Student Min. Troy Muhammad and FOI of Mosque No. 1 made sure elders and families in need were given food and PPE.

The Fruit of Islam (FOI, the men of the Nation of Islam) continue efforts to make our communities a safe and decent place to live as exemplified by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. In addition to being in the streets of major cities throughout the country handing out The Final Call newspaper, in many cities the brothers also distribute food and personal protective equipment (PPE) to families in need.

Student Minister Troy Muhammad of Mosque No. 1 in Detroit spearheads food and PPE giveaways every Sunday to families in need and has been since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The reception is great,” Student Min. Troy Muhammad stated. The people are very happy and grateful to see the brothers in these difficult times, he continued.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the FOI have made adjustments maintaining safe distances and wearing masks while passing out The Final Call and speaking with the people. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the FOI of Detroit have been able to feed 15,000 families and give PPE to thousands. They have also extended their services to senior citizen complexes in the city.


Former State Representative Sherry Gay-Dagnogo said, the Muslims’ efforts have been well-received.

“The reception is awesome; for one, the Nation of Islam as a whole, is widely respected in the African American community. During times like this, trust is extremely important and so having brothers who are always respectful and our sisters to assist with these efforts, it helps to deal with and address any issues or instances in which trust is a challenge,” she said.

“The brothers have always assisted with senior outreach opportunities but their work during Covid has been very much needed and welcomed,” Ms. Gay-Dagnogo continued.

The next step is to provide mobile Covid testing for Detroit residents.

“They’re very engaged in the community,” Rep. Gay-Dagnogo continued. “The ongoing community outreach, senior Covid testing, meal delivery, PPE delivery, the expungement work—they’ve been very engaged in that regard.”