How true the prophecy of Jesus, Lu. 21:25-26 concerning the present time. We bear witness that the sea and waves are roaring and that fear is now covering the nations as shown by the unusual heart failure that is now occurring among men. These are signs of the end of the present world.

The sea and ocean are heaving up tidal waves to unimaginable heights that man has never witnessed before on earth. This is another plague that is upon the wicked.

Since the Holy Qur’an teaches that the judgment would be such that the earth itself would act as though a revelation had been revealed to it because of its perfect obedience to the Law of Allah on that Day.

Allah will use the power that is in the earth and in the sea against the world of evil. The White race think that they have control of the power of the earth, sea and air.


It was prophesied that for a time they would subdue and have the use of the power of the sea and ocean until He Comes Whose right it is to rule.

The heavens and the earth belong to Allah (God). Now it is His time to rule.

There is much prophecy concerning the terribleness of the judgment of the wicked.

The power that is in the water is in the Hand of Allah (God) to use it against whom He pleases. The earth, wind, rain, snow and ice and earthquakes are controlled by Allah (God).

It is a fearful sight to see the Display of His Power with the forces of nature bowing and submitting to His Will. I should warn you that this is now coming into action against the Western world. There will be the destruction of whole fleets at sea. Those which are capable of lying on the ocean and sea bottom will be destroyed.

The die is set, with a foolish people, who like, in the time of Noah, could not see the sign of the rain, bringing on the Flood even after the clouds began to darken the sky. They did not see the on-coming rain until it actually started to rain.

So it is with America. They pay no attention to the signs of the judgment that is now taking place. As the Bible prophesied in Rev. 16:9, They “… blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues…” How many in America and the city of Chicago disbelieve and even mock and swear at the Name of Allah, Who has power over the forces of nature on land, sea, and air.

Allah (God) is now doing as it is prophesied: Holy Qur’an, Chap. 13:41, “… visiting the land, curtailing it of its sides.” The foolish still are foolish until he is cast into a narrow place and cannot turn to the right or left, as it was with the donkey that Baalam was riding. He came to a narrow place between two walls. He could not turn around. He had to stop face to face with the angel or be destroyed. Bible Nu. 22:23-26.

Let it be remembered that Allah (God) came forth for the Redemption (to Deliver) the American Black People from their tormentors. Whether we like it or not, He Will Do This. This is the work of Allah (God) which is in effect.

Let America use the history of the fall and destruction of ancient Egypt and her Pharaohs. Let their histories serve as a warning. They all were brought to naught for their evil done to a people whom Allah (God) has chosen for an example of these last days … the lost-found Black slaves and their slave masters.

The Holy Qur’an, Chap. 30:41, is perfectly true in its prediction of a present day nation’s sea and land power. “Corruption has appeared in the land and the sea on account of that which men’s hands have wrought.”

The most grave mistake that the Black Man is making today is his trying to hold on to the belief in the return of Jesus or that he lived and preached the saving of the White man’s world. This is false. Jesus did not preach this. See Bible, Jn. 17:9. Jesus had a few disciples. Jesus also cursed the Jews, not to mention that he was trying to save them … or the Caucasian people.

They are teaching a tricknology that the White man uses to deceive the Black Man. They do this so that our people will not understand that Jesus declared himself against the world of the Caucasian race, Bible Jn. 8:44. He also declared that the word of truth had no place in this White race of people. They have proved this to be the truth by their mistreatment of you and me.

The White race has never worshipped any prophet, before or after Jesus as a Divine Man of Allah (God). It is against their very nature to do this. That is why they kill all of the prophets they are able to kill. They deceive the people against believing in the prophets of Allah (God), for they were made in their nature to be the enemy of God and His Representatives.

Before the time is out, they will be forced into submission to the will of Allah (God). This will not be done for the purpose of converting the White race Allah (God) will force them into submission to prove that He is able to make everything bow to Him in submission.

This is in fulfillment to the prophecy, Bible Is. 45-23, “… unto me every knee shall bow; every tongue shall swear.” The Bible says, Mt. 25:32, “And before Him shall be gathered all nations: …”‘The Holy Qur’an has a similar prophecy, “that you shall see all nations kneeling before Him.’

This includes everybody, regardless to their color. Everything in the universe obeys the natural law in which it was made subject to by Allah (God).

On the coming of Allah (God) He now makes everything bow to Him, whether you believe or disbelieve. Holy Qur’an 3:82. It does not make a difference to Him whether you are the devil or the righteous … all must bow in submission to the will of Allah (God), on the judgment day. We are now living in the days of judgment.

Black Preachers, you will waste your time in leading yourself and those who follow you to hell by holding onto Christianity. Rev. 19:20. You cannot keep them in Christianity.

Christianity was not the religion of Jesus, Moses or any of the prophets who came before them.

It would have been a farce on the part of Allah (God) to have waited until just 2,000 years ago to give the right religion to the world of man.

Allah (God) gave man the right religion, Islam, in the beginning of His creation of the heavens and the Earth. Allah (God) has not changed. His religion is Islam, entire Submission to His Will.

(Text from “The Fall Of America in,”1973.)