LaKeith Stanfield in the 2019 Lionsgate movie 'Knives Out'

Say hello to actor LaKeith Stanfield, the latest victim of the now old tactic of crucifying a Black man who steps outside of what powerful Jewish groups, organizations and individuals declare is permitted.

Such crucifixion involves public humiliation, threatening of livelihood and stripping away the good name and character of  Black people who offend Caucasian Jewish interests and sensibilities.

The assault on LaKeith is even more egregious because it’s not based on anything that he said. He was in an internet chat room. In that space, serious discussions of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, the teachings of the Nation of Islam, Black-Jewish relations and the history between the two peoples were being held.

Jews and other Blacks were in the room hosted on the Clubhouse audio app by Sam Bito, a content creator. To his credit, Bito brought many different voices to the Clubhouse room—and was criticized by some for giving Jewish voices too much airtime. He actually hosted two rooms on the Farrakhan-Jewish topic as one was suddenly ended without his consent. He opened another room to continue the discussion.


On Clubhouse, a member-only app, there are moderators, the stage and the audience.

Moderators invite audience members to speak and run their rooms in different ways.

The person who created the room is most often the moderator and makes others in the room moderators to help guide the discussion, offer a different view or highlight a person with a high profile who is in the room.

That’s what happened to LaKeith. He entered a virtual space and was made a moderator by Bito, who vehemently denies LaKeith had any role in creating the room and no responsibility for the discussion. For Bito’s part, it was impressive that he was able to assemble Jewish rabbis, Nation  of Islam student ministers and every day Black and Jewish people for an online discussion that lasted 11 hours. Jewish people were sitting as moderators appointed by Bito alongside largely quiet LaKeith.

LaKeith, for the most part, simply listened.

And sitting and listening was the reason why he was bombarded with horrible, one-sided media coverage, called disgusting names and forced to apologize. He had to apologize for being in a space where there was a serious and candid discussion.

Even days after that Clubhouse discussion, LaKeith was still branded with the modern scarlet letter of anti-Semite despite Jews who know him declaring LaKeith is in no way a hater of Jewish people.

The public flogging of LaKeith Stanfield and his forced apology is another episode in the paternalistic Black-Jewish non-relationship. It is another incident where some Jews refuse to accept or debate how their behavior hurts Black people.

One Jewish woman irate at what she was hearing and unable to refute arguments screamed at LaKeith and declared “J Twitter,” or Jewish Twitter would come for him. Shortly thereafter, TMZ, the Daily Beast and Entertainment Weekly online were calling LaKeith a hater.

What crime did he commit?

He did nothing.

At one time Farrakhan-obsessed, anti-Black Jewish groups demanded that you speak against a Black man with no history of violence, encouragement of violence nor inciting hatred or restricting Jewish freedom.

Tweet LaKeith 2

Now you cannot enter a chat room and hear his own people defend him and hear Blacks and Jews engage in a debate.

Why don’t they leave LaKeith alone? It’s simple. These Caucasian Jews, who claim to have truth, are cowards, bullies, enemies, and liars. Since they cannot punk Farrakhan, those who claim outright loyalty as members of the Nation of Islam and aware Black people who embrace Black self-love and self-determination, they seek to make examples of others.

They lodge a false accusation, try, and convict the object of their satanic fury.

They don’t want debate nor discussion. They don’t want peace because true peace is based on the doing of justice. They want to grind to dust Blacks who might, who could, who perhaps see the world differently than they do. They are incensed that over and over again Black folk are in the company of, took a photo with, see the value of, or speak highly of Min. Farrakhan.

Tweet LaKeith 3

And because Caucasian Jews hate him without a cause—except they abhor truth and desire to act as modern slave masters—any slave who revolts must be quickly, brutally broken.

But it’s much too late. Blacks are growing outraged over ceaseless assaults on all things Farrakhan. Anyone who dares whisper “Farrakhan,” ask a question about Jewish behavior or sit in a virtual chat room is castigated and condemned.

LaKeith drew acclaim for his portrayal of traitor and government agent William O’Neal in “Judas and the Black Messiah,” the popular movie which dramatized aspects of the life of assassinated Black Panther leader Fred Hampton.

In this real life drama, LaKeith is like a little Jesus figure condemned by Jews, nailed to a cross by White media condemnation and subjected to public castigation.

Tweet LaKeith 4

LaKeith isn’t the problem. The problem is and remains those committed to “buck breaking” a Black man in the 21st century by taking his manhood and tossing him aside in a broken heap.

We see this enemy and we see our brother. Leave LaKeith alone. It’s us you want. Why don’t you come for us? We are here. We speak for ourselves. We don’t fear you, nor your lies.

We are tired of you bullying, denying and berating Black people. They don’t belong to you. They belong to Almighty God Allah today. Your day is up. Your time is over. Your power to do evil will soon be totally broken.

Rising anger and refuting of your lies by Blacks who are learning about you is a sign of the demise of your influence and your dominance.

Tweet LaKeith

LaKeith isn’t the problem. You and your lies are the problem and we see you.

Naba’a Muhammad is editor in chief of The Final Call Newspaper. Follow him at @rmfinalcall on Twitter and Instagram. And follow Naba’a Muhammad on Clubhouse.