[Editor’s Note:  This article is a reprint and was published on Dec. 19, 2017.]

The events we see and are involved in are proof that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has received that next book. And before he left us he published in the Muhammad Speaks newspaper that he would receive that book on the Mother Plane from Master Fard Muhammad.

Let us remember, the path the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is on and invites us to get and stay on, is the path that leads straight to Almighty God, Allah. It does have difficulty factors in it. They are character builders, if we handle them rightly. Let us not run from the difficulty factors. They are character builders, if we handle them rightly, as Minister Farrakhan made beautifully clear in the study guides God ordered through him.

Please, please, please study, drink in deep his study guides for they will help us to internalize the wisdom in the Holy Qur’an and Bible that pertain to this hour—this critical hour—which is a time of turbulent, enormous and rapid change. And, at the root of this change is God Himself! Remember, there is no way for God to manifest Himself and not force changes in everything and everywhere.


If we would keep sane, become saner and keep and remain balanced, we must become rooted in that which the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is rooted in—the word of God. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has said that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to him, one day, that when (not if) you get in trouble, nurse the Holy Qur’an like a baby bottle. We must do this, too.

Let us reflect on the fact that whenever we are brought into the knowledge of that which we previously did not know, changes are produced in us. The revealing of a secret—meaning, knowledge concealed from us—about the most vital kind of information, which, at the same time is about that which we—the deadest of the dead—yearn, with all our being, yearn to know and understand, this will of necessity produce the greatest change in those people. Such people, potentially, can produce the greatest change in the world.

When the truth of God—as He is—is being revealed, and He is doing the revealing of Himself in full, we should expect the most tremendous explosion of wisdom ever, which lights up everything. This revelation will produce the greatest series of changes since the creation began.

It is relevant to what we are looking at to get an idea of the reality that the words fission and fusion represent. They bear directly on the work of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Let’s take a look at the following taking from Britannica thermonuclear reaction; chemical reaction. Bear with this for a moment.

“Nuclei fission it’s a nuclei reaction in which a heavy atomic nucleus, such as uranium, splits into two parts at the same time emitting two or three neutrons and releasing a large quantity of energy—three times ten to the minus 11 joules per fission or seven point 5 times ten to the thirteenth power joules per kg (compared to four times ten to the seventh power joules per kg for coal).

“In a thermo reactor, a moderator is used to slow down the neutrons released in the fission so that enough neutrons are released in the process to sustain a chain reaction.  In a fast reactor, no moderator is used, but the natural uranium is enriched with u-235 or Pu-239. In the atomic bomb, pure u-235 or Pu-239 is used and the chain reaction is uncontrolled. 

“Binding energy is energy that must be supplied to an atomic nucleus in order to split it into its constitute nucleons (neutrons and protons). A nucleus must be supplied with its binding energy before it will undergo fission (except in the case of radioactive decay).

“Fusion. Subject: Nuclear, or Thermonuclear reaction, reaction between light atomic nuclei in which a pivia nucleus is formed with the release of energy. This process, which is the basis of the energy produced in the interior of stars, has only occurred on earth in hydrogen bomb explosions. In order for a thermonuclear reaction to occur the electrostatic repulsive forces between the interacting nuclei have to be overcome: This involves temperatures in excess of forty times six to the tenth power-centered grade. 

“In the case of the hydrogen bomb the heat is provided by an atomic bomb surrounded by a layer of hydrogenous material. Controlled fusion reactions are the subject of much contemporary research. The problem is to contain a highly ionized gas (plasma) within a magnetic field long enough for a thermonuclear reaction to occur. The temperature above, which this will occur, is called the ignition temperature.

“A fusion reactor is a device in which nuclei physic fusion takes place.”

The point that I am making here is that after 6,000 years of exercising the wisdom Yakub put in them when he made them, the Caucasian race has only been successful in somewhat duplicating the process by which the stars, the sun and stars burn or produce heat and energy, if only they were able to produce it in a destructive weapon called a bomb which when exploded loses its form, its shape and is no more once it had exploded or given off heat and light.

However, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad from the teachings of God says that our unity will produce more power than all of the bombs the West can manufacture. All of the hydrogen bombs. That is a tremendous statement, and it is not just a cliché type statement or a bombastic statement—that’s the statement I want to make—that this is real. This is a scientific true statement.

Now, unity between Black men and women, unity between Black people is produced by their love for their God, for each other.

Now, what is the connection that the process of fission and fusion has to the work of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan?

More next issue, Allah willing.