[Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint that was published online on August 25, 2017]

Master Fard Muhammad demonstrated the fact that He was God in person (in flesh and blood), especially to His Apostle, in several ways. Many events took place during that three-year plus period of time that served as lessons specifically to the Messenger: and much to His people (us), to America and the world in general.

Among the many things Master Fard Muhammad told the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was His own history. He told him that He came from the Holy City Mecca, Arabia, and began teaching Black people in Detroit, July 4, 1930.

He tried to get to Black people by going door to door taking orders for made-to-measure clothes. His real aim was to get into their homes. Some of our people got a little suspicious. So later He would get business card orders from office people. After designing the cards, He would have them printed.


This was, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad put it, a cover up. His real identity and purpose could not be revealed before the proper time. The problems of the depression also served His purpose of “slipping in” to get to His future Apostle. He came, in effect, in disguise and under the cover of darkness. He came like a thief in the night. This night also has reference to the ignorance of most people to prophecy.

Twenty-five thousand Black people would be raised into the knowledge of truth, during the time He was physically among us. To one man, however, would He fully reveal Himself.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that His Teacher came from the city of His birth, the Holy City Mecca. He (the Messenger) was given much information of His childhood, and of His life in general right up to the time of their meeting in 1931.

He took the Honorable Elijah Muhammad back to what led His (Master Fard Muhammad’s) Father to produce Him in the first place. That which led to His birth was rooted in prophecy (the foresight and insight of the Gods) written in the Bible and Holy Qur’an concerning a lost people that needed finding, and of the new world that He would produce through them.

This lost people … would be living among the infidels. They would be living in subjection to the infidels. The American Black people are the lost members of the original nation.

The Father of (Master Fard Muhammad) and the other wise scientists knew that it was time for them (us) to be found and redeemed. But … Where … ?

However, the scriptures did not give the location, except in symbolic terms. So the Father wanted a Son Who would be able to search the civilizations of the earth to locate that lost member. He wanted a Son capable of getting among the infidels, among whom the lost people lived. This Son would then have to be able to make from among the lost people a disciple for Himself. Through that disciple He would get His people and return them to their own people. He would also destroy those who had deceived and misled His poor people.

This Father was a real Black man. He knew, therefore, that it would not have been wise for Him to come Himself. He knew He had to have a Son Who looked like the wicked infidels among whom He would have to go (and there were other factors in His reasoning). So, He went up into the mountains and got a White woman: a Caucasian. He prepared her to give birth to this special Son. This is hinted at in the Bible in the mentioning of a woman out of whom was drawn seven devils in the “gospels.” You can also find her mentioned in Revelation and elsewhere.

The preachers and theologians used to ponder and argue over the coming of this special Son. He is referred to in the New Testament as the Son of Man. They pondered and disputed with each other about the nature of the body in which He would be prepared. This controversy is reflected in books and in libraries the world over. This is a subject of the greatest consequence for the world of man and mankind.

He was expected by the wise and the unwise. Naturally, those who took the time to study more had a better idea of what to expect. In any case His coming had to be. He could not, however, come in just any way. His body had to be prepared in such a way as to enable Him to come to gather the lost members of that great and divine nation in the best possible way.

At the root of the controversies (of the Christian scholars and others) over the preparation of His body was ignorance of the reality of His Father and the Son’s so-called pre-existence in the sense that He was in the mind of the original nation. His coming and work was written on the pages of scripture thousands of years before His birth. What was written came from the brains of very wise men (Gods).

Again, this Redeemer of those who were lost, had to be prepared in such a way that He could be accepted among the Whites and His own people. He had to be able to move among both without being recognized, or discovered, until the proper time. This was done. He was also made in such a nature that He would naturally deal justly with both people. It is written in the Bible that His going forth is with justice. Much was involved in His preparation, for this is He Who will bring in that which is totally new.

Master Fard Muhammad, Allah in Person, traveled the world over. He did many things, the impact of which can be seen and felt throughout the earth even now. The Holy Qur’an says that in this day He would guide the whole affair. In another place it reads that the earth would be in His grip on the day of resurrection. That day is now! This day is His day. His perception and evaluation of everybody and everything is perfect. He is wiser and more powerful than everybody and everything combined. He is executing His plans right now. Just study the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s moves.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has said that Master Fard Muhammad told him that He had come in and gone out of America for some twenty years before making Himself known. He had even enrolled at the University of California, somewhere in California. While attending that center of learning He lived with a White family. He also visited other campuses.

In fact, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has said that He had studied every educational system of the civilized world. Yet He will use none of it in setting up His new world—the kingdom of God. All in all, He told His Apostle, He had been studying what He meant to teach and reform His Apostle (and the rest of us) for forty-two years.

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