Screenshot: Marriage & Family in Islam zoom workshop

Strong marriages make strong families. With nearly 50 percent of marriages headed for divorce, focusing on creating and sustaining healthy marriage becomes a matter of national security in the Nation of Islam.

The “Marriage & Family in Islam” workshop February 27 during Saviours’ Day 2021 offered attendees an opportunity to hear from a panel featuring the Student National Assistant to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Ishmael Muhammad; Student National Auditor Coordinator A’ishah Muhammad; Student National Imam Sultan Rahman Muhammad; Nation of Islam General Counsel Abdul Arif Muhammad and Student Minister Nuri Muhammad of Mosque No. 74 in Indianapolis. The panel was moderated by Student Minister Daniel Muhammad of Mosque Maryam in Chicago and was presented virtually.

The workshop centered around answering the many questions sent in by the audience, such as “How does a man satisfy the nature of a woman?

How does a woman satisfy the nature of a man?”


“What does Allah say about this?” asked Brother Nuri Muhammad. “There are gender specific commands from Allah in the Qur’an. If you look at what they say for men, you will find a job description. There are nine verses that deal with a man’s responsibility. He’s supposed to maintain, protect and provide,” he said.

“The woman is supposed to comfort, console and help meet the desires and obligations of her husband,” he said, “But first keep your duty to Allah. Every creation has a bonding agent with its creator.”

Attorney Arif Muhammad responded that it’s important to know the nature of the man and the nature of the woman. He shared an incident in his marriage where he was uncertain about what he was doing.

“I just went to my prayer rug and asked Allah to guide me because I knew I needed help,” he said. “To be Muslim is to be made secure. Security is what both husband and wife need from each other. They want intellectual excitement and compatibility,” he explained.

It was a lively two-hour exchange that also touched on the evils of divorce.

“Everyone considering marriage or who is married should read the Minister’s article “Why Allah Hates Divorce,’ ” said Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad. “Whatever Allah hates, the righteous should hate as well. We have to look within, why do I love what Allah hates or disapproves of? Divorce breaks up families. How strong is our (the Nation) foundation of marriage? Can we survive?”

What are women looking for in a husband? “We are looking for our men to refer to what the Qur’an says about an issue, what does the Minister say about this, or what does the Honorable Elijah Muhammad say about that? He may have muscles or look good but if he is not rooted in God, he is not the man for us,” said Sister A’ishah Muhammad.

The severity of problems with marriage and children was also addressed.

“Marriage is a matter of national security,” said Student Imam Sultan Rahman Muhammad. “If you have unresolved troubles from a previous relationship, resolve them for the children. For the children, get over the pain so you can enjoy what Allah has blessed you with. Marriage is a form of worship. The Qur’an says ‘Of His signs is that He creates mates that you might find quiet of mind. He put love and compassion between you.’”

Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad ended the session which could have continued for another hour with words from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). “The best of you is he who is kind to his mother and his wife,” he said. To view this workshop in its entirety, visit