What time do we live in, right now? How do we know? Can we agree on this? How? Can we expect to get the answer from a thing or a person?

If we agree that we can get it from a thing, what would it be? How? Can we all agree on it?

Now, if we agree that it cannot be a thing, then we must agree, that this wisdom must come through a person. These are questions that can be, or should be answered, at this time. I’m doing this now in this very short article.

What language must it be? Why? That language must be the language, of those people who have been in power, all over the earth. Then he/she must be in the position to reach every person on earth at this time. Why? English?


He or she must be a person who uses that language effectively.

That is another question we can discuss at another time. I’m raising it now to put it on the table. But it should be discussed, but not by people in the public just to show-off.

In the Sharp Electronic Dictionary, show-off means, “a person who acts pretentiously or who publicly parades themselves.”

The word effectively means, “in such a manner as to achieve a desired result.” The word effect mans “a change that is a result or consequence of an action or other cause.”

My position is that many, many questions could be asked, raised, or even ignored, by the righteous or the wicked. But this is my article and I must make it short. I’m very honored to write this very short article, especially at this time. It’s the time when such questions should be raised and answered. It has been done over the years, but what has it solved?

Now, if we all agree that this person would have to live in the United States of America and speak English then who is that person? If this is the time, then why should such questions be raised and answered in this country?

Has the Supreme Being made His supreme position/wisdom very clear on our problems, that is very, very, very public concerning our problem, that is planet-wide and how to solve it 100 percent, starting here in America—in this country?

I’ve learned that which I’m bearing witness to, from the very public knowledge and wisdom of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that he met the Supreme Being. Then I learned more from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who is backed by both of Them! I studied him and worked to help him.

Minister Farrakhan has been given the overwhelming power to produce the evidence of this truth, which he has been teaching. Minister Farrakhan has made his position very clear and very public. He has proven it and has helped others to bear witness of this truth.

The wicked have also studied him. They know what they know. They have not ever stopped him. They were blasted by the power of truth this year and they reacted. But … .

They worked on the millions of people who learned of him and his teachings. They have never stopped their evils to get to him. I’ll get to that later, Allah willing. Have you ever studied those, who fight him, behind a wall, or walls? All of this is in the scriptures.

Now, have you ever studied him, and his unusual power to speak? What do you see in this?

From the time the Honorable Elijah Muhammad departed, Minister Farrakhan was put in a position to be protected and then to learn more of the wisdom he was taught. Then he learned that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was alive and that he’s to meet him.

What is the quality of our conversations with others about this time and what is going on in America and the world over? Think deeply, over this question, especially at this time? Living, at this time, more and more people see this time is very different from any other time in recorded history. But are we reading the same history?

More and more people see this time is different from any other time, in recorded history. Who wrote what we are reading?

Are we reading and/or listening to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, and are we in total agreement? If not, why not?


What follows are the dates; the volume and number of each article; the headlines of each and the subhead headlines on a few and a few excerpts from some.

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1. Volume 12 Number 12

April 26, 1993

Pain and Perseverance over time
results in spiritual development

“‘Is there any new beginning that does not include or involve pain? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has said that everything of good has trouble in its infancy. Is this an absolute law based on an eternal principle going back to the origin of life itself? Yes.’

‘The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to some of us that it would take Him 40 years to understand his mission … although the process would be excruciatingly painful, if we persevered to the end of that process we would be ripened into the maturity that would enable us to stand up to the responsibility of the mission.’‚ —The Honorable Louis Farrakhan.”


2. Volume 12 Number 13

May 10, 1993

Supreme wisdom exonerates
the Honorable Elijah Muhammad

“The Honorable Louis Farrakhan made clear that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was always free from blame; that he was not guilty of sin and that he did his work with a clear conscience.’

“Is it interesting that we don’t mind others telling us we have a broken finger; a broken leg … But don’t tell us that a part of our minds is busted.’


3.Volume 12 Number 14

May 24, 1993

The root of division
Slander, deceit motivates
Farrakhan’s detractors

“The Honorable Louis Farrakhan handles it (pain) better than anyone of whom I know- mishandling pain is a major factor in divisions.”

4. Volume 12 Number 15

June 2, 1993

Farrakhan a stumbling stone
to hypocrites

[There was no sub headline for this article]

[There were no excerpts from this article]

June 16, 1993

Minister Farrakhan’s rise testament to divine position bestowed upon the
Honorable Elijah Muhammad

[There was no sub headline for this article]

“All of those Brothers, who, with the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, represented the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to Black people and the world, ought to be doing so with him, even now!”

5. Volume 12 Number 17

June 30, 1993

Pain and suffering
The ingredients in the making
of divine men

“The Process by which the Honorable Elijah Muhammad attained his present glorious state is visibly borne witness to in the glorious rise of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan.”

More next issue, Allah willing.