In this 1950's photo released by the National Archives, a black man included in a syphilis study has blood drawn by a doctor in Tuskegee, Ala. For 40 years starting in 1932, medical workers in the segregated South withheld treatment for unsuspecting men infected with a sexually transmitted disease simply so doctors could track the ravages of the horrid illness and dissect their bodies afterward. Finally exposed in 1972, the study ended and the men sued, resulting in a $9 million settlement. (National Archives via AP)

“Then he (the Hon. Elijah Muhammad) said to me, ‘Brother, you can’t fathom the depth of Satan.’ He didn’t use the word devil. ‘You can’t fathom the depth of Satan.’ He never said another word.” –The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

From the very start of the U.S. Government’s coronavirus operation, Black people had serious doubts about what they were witnessing. At one moment, early in the alleged pandemic, the infection appeared to be affecting Whites solely to the point that Blacks believed they may actually be Covid-resistant.

But soon the government and the media began flooding the airwaves with claims that Blacks were in fact the most vulnerable of all population groups, and that they were dying at higher rates.

Even amidst that sobering news, Black people were deeply suspicious of a government and medical industry that had mistreated and abused them since slavery. They resisted being tested and refused participation in the vaccine trial programs in greater numbers than others.

Many of the top health officials, politicians, and corporate heads were filmed condemning those past medical abuses and reassuring their ex-slaves that they had learned their racial lesson and that such atrocities would not—indeed could not—happen again.


Though totally silent or hostile to Blacks on the even more devastating issues of rampant police murders, the crack epidemic, diabetes and heart disease, among many other scourges, these government and Big Pharma officials insisted that Whites were totally reformed and now can be trusted.

They specifically referenced the most infamous example of White medical wickedness: the Tuskegee syphilis “experiment,” a forty-year atrocity in which Black men in Alabama were used by government doctors to spread the deadly and contagious disease of syphilis around the Black population of the South.

When the secret program was exposed in 1972 the Muhammad Speaks newspaper headline accurately expressed Black America’s collective outrage: White Animality, Black Genocide: Criminal Experiment at Tuskegee.

Anthony Fauci Photo: MGN Online

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the U.S. Government’s lead doctor in their Covid operation, admitted that “the history of the African American population with medical researching is not a very good history, dating back to the now shameful Tuskegee experiments.” New York governor Andrew Cuomo told a Black church, “The Tuskegee experiment is a terrible stain on the soul of this nation.”

Even Satan’s own attorney, Alan Dershowitz sounded contrite: “ we know the history of how Black people were experimented on during the terrible Tuskegee time.” Many other luminaries struck that same repentant tone.

But these were crocodile tears. All of them had an ulterior motive. As they were reaching out to Blacks with the right hand, they had a syringe in their left hand. Their atonement for Tuskegee could not be complete, they said, until we Blacks—all of us—took the needle filled with an untested, experimental toxic waste they claim is a “vaccine.”

Blacks were more than “vaccine hesitant.” Free donuts, weed, and cash enticements could not tempt them enough to take a “jab.” To our wary people, it all had the look of General Amherst’s smallpox blankets. They had read up on the string of wicked vaccine experiments perpetrated against many non-White populations around the world.

The excellent book “Medical Apartheid,” by Harvard’s Harriet A. Washington, is a 500-page history of how the medical industry and the U.S. government have repeatedly come to Blacks with claims of healing only to leave us with more sickness, death, and sterility among the survivors.

And this brings us right back to Tuskegee and syphilis. As Satan always does, he leaves tell-tale signs of his racist plotting. Swedish sociologist Gunnar Myrdal gave us the heads-up in his 1944 book “American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy.” “[A]ll white Americans agree that, if the Negro is to be eliminated, he must be eliminated slowly so as not to hurt any living individual Negroes.”

Minister Farrakhan took a tour of the Legacy Museum conducted by Dr. Jontyle Robinson, which gave details regarding medical experimentation taking place on Tuskegee’s campus. Photo: Chris Renegar for The Final Call

And that is exactly what the Covid-19 serum (it is NOT a vaccine) is intended to do. Indeed, the U.S. government’s extraordinary hustle to vaccinate the world is EXACTLY like the Tuskegee program—except it is more deceitful and far more deadly. By the end of the 40-year abomination only 74 of the original 431 test subjects had survived.

Officially, 28 of them had died of syphilis, 100 were dead of related complications, 40 of their wives had been infected, and 19 of their children were born with congenital syphilis.

As of this writing the U.S. government has registered 3,544 deaths associated with the experimental fluids of manufacturers Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna—nearly thirty times the known Tuskegee death toll.

Further, these “vaccine” murders have now surpassed by 98 the total number of recorded lynchings in the United States between 1882 and 1968—3,446.

But it is actually worse than that. The crime of Tuskegee was that medical officials withheld a known syphilis cure—penicillin—allowing a deadly and contagious disease to spread among Blacks.

And this conspiracy to hide the cure is precisely what made the Tuskegee operation so insidious. “Not only did they withhold treatment,” says the victims’ attorney Fred Gray, “But they sent these men’s names to the various doctors in the area and told them if they came to their office, not to treat them for syphilis.”

Sidney Olansky

The director in the Tuskegee program was a doctor named Sydney Olansky. He was interviewed in 1992, and when asked about the lies that were told to the Black men of Tuskegee, Dr. Olansky said:“The fact that they were illiterate was helpful, too, because they couldn’t read the newspapers. If they were not, as things moved on they might have been reading newspapers and seen what was going on.”

The EXACT same is true with the American government’s Covid-19 “Vaccination” program! Known and proven successful preventatives and effective treatments such as ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, alpha interferon, vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, artemesia and others—are all being purposely ignored, censored, or discredited by medical “authorities” in order to push this deadly “vaccine” as the only option to “end the pandemic.”

Ivermectin, for instance, had proven to be a “miracle drug” as early as April of 2020, yet the government and the mainstream media, fueled by medical industry contributions and advertising dollars, embarked on the largest censorship campaign the world has ever known. Doctors who, back in the day, would have been quick to give our Tuskegee brothers the penicillin they needed, are today slandered, censored, and de-platformed from Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, when they try to introduce evidence of successful Covid-19 treatments.

MS Tuskegee article_opt

COVID Sterilization Program?

There is yet more that makes this satanic “vaccine” program nothing more than a Tuskegee rerun. The “authorities” will never fess up to the actual aim of the Tuskegee program. They say it was to “study the effects of untreated syphilis,” but that is a ruse. One devastating effect of syphilis is STERILIZATION. Mass sterilization of Blacks—the targeting of the Black woman’s womb—was being practiced as U.S. policy during the whole time of the Tuskegee “study.”

Thirty-three states had actually enacted eugenics-based laws, under which 60,000 Americans were forcibly sterilized. Black women all over America were going to doctors’ offices, “health” clinics, and hospitals for any ailment and emerged unable to bear children. Even civil rights icon Sis. Fannie Lou Hamer was a victim of forced sterilization, which became so common in the South that they called it a “Mississippi appendectomy.”

The fact is that the Tuskegee doctors were not “studying” a damn thing. They were overseeing a BLACK STERILIZATION program that was entirely consistent with U.S. domestic policy. Today, the Covid-19 “Vaccine” program, its unknown and toxic ingredients, its targeting of Blacks, its secrecy and censorship, its suppression of cures and treatments, and its 3,544 body count make it EXACTLY like Tuskegee.

Listen to The Minister: “Don’t let them vaccinate you with their history of treachery through vaccines, through medication. … You have NO RIGHT to trust them.”