LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—The FBI recently arrested an Arkansas man who was photographed sitting at a desk in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office following the storming of the Capitol by a mob of President Donald Trump’s supporters, authorities announced.

Richard Barnett was arrested in Little Rock, according to Ken Kohl, the top deputy federal prosecutor in Washington.

Mr. Kohl said Mr. Barnett was charged for entering Sen. Pelosi’s office, where he “left a note and removed some of the speaker’s mail.” Mr. Barnett, 60, faces three federal charges: knowingly entering or remaining in restricted grounds without authority; violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds; and theft of public property or records. If convicted, he faces up to a year in federal prison.

He was being held in the Washington County Jail in Arkansas. Jail records did not list an attorney for him.


Authorities say Mr. Barnett was among supporters of Mr. Trump who stormed the Capitol. Five people died because of the protest and violence, including a Capitol police officer. Charges were reported March 19.

Richard Barnett, was taken into custody Jan. 8, and is being held in the county jail after he was charged for storming the U.S. Capitol. Photos: MGN Online

Authorities said in court documents that they were able to identify Mr. Barnett in part through photographs taken by news media when he was inside the building. Authorities also used video surveillance from inside the Capitol and a video interview Mr. Barnett gave to a New York Times reporter in which he said, “I didn’t steal (an envelope). … I put a quarter on her desk, even though she ain’t (expletive) worth it.”

Mr. Barnett is from Gravette in northwest Arkansas. He has identified himself on social media as a Trump supporter and gun rights advocate.

Jim Parsons, a retired Army lieutenant colonel who served in Vietnam as a Green Beret, told The Associated Press that he has been a guest speaker at a couple of “patriotic gatherings” that Mr. Barnett also attended. Mr. Barnett had an AR-15 rifle with him “to make sure things stay peaceful,” Mr. Parsons said. He called Mr. Barnett “a good guy. He’s patriotic.”

One of the groups that Mr. Barnett belongs to believes “a face mask is a dress rehearsal for what’s to come. It’ll end up with a chip in the forehead,” said Mr. Parsons, who is from Bella Vista, Arkansas.

Gravette Mayor Kurt Maddox said the photo of Mr. Barnett in Sen. Pelosi’s office has brought his small town unwelcome attention and some residents have received threats. (AP)