Hiding the truth about dangers, concerns and experimental Covid-19 vaccines is escalating in a campaign that silences, mocks, and seeks to discredit dissenting voices and shutdown legitimate questions about the U.S. government-backed and Big Pharma promoted products.

Federal government’s influence on social media and corporate-owned, mainstream media has resulted in the targeting and loss of the public platforms of those who express a different view.

Medical and health industry professionals, U.S. military personnel, and others have expressed reservations or reject taking Covid-19 vaccines altogether but their voices are rarely allowed to be heard. Advocates for free speech argue this is a clear attack on basic constitutional rights.

When YouTube terminated his channel, Abdul Qiyam Muhammad, social media director for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, had over 70,000 subscribers and 14 million views. His offense? Uploading a video of Minister Farrakhan’s remarks regarding the Covid-19 vaccine delivered during the Nation of Islam’s annual Saviours’ Day convention in February.


“This is all rooted in, of course, the enemy being upset with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and his delivery of the invincible truth from the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad,” said Abdul Qiyam Muhammad. March 30 marks 10 years since the launch of Minister Farrakhan’s Twitter account, he noted.

The Minister has been an outspoken opponent of the experimental Covid-19 vaccines and has warned Blacks, Indigenous communities, and the darker peoples of the Earth against blindly trusting longtime enemies by taking the shots. The Muslim leader has advocated looking into therapies and treatments offered in other countries and for Black virologists, epidemiologists, and doctors to lead the way in finding alternatives to U.S. vaccines—including examining Cuba’s treatments and approaches to dealing with the coronavirus.

Silencing voices of dissent

When the heavy vaccine rollout began in November, Abdul Qiyam Muhammad noticed that his and other posts about Minister Farrakhan’s July 4, 2020 address, “The Criterion,” were being removed simultaneously. During this major message, the Minister spoke at length about the history of medical misdeeds the U.S. government has perpetuated on Black and Indigenous people in the U.S. and abroad in the form of vaccinations and experimentation.

“They were charging us with ‘spreading medical mis-information.’ YouTube was banning several of us for a month, for several weeks, and they started with over a two to three day span just removing The Criterion, as much as possible, from YouTube,” explained Abdul Qiyam Muhammad.

From that time, he was banned from YouTube for 30 days until December, he continued. On March 2, Abdul Qiyam Muhammad received a notification as he was attempting to upload the entire Saviours’ Day Plenary session “Covid-19: The Virus and the Vaccine” on his channel.

“What was interesting, the full video wasn’t even uploaded. It had only reached 20 percent … They immediately sent me a notification that the video violated their policies, and the full video wasn’t even posted!”

First YouTube issued a one week suspension, then began taking multiple videos of Minister Farrakhan off his channel, back-to-back, he said. On March 8, near the end of his one week suspension, he was notified other messages from Minister Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day addresses were being deleted, and within seconds, came another notification saying his channel was completely terminated, according to Abdul Qiyam Muhammad.

“My response is still the same as it was when I posted on social media. I’m rejoicing, as the scriptures say, ‘rejoice when men revile you and hate us for his name’s sake,’ and I consider it an honor that they would take now my little YouTube channel, with all the madness that’s out there on this cyberspace platform, that they would choose to take down my channel, take down any of us from their channels, because we’re helping to spread the messianic truth, then it’s an honor and the work definitely continues,” said Abdul Qiyam Muhammad.

Social media influencer and researcher Rizza Islam is among the latest targets.

Instagram and Facebook ended his channels and YouTube, which had also banned him multiple times, finally terminated his account. He is also a member of the Nation of Islam.

Being ranked 5th on a list labeled the “Disinformation Dozen” by the UK-based nonprofit Center for Conquering Digital Hate means he’s doing something right, said Mr. Islam. His attackers say his posts aim to spread vaccine hesitancy among Blacks.

“Before Satan makes certain moves, he has to take out the voices of the messengers who will warn the people of what it is that he is going to do. So, they are strategically getting rid of the voices of those most effective at not only forewarning and educating the people, but also inspiring and providing them with solutions in how to rectify the condition,” stated Mr. Islam.

Approximately one week after participating in a rally at the CDC on March 13, Instagram disabled his account, which had 539,000 followers, said Mr. Islam. 

Further, according to Mr. Islam, his YouTube account was disabled at 146,000 subscribers and about a month before that, his Facebook humanitarian or public figure page was completely deleted at 120,000 followers. He was also banned from the new social networking audio app Clubhouse two months ago and has not been able to post on Tik Tok for roughly two months. He was frozen on Twitter on and off for the last three to four months.

“I can really say All praise is due to Allah! I feel amazing! I really do … I feel so good to know that standing up for righteousness and on principles and on integrity is what is getting me deplatformed. Standing on behalf of the truth that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches us to teach, standing up for the people and for righteousness is what is getting me deplatformed. It is a greatest honor that one can have,” Mr. Islam told The Final Call.

Beauty is when one door closes another one opens, he added.

He has moved over to Black-owned social media networks, subscriber-based Fanbase, and an app called Melanated People.

“They’re powerful platforms. I’m not censored. I’m actually making passive income being on these platforms,” said Mr. Islam. He noted the platforms have the same capabilities as Instagram and Facebook, and users can go live, post, and do the same things. “The quality is actually very good, and again, uncensored. So we can speak the absolute truth, so I’m pushing the people to go to those platforms as a solution,” he stated.

“The people have responded resoundingly in support of not only joining the platforms, but also calling out the pregnant hypocrisy of the other social media platforms for removing people that speak the truth, but keeping people that promote sexuality, drugs, and all the different negative things. They allow that to stay up, but they remove those of us who are simply speaking the truth and educating the masses.”

