In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

I bear witness that there is but one God, The Creator of the heavens and the earth, The Revealer of all truth and The Sender of all prophets.  I thank Him for Moses and the Israelite prophets who gave us what is called the “Torah” and “The Old Testament,” we thank Him for Jesus who brought to the world the Injil, or what is called “The Gospel,” and the Apostles who gave us The New Testament.  I thank Him for Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah through whom He sent down His final revelation to the human family, The Holy Qur’an. 

I am a student of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and I could never thank Allah enough for His Merciful Intervention in our affairs in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praise is due forever for raising up a man, and teaching that man, that we may be raised again to the great position that we held with God in the beginning of creation.  The scripture teaches us that “the last will become the first,” “the bottom rail will be brought to the top,” and we, who were lost from our native land and people, and lost in the Western Hemisphere, having been captured, kidnapped and brought through the treacherous Middle Passage to enter the shores of what is called “America” to be made slaves:  We thank God that He saw us through The Middle Passage, and we thank Him that we have endured the worst form of slavery ever in the annals of history.  But today we stand in 2015:  The Lost have now been found—found by God!  And He said:  “I have come to be your God, and I have chosen you to be My people.  I didn’t choose you with silver and gold; I chose you out of the furnace of affliction:  I have come to free you from your tormentors; I have come to punish and judge the nation that has so evilly mistreated you.” 

The battle is not yours, the battle is The Lord’s—and vengeance is His! And He is now taking vengeance on His enemies and our enemies.


America’s skewed process for administering  justice demands an appropriate response 

The killing of Darrius Stewart (in Memphis, July 2015), and the killing of Black men and women by police (all over America) has to stop.  And, I know that there are police in every city that try to do their jobs, but I also know that there are police in every city that are rogues, who use their badges and their authority as a license to kill.  I say this very humbly:  This has reached the point of explosion. 

I have pleaded with the government of the United States of America to do its job.  We are supposed to be living in a civilized society:  We are not supposed to take vengeance when someone does evil to us; that’s what government is supposed to do so that the society remains civil.  But when the government fails …  when liars are judges, when liars are medical examiners, when liars are prosecutors, when liars are district attorneys; when liars allow murder to go on, and we go home grieved—and the murderer goes home to dinner with his family; when our women are beaten and killed while under detention:  How long can we as a people endure such without responding appropriately when government fails to act?  There is, in the Bible and in the Holy Qur’an, a law of retaliation in matters of the slain

In the time of Moses there was The Mosaic Law, which became the law that governs.  If out of The Mosaic Law comes the law that societies adopt so that peace can be maintained at all times, then there must be just judges, there must be a police force that does “serve and protect,” and there must be prosecutors who know how to charge a grand jury and indict [as much as] “a hamburger.”  However, the process is so skewed …  but who will watch to see that justice comes to the citizenry of America?

Oh, the White community is in a better place, because Blacks that patrol in White communities don’t do to them what Whites do when they patrol ours. … 


There are those who want to blame Farrakhan for “radicalizing the people.”  I say to White America:  Look in the mirror.  Every time an act of hatred is done and there is no justice, the breasts of those of us who are grieved over the loss of our loved ones—and there is no redress of that grievance—then the lack of justice begins to imbalance the mind.  And the more injustice imbalances the mind, the persons who are aggrieved become silly or savage; they lose the knowledge of self and they begin to live the life of a beast. 

Palestinians are human beings that are suffering apartheid in their own country.  They’ve taken it for so long, it’s easy for them now to strap a bomb on themselves and go into a restaurant and kill people who don’t even know why they’re dying.  They just want to redistribute the pain. … 

