2019 Families United 4 Justice Conference in Las Vegas hosted by the Love Not Blood Campaign where 175 families whose loved ones have been victims of violence participated in sessions of healing and training. Photo: lovenotbloodcampaign,com

(FCN)—The Love Not Blood Campaign recently honored its 2020-2021 Unsung Heroes in a virtual ceremony. The non-profit campaign is led by Cephus “Uncle Bobby” X Johnson and “Aunt Bee” Beatrice X Johnson, a husband-and-wife team that assists those who have lost a loved one to police violence or community violence.

The awards ceremony was held Feb. 13 and recognized activists, entertainers, civil rights attorneys, families who have lost loved ones to violence, community organizers and those who work to better communities through service.

“We do this out of love and appreciation for all those who sacrifice for a cause bigger than themselves which is our children and our communities, and to secure a future rooted in freedom, justice, and equality for all. Everyone wants to be appreciated but oftentime those who do the tedious, strenuous and the most selfless work in the community are often not acknowledged,” said the couple.

“Uncle Bobby” is the uncle of Oscar Grant, who was shot to death on a BART Fruitvale Station platform by a transit officer, lying face down and hands in position to be handcuffed in 2009. The couple also worked on and built the Oscar Grant Foundation and then turned it over to Oscar’s mom, who is Uncle Bobby’s sister. Uncle Bobby and Aunt Bee are also members of the Nation of Islam.


The Love Not Blood Campaign includes advocacy, training, support and gatherings for the families, fathers, mothers, children, siblings and those who have suffered losses. The organization also calls for and works for legislative changes related to policing and violence and tells the stories of those who were lost and those who were left behind. Their family crisis intervention team embraces families and connects families with one another so they don’t have to feel alone.

Get more information about the organization’s work at www.lovenotbloodcampaign.com.

Below are the 2020-2021 Love Not Blood Unsung Heroes

Nation of Islam Awardees

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Chicago

Ishmael Muhammad, Chicago

Nation of Islam Executive Council, Chicago

Dr. Ava Muhammad, Chicago

Waliullah Muhammad, San Diego

Abdul Rashidullah Muhammad, San Francisco

Abdul Sabur Muhammad, Oakland, Calif.

Arifah Muhammad, Oakland, Calif.

Cyril Muhammad, Oakland, Calif.

Linda Mahammad, Oakland, Calif.

Families of Police Violence

Adam & Jeralynn Blueford, Oakland, Calif.

Scott & Taun Hall, Walnut Creek, Calif.

Jackie Lawrence, Phoenix

Fouzia Almarou, Los Angeles

Vickie McNeal, West Palm Beach, Fla.

Richard Perez, Richmond, Calif.

Wanda Johnson, Oakland, Calif.

Sequette Clark, Sacramento

Christina Vang, Sacramento

Dee Friday, Stockton, Calif.

Cheryl Cruz, Sacramento

Yolanda Reed-Banks, Sacramento

Hope Coleman, Boston

Shelia Banks, West Palm Beach, Fla.

Dominic Archibald, Washington, D.C.

Kenneth Chamberlain Jr., New York

Kadiatou Diallo, New York

Marion Gray-Hopkins, Prince Georges County, Md.

Angelique Kearse, New York

Joshua Lope, New York

Rahima Rahim, Boston

Ashley & Michelle Monterrosa, Vallejo, Calif.

FU4J Leadership Collective

Families of Racial Violence

Yusef Salaam, Atlanta

Wanda Cooper, Atlanta

Ron Davis, Jacksonville, Fla.

Letifah Wilson, Oakland

Alicia Grayson, Oakland

Sybrina Fulton, Miami

Families of Community Violence

Calandrian Kemp, Houston

Dinyal New, Oakland, Calif.

National Activists

Dr. Melina Abdullah, Los Angeles

Jt Faraji, East Palo Alto, Calif.

Savy Perkins, East Palo Alto, Calif.

Akubundu Amaza, San Jose, Calif.

Tre Murphy, Baltimore

Brock Satter, Boston

Djuan Wash, Waukegan, Ill.

Lateefah Simon, Oakland, Calif.

Cat Brooks, Oakland, Calif.

Alicia Garza, Oakland, Calif.

Patrisse Cullors, Los Angeles

Ben McBride, Oakland, Calif.

Shaun King, New York

Michael McBride, Oakland, Calif.

National Media Activists

Naba’a Muhammad, Chicago

Charlene Muhammad, Los Angeles

Danny Glover, Oakland, Calif.

Henry J Kim, Oakland, Calif.

Dread Scott, New York

Wayne Campbell, Oakland, Calif.

Jasiri X & Celeste Smith, Pittsburgh

International Activists

Marcia Rigg, London

Kavena Hambira, Namibia

Political Activists

Senator Nancy Skinner, Berkeley, Calif.

California Secretary of State Dr. Shirley Weber, San Diego

National Attorney Activists

Walter Riley, Oakland, Calif.

Charles Bonner, Sausalito, Calif.

Adante Pointer, Oakland, Calif.

John Burris, Oakland, Calif.

Benjamin Crump, Washington, D.C.

Lee Merritt, Philadelphia

State Activist Coalition

Ron Cherry, Phoenix

Sebone White, Phoenix

Tim Seay, Phoenix AZ

Therman & Dorrana Stewart Muhammad, Phoenix

Channel Powe, Phoenix

Michael Johnson, Phoenix

Mental Health Activists

Tony Jackson, Oakland, Calif.

Patricia Nunley, Oakland, Calif.

Michael Roosevelt, Oakland, Calif.