taking the shot are selfish, and they don’t put their patients first,” stated Ms. Bridges, referring to Dr. Marc Boom, president and CEO of Houston Methodist, the defendant.

“And then he’ll say things like I respect and admire everybody who’s taken the vaccine and they’re staying on board, and he sends these to the whole entire system,” said Ms. Bridges.

The lawsuit, filed on May 28, includes Houston Police Department officers, who provide hospital security, vendors, college students, and many from different walks of life.

Methodist gave them until June 7 to take the shot.  Some executives have already been fired for refusing. 

“I’ve taken all the other vaccines in my life. I would never take the flu one on my own, but Methodist mandates that one also, so I’ve always just taken that one every year, because they want you to for the job,” said Ms. Bridges.

June 7 at presstime, Ms. Bridges told The Final Call that the employees would be suspended, but lawyers were meeting with the judge to see if they could keep their jobs.

In a Facebook post, she said the judge allegedly told lawyers in a June 4 meeting that he would have granted a restraining order but if Methodist won in the end, the workers would have had to pay back all of their wages.

“We couldn’t afford that. So we opted out. Meaning today is our last day leading into a two week unpaid suspension where we will be fired at the end,” she posted.

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She said she doesn’t mind the flu vaccine, because it’s been around for so long, and she states there’s enough proper research on it. But the Covid-19 injections are a different story.

“This one’s just a whole, whole different ballgame. This is a different type of so-called vaccine, this mRNA,” Ms. Bridges stated.

Too many adverse reactions, the fact that there has never been a successful mRNA vaccine before, and miscarriages after getting the shot by women she knows personally, are a few reasons Ms. Bridges cited for rejecting the shot.

Pfizer, Inc. applied for FDA approval of its so-called vaccine on May 7.  Moderna applied on June 1.

“If they were actually FDA approved tomorrow, I would say that is the biggest scam ever done, basically, because there’s no way in less than a year you can fully FDA approve a brand-new vaccine.  I don’t care what anybody says,” she argued.

A close friend of hers quit because she couldn’t handle all the stress and bullying, and some physicians resigned because their religious exemptions got denied, according to Ms. Bridges. 

The Houston Methodist name is seen on one of the buildings in the Methodist Hospital system on Sunday, June 28, 2020, in Houston. A Stay Home – Work Safe Order was issued for Harris County residents to alleviate the spread of COVID-19. (Matt Patterson via AP)

Also, quite a few employees and patients after being fully vaccinated a couple of months came down with Covid, she said.

A spokesperson for the hospital replied to The Final Call’s request for an interview with an email, reiterating the CEO’s claims about vaccine safety and efficacy.

If the shots are safe, why does Methodist force employees to sign a waiver releasing the hospital from liability for any adverse reaction before they take it? questioned Ms. Bridges.

“So, if all of a sudden you have a life altering event, no one’s going to help you and you’re just on your own?” she asked. 

Some employees are looking for other jobs because morale is low and they’ve lost respect for Methodist, according to Ms. Bridges.  Some patients also want to leave and have cancelled doctor’s appointments and surgeries and moved to other hospitals, she stated.

Ms. Bridges launched a Go Fund Me page to help cover workers’ legal expenses. It raised over $27,000 by June 3.

“We’re all fighting so hard, because everybody, even the ones who took the shot, just feel that everybody should have a right to their own bodies, and a right to make their own choices,” said Ms. Bridges. She said the ordeal has been overwhelmingly stressful for herself, her husband, and their two sons.

“Nobody should be forced into this or basically lose their livelihood and have to start all over. I mean, you’re not going to be able to pay your mortgage, take care of your kids. It’s a very life-altering decision,” she added.

Children’s Health Defense supports the workers, said Mary Holland, president and general counsel. “We do not believe it is okay to force people to take a medical intervention that can cause death.  It can cause severe injury and death. That’s just undisputed,” Attorney Holland told The Final Call.

According to federal statistics, there have been nearly 5,000 deaths since people have taken the so-called Covid-19 vaccine through May 28.

“One of the other problems that we think is so awful, is that effective treatments for Covid have been suppressed. There are good treatments for Covid. It does not need to be a deadly disease in most circumstances,” stated Attorney Holland.

Dr. Akili Graham Muhammad, a general family physician who practices in Houston, said that his personal experience in the Houston medical center is that Methodist is like certain hospital systems that view themselves as elite.  He is not surprised that a certain number of employees have taken a stand.

“There are many healthcare workers around the country who think similarly but my experience also is that most doctors and healthcare workers notoriously show cowardice when confronting policies or difficulties. For those who are standing against this mandate, I think they will inspire many more to follow suit,” said Dr. Muhammad.

He feels the case is going to be interesting, noting, articles associated with it are all pro-vaccine.

“It is obvious that the media is bought but this will determine, clearly, if the judicial system is as well.  I would just add that those who have an interest in this case, make sure you continue to keep up with the case because it’s probably not going to be kept in mainstream long,” concluded Dr. Muhammad

.—Charlene Muhammad, National Correspondent