In the address I delivered July 30, 2015 in Miami, Fla. [“The Unequaled Power of Our Unity as a People”], I quoted “The Law of Retaliation” from the Holy Qur’an, which says:  “retaliation is prescribed for you in matters of the slain.”  (Surah 2, verses 178-179)  “Retaliation” is a prescription by God to balance the mind and calm the breast of those who suffer unjust killings.  The Israelis practice the law of retaliation—but to the extreme.  The Old Testament says, “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life,” and it warns the aggrieved “don’t exceed the limits.”  The Qur’an says in matters of the slain it is “a life for a life,” but we are warned by God not to exceed the limits, and not to ever be the aggressor, “for Allah loves not the aggressor.”  I said in Miami:  “If the federal government refuses to intercede on our behalf when we are slain, then we must rise up, and kill those who kill us.”  I never said “kill all White people”!  Those are not my words—those are the words of The Mischief Maker; so, the Holy Qur’an answers that with “and mix not up truth with falsehood, nor hide the truth while you know.”   If you are going to quote me, then quote me.  But when you add your evil mischief-making to my words, to make White people think that I’m calling on Black people to kill White people to start a race war, then you are nothing but a lying devil! 

They are saying these things to frighten White people—and silly Black people.  They don’t want you and I to meet in Washington to demand justice.  They said, “Farrakhan wants to tear down the American flag”; and there are some White people who are saying, “Well, we’re going to go to Washington to protect Old Glory.”  …  There are many wounded Blacks and Browns, and Native Americans and poor Whites, who have fought for that flag.  I can’t pledge allegiance to it, but I said, “I respect that flag”—they didn’t print that.  My Teacher taught me to respect the flag as it is the flag of a sovereign independent nation.  And I want you to respect it because one day we hope to have an independent sovereign nation with our own flag.  Master Fard Muhammad gave us a Flag, The Sun, The Moon and The Stars:  The Sun representing “Freedom,” The Moon representing “Equity,” and The Star representing “Justice.”  You cannot take that Flag down, because you did not put it up!

I say again:  I respect the flag of this nation, and I respect the many lives that have been lost defending that flag for governments that have lied to get the American people into war for conquest.  But the innocent that died did not know that their government had lied.

‘A treacherous freedom’:  America’s betrayal of her servitude slave and citizenry

A Black man was the first to die for the American flag of the continental United States’ 13 colonies, and that Black man died in Boston, Massachusetts; his name was Crispus Attucks.  He died for America’s independence—and we, his people, don’t have it yet.   It is we who died in The War of 1812.  We died in The Civil War, on both sides of a question that had to do with Blacks and slavery.  South Carolina seceded from the Union in a treacherous act against their government, and other states followed:  “How dare you talk about liberating the slave who was the backbone of the economy of the South?”  So they seceded, and a civil war broke out and we died, and they died, on both sides of that question.  And then Abraham Lincoln said he wanted to “free the slaves”; but he also said, “if that would save the Union,” he would free us—but even the freedom was treacherous

When the war was won by the North, there was an election [in 1876]:  Rutherford B. Hayes (R-Ohio) and Samuel J. Tilden (D-New York) were running for the presidency of the United States; and, it was a tight race.  They met in a hotel in Washington, D.C.—The Wormley Hotel—and they made a deal [ref. “The Wormley Agreement”], and the deal dealt us out of the new little “freedom” that came with The Emancipation Proclamation [ref. “The Compromise of 1877”].  Federal troops were in the South protecting us, and the deal that was made was one of them would be president (Hayes), but they would have to bring the federal troops out of the South, and out of protecting us; and then, slavery began in a more cruel form.  It was called “sharecropping.” 

We were betrayed by the government of the United States of America.  We were betrayed!  Now, they had to put us back on the land …Those that ranaway from slavery conditions: There were police that were formed to track down the slaves and bring them back.  That was the function of the first police.  So they would round us up and bring us back.  And some would stand by the railroad stations and by the steamers; any Black that would try to get to the North, they were to hinder our free passage and bring us back to act as sharecroppers.  There was a Jewish man at the meeting in The Wormley Hotel, Louisiana congressman William M. Levy, who was in the Congress when he made a plea; when the agreement was made in The Wormley Hotel, and then a law was passed under this man’s pleadings.  (His entire speech to Congress is in the Congressional Record, March 1, 1877.  You may look it up at your pleasure.)  At that time [“The Reconstruction Period”], there were 60 Black towns built by the slaves—all they wanted was to breathe again; to live like human beings.  All those towns, one by one, are gone.  And from 1865 to 1910, Blacks owned 16 million acres of land in the South.  Today, we only have four million acres under our control.  Many of you from Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama [and] Arkansas, whose parents were sharecroppers:  They hated the land after that.  And much land that we had, White folk came and took it for taxes …  And still, no justice.

