Supporters loyal to President Donald Trump clash with authorities before successfully breaching the Capitol building during a riot on the grounds, Jan. 6. A number of lawmakers and then the mob of protesters tried to overturn America’s presidential election, undercutting the nation’s democracy by attempting to keep Democrat Joe Biden from replacing Trump in the White House. Photos: AP/Wide World Photos

“And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?” Matthew 12:26-33, King James Version

“Mr. Trump is tearing away the skin of the onion of White civility, and the more he pulls the skin of that onion back, he’s beginning to show something in the character of the Whites that follow him … . ”

—The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on the Cliff Kelley Show, December 11, 2015

The inauguration of Joe Biden as 46th president of the United States will look more like an armed camp than a celebration following insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and an attempt to nullify an American presidential election.


A reported 10,000 National Guard troops will be playing support roles Jan. 20 as Mr. Biden is sworn in, but major monuments in Washington, D.C., will be closed. The mayor of D.C. is asking people to stay home. Other law enforcement agencies will be on full alert.

But will rage and anger expressed in the assault on the U.S. Capitol erupt again? Will inauguration day be another step toward civil war and all-out anarchy in the streets? Will something else ignite a nation on the brink of an explosion? Five people, including two U.S. Capitol police officers, were reported dead after the Jan. 6 Capitol invasion. Another 90 people were arrested, according to a Jan.

A protestor is shown injured during a confrontation with police Jan. 6, at the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

11 Fox News Channel report. Law enforcement officials are seeking these American insurgents, said media outlets. Eight thousand people reportedly descended on the U.S. Capitol urged on by Mr. Trump and his minions. Some carried weapons and zip ties, broke into the U.S. Capitol and momentarily halted official recognition of 2020 presidential election results and Mr. Biden’s victory.

Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, who was forced to resign, complained that his superiors—the Sergeants at Arms of both the House and the Senate, and the Architects of the Capitol for the House and the Senate—refused his request for backup forces in the face of what had been openly predicted to be a possibly violent confrontation. The preparation for this was clearly inadequate compared to the extraordinary security measures when peaceful protests by Black groups took place, noted Final Call senior editor Askia Muhammad.

“It kind of hits me in the gut the way the Million Man March was handled in terms of security and the Black Lives Matter,” a retired Capitol Police officer, who asked that his name not be used because he still works with the agency told Askia Muhammad.

The Million Man March, Oct. 16, 1995, drew some two million men to Washington, D.C., for a peaceful demonstration and a peaceful day in the city. Subsequent Nation of Islam gatherings have been peaceful as well.

In an interview before Mr. Trump’s election, Min. Farrakhan said, “I will guarantee you, if he becomes president, he’ll take America exactly where America is heading. He’ll take you there on a rocket ship. How can a man say he’s not a thug, he’s a diplomat; he’s a president, but he says, ‘We’ll go into Iraq and we’ll just take the oil.’ See, that’s the thug coming out. That’s that part of the nature of the beast that’s manifesting. If he becomes your president, you’ll be just like him. The scripture says Pharaoh was talking before his demise and he openly said, ‘Me and my people are wicked.’ ”

“When you get leadership that is not rooted in justice, then they begin to make the people just like themselves. Be careful America, you’re headed into the abyss of hell and if you make a mistake in choosing your leaders, maybe you’ll go there faster,” he warned.

Here we are a country wracked by the coronavirus in large part because the president put his political interests above any national interests, lied about the severity of the pandemic and used a crisis to seek a political advantage among his followers.

America is broken and her brokenness is not accidental, nor happenstance. It is the result of the evil she has done and the corruption she has promoted all over the earth. Her major sin was bringing our forefathers from Africa into America as chattel slaves and destroying the Native Americans. America is a modern Babylon whose evil and foul stench has reached the nostrils of God Himself fed by the slavery, suffering and death inflicted on the so-called American Negro.

Now the evil, the violence, the division she has enjoyed heaping on us is coming back on her with a president that has weakened or destroyed essential institutions and traditions. America cannot escape punishment for her evil. But God Himself, who is judging America, came to deliver the Black man and woman and the indigenous people of this country.

We must begin by rejecting the mindset, the ways, the evil and lusts heaped on us by an enemy who has made us into himself. We must turn away from his wickedness and turn to righteousness that will bring us peace and progress. We must do for self, pool our resources and human and intellectual and spiritual capital, promote and spread love of self and kind and build bridges and bonds between one another. The time is over for seeking nearness to those who destroyed and continue to destroy us.

As the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote in an article titled, “The Day of America’s Downfall,” in “The Fall of America,” “Since White Americans and the White race in general have deceived the entire world of Black people and their brethren (Brown, Red and Yellow), Allah now is causing these people to wake up and see the White race as it really is, the created enemy of the darker people,” he wrote.

“America is falling. Her doom has come, and none said the prophets shall help her in the day of her downfall. In the Bible, God pleads with you to fly out of her (America) and seek refuge in Him (Rev. 18:4).”