The Night of Power when the First Revelation of the Holy Qur’an was Revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

[Editor’s Note: This article was published in Vol. 28, No. 48 and The Final Call will continue to publish articles written by our late and dear Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.]

“By those ranging in ranks, And those who restrain holding in restraint, And those who recite the Reminder, Surely your God is One. The Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, and the Lord of the eastern lands. Surely We have adorned the lower heaven with an adornment, the stars, And (there is) a safeguard against every rebellious devil.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 37, verses 1-7

On one of our last days when scheduled events were cancelled, we drove to the famous port city of Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico. This is where the Spanish conquest of Mexico began with the coming of the Spanish fleets under Hernandez Cortez landing in 1519. Shortly after our arrival, we boarded a boat in the late afternoon and went out a small distance into the gulf waters. We were amazed to come to an area not too far off the coastline in which there were unusual sand dunes and the water became as clear and blue as the Caribbean Sea. One could leave the boat and stand up on the sandy dunes. We were told that this unusual condition resulted from the earlier devastating Hurricane Andrew that crashed into the state of Florida in 1993 pushing up out of the Gulf of Mexico these extraordinary sand dunes.

Group photo of those who participated in the 400th anniversary of Yanga, the Freedom Fighter and First Liberator of Slaves in the Americas. This location shot is near Port of Veracruz in a small indigenous township called Laguna Madinga, Veracruz, Mexico.

Upon our return to shore close to sunset, all of us observed the sun going down. At the same time, a particular star suddenly appeared to our view in a cloudless sky. As suddenly as it appeared to our view for several minutes, it disappeared and reappeared several times like a flash and was soon no more visible. We were all excited about this experience and knew that it was not ordinary star behavior. Later at dinner while discussing what we all saw, I shared some thoughts that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad had told me about the significance of the port of Veracruz in the future. He stated that ships would arrive there from Egypt with food to feed us during the time of famine and that we, the Muslims, would be provided for. It was at that point when I visualized that the star we saw earlier at sunset was a sign of himself and that in this year, 2009, he would begin to communicate with some of us.

Now that we are several days into our Ramadan fast and have begun speaking on the subject of his return, counting the number of days and months and years to this occurrence, I wish to share some further mathematical and prophetic signs that connect us to the fulfillment of one thousand months and one thousand years in the history of our Nation of Islam. With the coming of Master W. F. Muhammad and his raising the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his greatest help meet, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, we have arrived to a historical starting point in which the one thousand year setback began in the founding of Al-Azhar University in Egypt in 975 A.D. We have noted that exactly one thousand years later, 1975, marked the departure of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his preparation by the angels and the presence of almighty God Allah to begin the second part of his mission as the exalted Christ.

Is it possible that on the last ten nights of Ramadan, called the Night of Power, that such communication will begin? Keeping in mind that one thousand months measures 83 years in a century, we return to Surah 97 which contains five verses and speaks of the saying of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that God would raise a reformer or Mujaddid in every century to work in person with the people raising spiritual consciousness and bringing about a change in the life of that people. The number ten nights also indicates ten centuries or one thousand years. In the case of the birth of the Nation of Islam in America with the coming of the Great Mahdi in 1930, this number of years making up a thousand months is equivalent to 83 years as we come to the year 2012-2013 A.D. This historical cycle within our Asiatic Calendar Time converges with the beginning of an entirely new world cycle or period of history predicted by the Ancient Maya and other Indigenous people of our planet.

Keep in mind that the whole scope of Master W. Fard Muhammad’s teachings, according to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is astronomy, and that it takes these mathematical calculations to give us the more accurate spiritual answers. Here are some of the key numbers for us to study in this month of Ramadan to better understand what we are about to experience, God Willing!

Returning back to the study of Surah 97, if we take these five verses and add them to 97 (975) is exactly equal to the date 975 A.D., the founding of Al-Azhar University in Egypt. By prefixing this number 975 with the number 19, we get the date 1975, the date of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s departure. Prefixing 97 by the number 18, we get 1897, the year of the birth of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. It was in reading of Surah 75 in 1978 that gave me the first keys to the number 19 before my meeting with Dr. Rashad Khalifah in 1980 to learn about the Holy Qur’an’s mathematically based 19 code. It was during my reading of Surah 75 in 1978 when I prefixed the number 19 and immediately I saw that this was the benchmark date to the mystery of his departure and that the whole of the Holy Qur’an would give us chapter by chapter the history of the Nation of Islam coming to birth in America in a condensed form in one century the unfolding of the prophecy of Islam’s one thousand year setback.

“They cannot listen to the exalted assembly and they are reproached from every side, Driven off; and for them is a perpetual chastisement, Except him who snatches away but once, then there follows him a brightly shining flame. So ask them whether they are stronger in creation or those (others) whom We have created. Surely We created them of firm clay.”Holy Qur’an, Surah 37, verses 8-11

To be continued.