How could you accuse me of trying to get Blacks to murder Whites when I said, “Give me 10,000 fearless men who say ‘death is sweeter’ than [to continue] living under tyranny and oppression”?  When I said, “Give me 10,000 fearless men,” The Mischief-Maker heard that, and they started “adding to”:  “He said he wants 10,000 fearless men to kill all White people—but I never said that.  What do we need 10,000 fearless men for?  I never said!  But whenever the White man feels like he is threatened: “Oh boy, he’s coming!  That crazy lunatic Farrakhan is gonna try to kill us all!”  Oh no, no, no—not I!  You don’t have to worry about me.  You have to worry about The God of Justice.  Was it not your president that said, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever”?  I didn’t say that!  Thomas Jefferson said it. 

Why was he trembling?  What were you trembling for, Mr. Jefferson?  Because you know that there is a bigger Law than the law of your unjust corrupt court system, your unjust and corrupt federal system of law and justice.  There’s another Law that Dr. King spoke of.  He said, “The arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”


“How do you want to be remembered, Dr. King?” they asked him, and he said, [in his February 4, 1968 sermon “Drum Major Instinct”]:  “I want to be remembered as a drum major:  A drum major for justice.  A drum major for peace.  A drum major for righteousness.”  I am honored to be in Memphis; I’m honored to be here with some of those who were the garbage men who worked that Dr. King paid his life for …  And we honor all of the veterans that have fought in World War II, in Korea, in Vietnam, and all of those who were blessed to come back from a tour of duty in Iraq and in Afghanistan.  Some fought in The Spanish-American War:  I know they are not here—but I’m here [to tell the truth of how that war came about].

The USS Maine [battleship] was in Havana, Cuba, and America plotted and bombed the USS Maine and blamed it on the Spaniards, and The Spanish-American War was fought; and as a result of America’s victory, Cuba, Puerto Rico and The Philippines all came under America’s grip.  But those who fought thought they were fighting because the Spaniards had bombed the USS Maine, but it was America herself in a false-flag operation.  Who will tell the truth?  Who will stand up for America, for real?  Many of you are cowards:  You know the truth, but you won’t tell it for fear of loss of “friendship” that you never had in the first place! 

The government of America under Lyndon Baines Johnson lied, and they manufactured a reason, in The Tonkin Gulf Resolution, to bring Americans fully into the war in Vietnam.  Five hundred thousand young men from America, full of zeal and patriotism for their country, went into Vietnam, and they came back messed up with Agent Orange, a chemical that was designed by our government to destroy the foliage in the jungles.  They were breathing it, and they came home and had sex with their wives and their girlfriends, and babies were born that were miserably destroyed; some with missing parts, deformed—and the government would not even admit that it was what they were dropping.  But when they finally did admit it, most of those that were victims had died; and the few that are left, some of them are being cared for.

America:  You want to release a spy, a Jewish man named Jonathan Pollard, who spied for Israel as an American citizen …  Yet, we have been most loyal; we have been most faithful; you don’t have record of us spying for a foreign nation.  And with all that we have suffered, we’ve never taken up arms against our government, and against the White people of this nation.  I have been teaching for 60 years, and at none of the places where I spoke was there any incident of violence.  I have rebuilt, by God’s Grace, The Nation of Islam, and for nearly 40 years you have no incidence of violence.  We carry no weapons—but we fight with those who fight with us!  And we fight in The Name of God, because we carry no weapons!  But if God delivers the weapon into our hands … 


This is our country:  We paid a price.  When you sing, “This is your land,” we sing right along with you:  “This is my land!”—becausenot one of you has paid the price that we have paid! 

