Presenters during the How To Eat to Live workshop during Saviours’ Day shared information on the health benefits of the navy bean and the importance of fasting.

The workshops for the Nation of Islam’s Annual Saviours’ Day commemoration began on Friday, February 26, virtually.

One workshop in particular, “How to Eat to Live: Meeting the Challenge of Covid-19 Preconditions,” presented by Dr. Maryam Farrakhan, Dr. Akili Muhammad, and Brother Tariq Muhammad, shared with the viewing audience, an excellent break down of the numerous health benefits of the navy bean, the importance of fasting, and the immeasurable lifesaving tool of eating one meal a day.

Bro. Tariq Muhammad is a trained biomedical research scientist, part-time nurse, and community health advocate. His primary work encompasses the study of biology in a laboratory setting to develop treatments and protocols for certain diseases.

Dr. Akili Muhammad is a traditionally trained physician who made a transition to wholistic health based on the Teachings of How to Eat to Live. Dr. Maryam Farrakhan is a recent graduate from the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana, Cuba.


The information presented during the two-hour workshop were based on the foundation of the books, “How to Eat to Live, Books 1 and 2,” written by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Dr. Akili Muhammad started the workshop with a presentation on the immune system. During his presentation, he demonstrated how what and how often we eat, effects the immune system. During the presentation, viewers learned the difference between the body repairing and the body going through regeneration.

Panelists reiterated how important it is in this day and time to consume navy beans. Bro. Tariq Muhammad has conducted extensive research on the navy bean and provided insight on why the navy bean should become a major component in our diet.

“Out of all beans, the navy bean is the most compatible to the human body,” stated Bro. Tariq Muhammad. He also stated, “the navy bean contains a set of nutrients known as secondary metabolites, which helps fortify the human body when the first set of nutrients are not being absorbed or are available.”

Dr. Maryam Farrakhan stated, “doctors say to eat three meals a day, and people saying that they eat six small meals a day, and now there’s been a lot of talk about intermittent fasting, and this isn’t new.”

“The Messenger has been talking about this for years, but they renamed it. It’s interesting how we’re seeing the doctors in the same condition as their patients, if not worse,” she added.

“After practicing medicine for seven years, and I read ‘How to Eat to Live,’ and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that fasting cures 90 percent of our ills, the first thing I thought to myself, was why didn’t any of the physicians that I looked up to say anything about that?” stated Dr. Akili Muhammad.

In between the discussion, the panel was able to answer some questions presented in the chat room. The audience was excited and well engaged with the discussion.

Panelists are planning on having regular “How to Eat to Live,” discussions. Keep in contact with Dr. Akili Muhammad on Facebook at: Thee Ultimate Wellness Group; Bro. Tariq Muhammad can be found on Facebook at: Tariq Cardiac Muhammad.

Shawntell Muhammad is a freelance writer based in Chicago. She can be reached at: [email protected].