[Editor’s note:  This article is a reprint that was published online on January 29, 2003.]

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been praised and honored by many in America, and throughout the world, for the excellent qualities of his character and for his exceptionally great works, many of which are astonishing. I’m among them. One of the greatest things he has done, for which I admire him, was, and is, his willingness to close the great gap; the great gulf; the great chasm which separates humanity from God and His Christ. He has worked like no man has ever worked to close that gap; to span that gulf; to bridge that chasm.

God has visited us. From among us He raised the Messiah. It was foreknown that we as a people would not take proper advantage of the work these few words describe. So, a special human being was provided—beforehand—to bring us to them. Such words as back-breaking, stupendous and thankless are among the many required to describe the difficulty factor in the work of Minister Farrakhan over the last 25 years.

He was born in 1933. Everything that occurred in his life, from then until 1955, when he first met the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, was preparation for that meeting and his work that followed. Everything he did and suffered, from 1955 until 1977 was preparation for the work he was to begin in 1977.  Everything he did and suffered since then has been preparation for his next meeting with his teacher and the work he is yet to do.


This is being written on January 1, 2003. Many people make, on the first day of every year, what is called “New Year” resolutions. One resolution we all would do well to make is to quickly learn to develop better study habits, in order to take proper advantage of the great body of wisdom which was presented by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad—from the Lord of the Worlds—and then over the last 25 years, represented by Minister Farrakhan, that we may get a passing grade on the final exam. In a real sense, that exam will come when the Mother picks up her child and the Believers face a mad beast, as it is written in the 12th chapter of the book of Revelation. That will prove to be the test of faith, the base of which is that knowledge, which too few of us now appreciate. If we refuse to make an immediate change in attitude toward God’s wisdom—in Minister Farrakhan—we will soon experience intense regret.

The Believers overcame the beast with the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony, not by ignorance, disunity, arrogance, slander, jealousy and envy! We must delve deeply into the “test of knowledge,” which intimately involves “Jesus.”

The study guides Minister Farrakhan gave us are a wonderful, divine blessing that eases our way to accepting our birthright, which includes the proper relationship with the Lord of the Worlds and each other. Properly used, his study guides always produce enlightenment that produces that quality of love that makes real unity. In fact, it’s impossible to properly use Minister Farrakhan’s study guides and not generate Self-Improvement, the Basis for Community Development—along divine lines. Furthermore, proper use of his study guides is essential for our preparation to be found acceptable by Allah (God).

It is written that in the last days God would choose a particular people through whom He would make Himself known. The scriptures predict that He would give them His own wisdom, by which to live their lives, raise their children and participate in the establishment of His eternal rule right here on this earth. They would become a blessing to the whole of humanity.

This is hard for our people to accept. Nevertheless, they are the only ones who fit the scriptures’ description of the lost people in the last days, whom God will choose for the wisest of purposes. For us to continue to reject the reality of His arrival, and all that flows from that event, is far worse than continuing to believe in Santa Claus after learning that it was our parents who really gave us the gifts.

This body of knowledge teaches us how to think like God. It clarifies our perspective. It makes clear what’s really important and valuable. We learn to look within and without and to see and hear things correctly for the first time in our lives. But this is not done without the two Messiahs.

Our lessons contain keys that help us to live with God, Who is now present. We’ve been invited to enter the inner sanctum of God’s counsel. But we can’t realize this without special divine help, which has been provided by God and His Christ, in the person of Minister Farrakhan.

Following Minister Farrakhan’s example generates God’s spirit. His teachings empower all who will accept it to get into the new and the better, while simultaneously ridding ourselves of the old and the no-good. There is no question about it—he is a redeemer.

Certainly, many parts of this glorious body of knowledge, seem to many, to be ‘unreal, strange, spooky, I can’t believe that, and it’s too good to be true.’ But remember, the Believers learned and sang a new song that none could sing except the redeemed.  In part, this means that you can’t think the thoughts, and feel the feel, and talk the talk of God unless you get into His spirit. Make the effort since His spirit is natural to us.

In the last few articles, I stated that if it is true that we are the “lost people” who would be “found,” and the “dead” who would be raised to life, by God Himself, in the last days of this world, then the scholars (and the rest of humanity) are obligated to look for the two Messiahs to appear among Black people in America.

I referred to the grandchildren of this world’s father two articles ago. Here is exactly what I meant by that. Hypocrites in the Nation of Islam are the “tares” Jesus referred to in the parable of the sower in the 13th chapter of Matthew. They are also referred to as the children of Satan, who had a father, symbolically described in both Bible and Qur’an.

Allah (God) controls and uses hypocrites in the perfection of the Believers, who are to overcome them with His wisdom. It’s written that hypocrites—whether some or many—will come to faith after His chastisement. Meanwhile, be wary of their poisonous bite. Remember, the Qur’an warns us against the internal enemy. (What does “internal” mean?)

Quickly get and listen/read every word that we can of what Minister Farrakhan teaches, for it is light by which to see in this hour, which grows darker by the moment. It’s also the antidote for all spiritual poisons.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that God told him that we can accomplish our “assignment” with “little study.” This makes procrastination unjustifiable and deadly.

You have an assignment—Caucasians, too—the base of which includes the proper understanding and the spreading of Minister Farrakhan’s teachings, which contain light, life, and power.

More next issue, Allah willing.