In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

[Editor’s note: The following article is edited from a message the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered to open the Nubian Leadership Circle virtual gathering April 3, 2021 devoted to organizing for and building a Black Nation. For more information or to support that effort, visit]

As Salaam Alaikum.

Greetings to you. I am Minister Louis Farrakhan, National Representative of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam.


To my dear and beloved brother, Sadiki Kambon of the Nubian Leadership Circle, to all of you that have been working to keep this united action going, I’m very honored to be with you once again pursuing the creation of our own Black Nation. That’s a noble objective that is exactly what God wants us to do.

We have become a nation within a nation; but as a nation within a nation, we have numbers. We get out of this economy $1.2 trillion or $1.3 trillion a year; but we don’t have earth that we can call our own.

So, pursuing the creation of our own Black Nation, starts with a vision. What do we have in our heads and in our hearts? The vision that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad gave us was that of building a totally new, independent nation on some of this earth that we can call our own.

Every day in America, living among our enemies becomes more and more difficult. Every time you think you’ve made progress, here comes something else that the enemy does.

So, why shouldn’t we unite and leave the enemy and go with God and each other and do something for ourselves?

What do we have in mind? A nation in which worlds operate. The world of education. The world of knowledge. The world of art and culture. The world of science. The world of research. The world of everything that is necessary for us as a people to have our own nation. Yes, we need earth that has mineral wealth in it that we may extract it and put it into our service.

It’s not just a vision and an idea that is the right idea. It’s the idea that God wants to give us if we are willing to do our part to make it happen.

It starts with people like Sadiki Kambon, and all of you that are gathered together for this pursuit of the creation of our own Black Nation. But you know there are two things that the enemy does not want us to achieve. The first and most important, yet the most difficult, is the unity of all of us to give us the necessary power to create that nation.

The second thing after unity is organization. Once we are a people organized by our gifts, and skills, and talents, we can achieve anything.

So, I’m asking you to do two things today. Number one, I want us to think about how we should feel toward one another. You can’t build a nation if we’re all at odds with each other—and the enemy keeps that going among us.

So, all our organizations, our churches, our mosques, our synagogues wherever we are, we break into arguments and pretty soon—we start off pretty good—then our egos get involved and before you know it, we are arguing with each other and there is no resolution of internal conflict; and then the death of the motion toward organization creeps in.

My appeal to all of us: You’ve got to learn to love. And it starts, first, with the love of our Creator. Some of us are not religious people but we are spiritual. When you look at the Creation that we were birthed into, it’s so marvelous. Who wouldn’t love a Creator that created all of this and gives us the capacity to master what he created as his vicegerent on earth? But in order to keep the thrust going, love of one another is where it starts. Love God. Love Self.

When you Love God, Love Self, then two principles can be used to keep that love vibrating, oscillating, and putting in us the spirit to keep going.

Jesus said, “Do unto others as you and I would have others to do unto us.” Elijah Muhammad said to me “that’s the best religion.” You can name any religion that you like, fine. But if we practice this universally accepted principle: If I love you, I want for you what I want for myself. I want to do by you what I want you to do by me. That’s so simple. If you just stop and think in your deliberations, how should I address my brother or my sister? I’m going to address them the way I would like to be addressed. I’m going to treat them as I want to be treated in our pursuit of this wonderful Black Nation.

I’m going to want for you what I want for myself; and if I love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, and I love my brother and sister as I love myself, it’s done. Not only will we pursue a great Black Nation, it is at our fingertips, if we get ourselves out of the way with ego tripping and desire to be the boss. Just desire to be the best you that you can be because nobody can beat you being you and nobody will beat us if we want for each other what we want for ourselves.

So, to Brother Sadiki Kambon, and to all of those that are working with you at this Summit, may God bless you and bless this Summit to be the best so far. And if you keep feeling good about what you’re doing and about each other, it will be better every time you meet. Let’s do it up today and let’s do it again soon.

May Allah bless you as I greet all of you in peace, As-Salaam Alaikum.