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[The article below consists of edited remarks delivered Feb. 27 by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan at the close of the “Covid-19: The Virus and the Vaccine” plenary session in Chicago as part of the 2021 Nation of Islam Saviours’ Day convention. For more information about this plenary, the convention and other sessions, visit and see coverage at] 

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

I bear witness that there is no God, but Allah, and I bear witness that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, representing all of the prophets and messengers that went before him, is the Fulfiller of everything that they prophesied about the last days and the Man of God that would be among us at that time. I thank Allah (God) in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and I thank the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for confirming me as His Minister. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad promised Satan: “I am going to prove that my Minister Farrakhan is a greater light to the world of man than Satan, his man, the whole of them.”

So, God is orchestrating things to bring on the controversy and the fight to prove that His Minister is a greater light than Satan himself. 


I am so honored to represent God and to be His trumpet, His mouthpiece. I never thought that when I was a little boy, that one day I would be the Voice of God among the people. I could never put that kind of thought on myself. That would be absolute vanity and pure insanity, but I am that Voice of God and my work proves it. 

And my future work will confirm that I am from God.

All praise is due to Allah. I greet all of you with the greeting words of peace, As-Salaam Alaikum. My dear Sister Ava Muhammad, thank you so much for this Covid-19 plenary session. I thank Allah for everyone who participated in making this one of the most powerful plenary sessions that I have been blessed to be a part of. Everyone that participated gave us the best of themselves. 

And the best of themselves is that which the whole world needs right now. Cowards cannot walk in this path because Satan is fighting for his very life and his life is soon to be ended.

I want to thank the panelists and thank the scholars. If I went on talking about everyone who spoke we would be here all night because they absolutely were magnificent. I was so happy to hear from my brother, Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad, to see his face and to hear his words and to see that beautiful smile that I have known all these years. And I pray to Almighty God Allah for our efforts as a unified group with our brother, Student Minister Abdul Malik Sayyid Muhammad, Brother Rizza Islam, Dr. Jabril Muhammad, all of you touch my soul and the essence of who I am.

I can’t go ahead until I say that I’m begging Allah to guide the words of my mouth, that they may be His words to His people. I can’t tell you how hurt I am. Not for the wisdom that was spoken, but for the demonstration of what we are going through in Atty. Robert Kennedy Jr.’s documentary, “Medical Racism: The New Apartheid,” one of the more powerful documentaries I’ve had a chance to see, and maybe it’s not good for me to speak right after such because I’m so full. 

I’m so angry. I’m so hurt. 

So many of our people do not understand the battle that is being waged by God and Satan as to who will rule the next dispensation of time. I can tell you straight up: Satan you are finished! And I am so happy that I am a student of God under the Honorable Elijah Muhammad prepared to finish you. I live for your death.

I live for the end of your rule over the human family of our planet.

I want to talk about Satan for a minute. My poor brothers and sisters are so ignorant of the deceptive power of this enemy of God and enemy of man, Satan, a human being that is not human. A human being that in some cases is styled like a dragon, a serpent, and a beast who has no human feelings. So to look for mercy from the workers for Satan in the hospitals, in the clinics, I want to expose you to who you’re working for and who is your master.

Some of you have known me for a long, long time, and you’ve never known me to speak lies. Every word that I speak from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that He would give his life if you could show that he’s a liar; I stand with my teacher. I will offer you my life. Since many of you want my death, you can have it, if you can prove what I say is false. But remember when you come for me, God already is coming for  you. They don’t want me on social media. What have I done? I’ve been the most intellectual, courageous, knowledgeable and civilized person on your platforms.

I respect those platforms. I never have degraded myself on your platforms. You don’t like what I say, but you can never tell me that I have lied. We represent the destruction of all of that which is an enemy of God, an enemy of truth, and an enemy of the people of God. This is your end. And it’s all over with Covid-19. This is one of the Great Plagues sent by God.  It is not going away until what God sent it to accomplish is accomplished. Sin brought it on and repentance can end it. How can what comes from heaven be evil? The evil effect of what comes from heaven is the utter destruction of your civilization and the separation of those who are with God. Those who don’t know better, I hope you will wake up soon or you will  sleep forever. I have friends that are turning against me because I have told them not to take the Covid-19 vaccine. You cannot disprove what we have said. And certainly, you cannot disprove what was stated when this workshop, “Covid-19: The Virus and The Vaccine,” started three hours ago. You can’t find anything that was said here this afternoon that you could say, “it’s a lie.” Everyone that participated, everyone that spoke the truth, I salute you. And I thank God for you.

Now let’s get down to the business. Satan, the scripture says, deceived the whole world. You live in the world and so do I. Satan is so crafty in the scriptures of the Qur’an, the Bible, he makes death seem like life and he makes life seem like death. When I tell you don’t take the vaccine, television comes on, radio comes on. My wonderful artists and sports figures come on showing us their “courage” to take the vaccine. Some of you are being used and don’t know it. Your fame, your celebrity, your influence, your money. Now you are being bought and paid for, for the destruction of your people. This is another form of the Great Betrayal. Poor Jesus, Pontius Pilate knew he was innocent, but the enemies of Jesus didn’t care anything about his innocence. You listened to the Minister and you were planning to bring me before your courts and charge me with treason, with sedition, with inspiring insurrection. But Donald Trump beat me to it. I’ve been to the U.S. Capitol steps in Washington, D.C., four times, bringing millions with me. You have not found one incident involving me or those who follow me—not one incident anytime that we were in Washington. Some of you lying demons, in 2015 during the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March, said, “The Minister’s people are going to run up and pull down the American flag.”

We’re not interested in that. When we pull Satan down, any flag that’s connected to him is going down with him. I can tell you of a surety, no flag will be left, but the Sun, Moon, and Star. 