Atty. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., founder, chair and chief legal counsel for Children’s Health Defense, was ranked number 2 on the banned list, and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, osteo-pathic medical doctor, is 4th on the list. Dr. Tenpenny is targeted for her posts on cautionary measures regarding cloth masks and testing.

“They have definitely been targeting our brother Rizza Islam, and at the same time that they froze his Twitter account, they froze the Nation of Islam’s account for dealing with the vaccine as well,” stated Abdul Qiyam Muhammad. Minister Farrakhan’s Twitter account is active, but it had been frozen for 10 months, he said.

“We’ve got to look at the bigger picture in this. Who are they really after? They’re coming at us, those of us who are students of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, but ultimately, he’s been the one that’s been exposing Satan. He’s been the one that has been uncovering Satan. He’s the one that has been calling out this corruption. … Their anger is not necessarily just with us, but it’s regarding their anger towards the Messiah in our midst, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan,” stated Abdul Qiyam Muhammad.

‘Authoritarianism does not have a place in medicine’

Facebook ended Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s account in February without advance notice, accusing him of sharing false information about the Covid-19 vaccines. However, Mr. Kennedy argued every statement he posted on Instagram was sourced from a government database, from peer-reviewed publications and from carefully confirmed news stories. Atty. Kennedy said none of his posts were false.

“It’s very worrying, you know. Authoritarianism does not have any place in medicine. Medicine is about compassion. It’s about listening to patients. It’s about listening to debate. One of the hallmarks of good medical practice and medical freedom, patients’ rights and just good medicine is having the right to have a second opinion,” stated Atty. Kennedy.

“They’re really not working for patients’ rights or for public health. They’re working for pharmaceutical companies,” Atty. Kennedy told The Final Call.

“Why would you want to silence debate, unless you have something to hide? Clearly they do, and what they’re trying to hide is they’re trying to discourage legitimate common sense, informed questions about their dictates,” he continued.

Curbing rights

First Amendment rights are being curtailed first through censorship, and the government’s involved, argued Atty. Kennedy. “The government is telling Facebook to censor us,” he said.

The CEOs of Facebook, Google and Twitter appeared before Congress March 25 to testify about how their companies handle information shared on their platforms and presented arguments on how they handle what they deem as “vaccine misinformation.” 

Representative Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) singled out Atty. Kennedy for criticism and wanted those voices targeted by the Center for Countering Digital Hate removed from social media.

Framers of the U.S. Constitution put freedom of speech first because all of the other rights rely on that freedom to speak out, said Atty. Kennedy. That’s not a guarantee just for freedom of speech in times of peace and times when there’s no crisis, nor is it just for speech with which everyone agrees and that pleases government officials, he argued.

“It’s specifically designed to protect speech that is unpopular, that nobody wants you to hear, in times of crisis. The fact that they have been able to censor, to begin this monolithic and pervasive censorship is the first assault against all of our Bill of Rights,” continued Atty. Kennedy.

The abolition of jury trials and protections against vaccine injuries through lawsuits, freedom of assembly, due process, and religious exemptions have also been attacked, he said.

“Once you allow censorship, once you obliterate the First Amendment, all the amendments that follow are going to fall. That’s exactly what we see happening today.”

Push back against school vaccinations

The Los Angeles Unified School District March 16 closed all schools in Los Angeles County to in-person instruction. It plans to reopen with about 50 elementary schools and early education centers the week of April 12, according to Superintendent Austin Beutner.

California Educators for Medical Freedom, with assistance from the Health Freedom Defense Fund, filed a federal lawsuit on March 17 against the school district alleging its vaccine mandate violates federal law and basic human rights by requiring employees to take an experimental vaccine in order to remain on the job.

“These are experimental or investigational, and there’s lots of different laws based on the Nuremberg Code … the first principle is the consent of the individual is absolutely essential. In other words, there’s no ifs, ands or buts. If it’s an experiment, you have the right to say no, always,” argued Mary Holland, president and general counsel for Children’s Health Defense.

According to the lawsuit, Los Angeles school district employees began to receive word from Superintendent Beutner and other district representatives in February telling them to make appointments to get vaccinated. Further, none of the communications to employees included information from a fact sheet the Food and Drug Administration requires be given to vaccine recipients under FDA Emergency Use Authorizations, said the lawsuit.

The lawsuit says the school district is making vaccinations mandatory and cited an internal memo. But a school district spokesperson told The Final Call in an email, “Los Angeles Unified has not mandated Covid-19 vaccinations for employees. Instead, we are providing access to the vaccine for all who work in schools and encouraging them to get vaccinated. The choice is theirs.”

But in the internal memo that is part of the lawsuit, the school district appears to say any exemptions must meet certain criteria for employees to not be vaccinated and keep working. Employees would have to show they would not put others at risk or show how they could work from a remote location, the memo says.

“Part of what we’re dealing with, is, of course, an overall agenda, of which Covid-19, the virus itself, only plays a minor part,” said Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad, founder of the Abundant Life Health Attainment Center in Washington, D.C.

One way people can protect themselves against Covid-19 is alpha interferon, which Minister Farrakhan wants released from the U.S. embargo on Cuba, he noted.

Dr. Alim Muhammad also developed an interferon clinical trial through the Your Immunity Project as a direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and 200 people are already enrolled, he noted. 

“We’ve been given an answer that those people said they don’t want (the Covid-19 vaccines). Don’t take it then, but we have a right to preserve our own life and to take what is acceptable to us. We’re not your guinea pigs; we’re not your slaves.”