Some of you that are immigrants:  You tweet me, or send me e-mails, saying:  “We don’t owe you niggas s—t.  We didn’t enslave nobody!”  Yeah, the job was done when your fathers got here:  You came from Eastern Europe and other places to an America that was made rich by our sweat and our blood.  No, you didn’t sell us, you didn’t buy us, but you are privileged because the foundation was laid for you by us.  We want justice!  We need justice!  “Justice … Or Else!”

America’s hypocrisy in support of Israel’s lopsided slaughtering of Palestinians

My Palestinian brothers shot some rockets into Israel.  I don’t know where they got them; but, for the rockets that killed a few people, and for the few thousand dollars worth of damage done by hundreds of rockets (that evidently didn’t know where the heck they were going), Israel responded.  She always retaliates … 

I want you to listen to me:  Israel always retaliates.  She always retaliates—and it’s never “a life for a life,” becauseif one Jew is killed then they want 100 Palestinians, because they have devalued the life of a Palestinian.  When God said “a life for a life,” He is putting all life on an equal status!  But they kill thousands of men, women and children; they bomb schools and mosques, and hospitals, and they make no apology.  And guess what?  Our president said, our secretary of state said, and Congress said:  “They have the right to defend themselves.”  Am I lying?  No!  With that lopsided slaughter, the UN wanted to indict Israelis for “crimes against humanity”; but, it’s “okay” for them to retaliate. 

Israelis have been in Palestine since 1948 as an independent nation; and before that, they came by “the one” and “the two” and “the three” (it’s their pattern) from Europe.  And then war comes, and they take the land that belonged to the Palestinians, and, of course, they give it a “divine backing” by proclaiming: “We are the Children of Israel.  We are the People of God,” and they sell you the story that “if you are kind to the Children of Israel, God will be kind to you.”  (I want to tell you the truth of that).

My dear brothers and sisters, for 60 years America has been supporting Israel.  Congress:  You send billions of dollars each and every year—but you have not been just to us.  Now, we built your country, so it’s ours; we fought, bled and died for your country, so it is ours.  And we have every right to look at the showcase of those who want to be president. 

Presidential candidates: Vying for the rich and the king makers

I think Beale Street, at one time, was [an area in Memphis known for prostitution] …  When I look at the “beautiful array” of 17 Republicans “showing their wares,” asking “Who will vote for me?”—but more importantly, they are asking:  “Of the money people, who will make me a president?”  They are so wicked and unjust today that you have to have $1 billion or more to even run for the office of president.  And the rich sit back, like whore masters (also, “king makers”). 

That is a good word to describe them; because when you’re a “whore master,” that is what a pimp is:  A pimp puts the woman out on the block, who is stripped down, and “The John” comes by (“John Doe”/“John America”); and she goes over to the car, and he says, “How much?”  “Well, my price is (such-and-such)…  And what would you like me to do?”So when a king maker buys a politician, they eventually come to the politician and ask him, “I have something for you to do that would give me pleasure”—and there goes your “democracy.”

President Obama was in the best position of any man before him who ran for president, because he raised money from the people.  Yes he did!  But when the rich boys saw that—I mean, he was doing it.  They could not afford to have a Black man tell them:  “Look man, let me tell you:  I don’t need you and your money, because I’m going to work totally for the American people.”  That’s why Mr. Trump is trumping all the others!  See, he’s not appealing to the whore masters, the king makers; therefore, he can talk like politicians don’t dare talk because he’s paying his own way.  That means he’s his own man—that means he’s dangerous:  Dangerous to the status quo! 

Are you going to vote for him?  Not me, unless there’s something for me to gain; not for “me,” but for us—because nobody will get our vote this time around!  I say nobody, unless you talk to us about justice and what you’re going to do to make America a just nation.  Because whoever will be president will have the awesome task of saving America from The Wrath of God in this Day of Judgment against her.