All your days of leading and misleading, guiding and misguiding, treating and mistreating the people of the earth have come to an end.

Covid-19 variants are popping up here and there but you haven’t seen the end of it yet. They are making null and void what you call your vaccine. I don’t need to go on, but with what was done so brilliantly by those who spoke before me, I’m so fired up right now. 

The Million Man March, nearly two million men came to the steps of the U.S. Capitol. We were inside the Capitol. I had a room in the Capitol building where members of the Senate and members of Congress go. I had that room thanks to Congressman Danny Davis from Chicago. I thank him for the four times he helped us to hold our meeting on the steps of the Capitol. We chose the opposite direction from civil rights gatherings. You chose the Lincoln Memorial. We chose the Capitol. That’s where all of the problems have become real. It starts with the way people are being governed.

Who is Satan? How would you recognize someone who deceived the whole world? This Satan is so powerful all of the media is bowing to Satan’s plan. You won’t even permit people that have an opposing view to speak on air. You don’t want us on your television screens. You want us off of social media. And now you are telling my poor Black brothers and sisters that they should hurry and get the vaccines. You mock the Reverend Jim Jones and the mass suicide of his followers in Jonestown in Guyana in 1978 where people drank poisoned Kool-Aid. This vaccine is the biggest dose of Kool-Aid that the enemy has ever offered. It is death itself created in what you call “Warp Speed.” You know anything that’s “warped” is misshaped. Anything that’s warped is crooked. You were rushing so fast to get something out and bypassing normal steps in a true vaccine.

Now God is going to turn your vaccine into death in a hurry. Mark my words by the Help of God. Since you love to take the vaccine, then eat death. You think you’re running from death and I’m inviting you to death. The Man of God is not inviting you to death. I’m inviting you to life. I represent Christ. He came that we may have life and have it more abundantly, not death. Death is in the food you eat; death is in the drinks you drink. Death is in the water poisoned by your enemy. Lead in the water, fluoride in the toothpaste. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, eat. Since you made such a plate for us all these years, now eat and love the dinner of death that you have made for the poor and the ignorant. Do you think that we care when you tell us we won’t be able to fly unless we have proof we have taken the vaccine? We will close down all your airlines. You’re suffering now, wait till you mandate that we have to take the vaccine in order to fly your planes.

“Wait, we can’t go to school?” We weren’t learning anything anyway. This will force us to make our own schools. Don’t let the enemy frighten you with what they have the power to keep you from. If they do this, they are keeping us from them. Now they are becoming the Great Architects of Separation or Death. We need to get away from them. You are our natural enemy.

I look at these documentaries about animal life, the beauty of every creature trying to protect its young. I look at every mammal, every mother protecting its offspring from the natural enemy that would take advantage of it as it’s maturing in its weakest stage. 

Satan is like that too. He wants to put needles in our babies. Tell him, “not today.” You say, but there are certain vaccines that are necessary. Yes, there are. But we don’t trust them. I think we should pool our resources and get what is necessary for our people and for others, because we cannot let you use your smile and your smooth words as you’re sticking our children with needles that contain death for them. 

I thank Mr. Kennedy for such a brilliant documentary. I thank our Minister Abdul Malik Sayyid for his part in the documentary.

I thank Mr. Kennedy for allowing it to be shown for the first time at a Nation of Islam plenary session under Covid-19 with social distance and people watching virtually in their own homes. I don’t think I need to say much more. You have a natural enemy Black man, people of color. “Who is that?” Who have you been catching hell from? It didn’t stop yesterday. It’s going on now as we speak, they’re proving to us night and day that they are disagreeable to live with in peace. But among them are people who want to see a better world.

We are the ones that will help them to produce that better world. The alpha interferon that Dr. Alim Muhammad is using and others are using, Paximune, and getting good results, we need to look into it. We need to open up Cuba. We need to find those things that are working other than Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccines and take those things to protect our health.

I promised my wife and my family I wouldn’t go too hard, but after watching that documentary, soft doesn’t meet the right prescription for what we just saw. We’re going hard to save our lives and the lives of our people. Going hard! You think Farrakhan is finished? Wait. I’m getting up in age but the fire is still here. 

Those of you who claim to be a friend, don’t choose a thief and a murderer over your brother. Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases may be a good man for some things and for some people. Don’t choose him over me. Pfizer has a record of murder all over the world. Why would you choose him? These nano particles of pure aluminum that are in some of these so-called vaccines, it’s the nano particles that men like Dr. Fauci have proprietary knowledge of that allows them to get a patent. But they are vials of death, we don’t need any of that. We need what God is giving us out of the natural environment that we can save ourselves. Satan you are my enemy but God is making me the finisher of your world. He is making His Minister to challenge  you. He wants you to come out of your hiding place, so He’s provoking you with the truth. Anytime you make your move, God will respond. I hope you show that you have some sense left. You need to follow Robert Kennedy. You need to follow Judy Mikovits. You need to follow your scientists that are telling you, “leave this alone.” 

We don’t mind having alliances. We’re just not going to be taken over by nothing or no one. We will allow you to work with us, but never to rule us. May Allah bless you. May Allah bless you Sister Ava Muhammad.  This has been one of the most fantastic experiences of my 40 years of Saviours’ Days. I thank Allah for helping me and protecting me. May Allah bless all of you that participated, all of you in the workshops, all of you, young and old. Thank you for everything you’ve done to make this one of the greatest Saviours’ Days in our history. We don’t see our brothers and sisters to embrace them with the love that is built up in us for our fellow Believers. You can feel it. Yes. You can feel the fire. You can feel the love. Nobody could put on what we just became a part of  except somebody who loves God, and loves humanity. Not Satan. We don’t love Satan.  May Allah’s peace be with us all. As-Salaam Alaikum.