Student National MGT Captain Naeemah Muhammad honors Mother Sumayyah Farrakhan, mother of Min. Farrakhan, during Saviours’ Day Class.

‘This very strong, powerful woman from the Caribbean … On her death bed, she explained that her greatest joy was that she brought forth a son that would impact the world.’

Sisters celebrated Sis. Sharrieffah Muhammad with a salute during a socially distanced MGT Class during Saviours’ Day.

Saturday mornings are special for women in the Nation of Islam. It’s when they gather for Muslim Girls Training and General Civilization Class better known as MGT Class. Saturday morning, February 27, during virtual Saviours’ Day was just as special for Muslim women followers of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad under the leadership of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan across the country and Europe.

The MGT Class paid special tribute to Sumayyah Farrakhan, the mother of Minister Farrakhan, former National Vanguard Captain Sharrieffah Muhammad and Southwest Regional Student MGT Captain Maalikah Muhammad.

“Mother Sumayyah Farrakhan was the magnificent vessel Allah used to bring forth the man who has changed the world,” said Student National MGT Captain Naeemah Muhammad.


She told the story of the Minister’s birth to this very strong, powerful woman from the Caribbean and how she then moved to Boston. “She was the strongest supporter of her son’s work,” Sister Naeemah said.

Thirteen year old recipient of Mother Tynnetta Muhammad Scholarship, Sister Zakirrah Muhammad.

On her death bed, she explained that her greatest joy was that she brought forth a son that would impact the world, said Sister Naeemah. Mother Sumayyah asked that anyone who wanted to show thanks to contribute to the rebuilding and re-acquiring of Mosque Maryam. She died November 18, 1988.

Sharrieffah Muhammad touched the lives of so many women and girls across the Nation before she died September 8, 2020. She was a devoted wife, mother of four and grandmother. Her service to the Nation started in D.C. at Mosque No.

4 as a lieutenant, first officer and she quickly rose through the ranks to vanguard captain. When her husband moved to Chicago to become the Fruit of Islam (FOI) Supreme Captain, she became the National MGT Vanguard Captain who is responsible for the training of young women in the Nation ages 16-35.

Sister Nneka Muhammad speaks at MGT class during Saviours’ Day.

There she started the Mother Tynnetta Scholarship Fund, the Vanguard Retreat and many other programs that changed the lives of the women in the Nation of Islam. She was celebrated during class with the instruction for an original salute.

Maalikah Muhammad was recognized for 30 years of service as Student Southwest Region MGT Captain. She was introduced by her daughter Kameelah, “We are taught the old are for counsel and the young are for war. Thank you mom, thank you ma’am. We are ready to take it from here. Love is duty,” said Kameelah Muhammad.

Sister Maalikah Muhammad was presented her award by A’ishah Muhammad, national auditing coordinator. “I always wanted to be my best and be pleasing to Allah,” Maalikah Muhammad said. “My mother taught me to see God in everything. Sisters, never question Allah, just stand up and do His will.”

The class was also a celebration of the accomplishments of the sisterhood over the past year during the Covid-19 pandemic. The class gave away 10,000 copies of the book “How to Keep House” and made 67,000 masks that were distributed with the help of the FOI in various communities.

“How many lives did we potentially save by following the guidance of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to learn how to sew?” asked Student Minister Kenya Muhammad.

The class also paid tribute to the Mothers of the Faithful, the wives of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad: Clara, Ola, Evelyn and Tynnetta as well as Mother Khadijah Farrakhan, wife of Minister Farrakhan.