“By those scattering broadcast!  And those bearing the load!  And those running easily!  And those distributing the Affair!—What you are promised is surely true, And the Judgment will surely come to pass.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 51, verses 1-6

The True Flames of Passion Lit

From whence cometh the life we are given, but from Allah to whom we return,
He is the beginning and the ending of our search for Truth and Reality.
Everything outside of Allah is an Illusion! 
Come to the Path of His Glorious Presence;
Where flames ignite the Divine Passions of the Heart,
Where beating rapidly we rise to the Call of Allah,
Like burning embers of crackling light,
Home again to our Abode of Peace;
Resting in the bosom of Allah’s Divine Embrace.                                  
We have just begun our journey in haste,
Where the soul fights back tears of joy and yearning,
Wandering over land and sea;
Once found, we are lost in His Ecstasy, Never dying! Never dying! 

The Spirit of Detroit statue

Once I asked the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad if Master Fard Muhammad prays, and he answered, yes.  I then asked him to whom does he pray and he responded—to the First God who created the heavens and the earth. This is a true testimony of the power and greatness and honor we pay to the Divine act of Creation in which we would not exist if it were not for the Originator or First God from which we calculate our birth.  This raises another question—Did the first God ever die?  The answer then is that the Person of God never dies, but is ever evolving through the law of creation into constant material existence. There is decay in the physical, but there is renewal and continuity.


The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad always encouraged those around him to ask questions and to learn all about ourselves.   Thus, in our Nation’s Supreme Wisdom book of Lessons, this is the format of our learning process which begins with a question followed by an answer.  This assignment was given to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad from his Master Teacher, Fard Muhammad, in his three and half years of study and training in Detroit, Michigan. This same assignment was given to all the other students in the classroom as our First
Term Assignment.  It took 42 years of preparation and study by the Master before he could make Himself Known to us in America for the first time on July 4, 1930. 

Ambassador Bridge from base and Detroit River

In the book, Message to the Blackman, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad writes about some of the aspects of the Master’s studies and travels throughout the world and the universe on pages 16 and 17.  He states, beginning on page 16, “Allah came to us from the Holy City Mecca, Arabia, in 1930.  He used the name Wallace D. Fard, often signing his name, W.F. Muhammad.  In the third year (1933), He signed his name W. F. Muhammad which stands for Wallace Fard Muhammad.  He came alone.  He began teaching us the knowledge of ourselves, of God and the devil, of the measurement of the earth, of other planets, and of the civilization of some of the planets other than earth.

“He measured and weighed the earth and its water; the history of the moon; the history of the two nations, black and white, that dominate the earth.  He gave the exact birth of the white race; the name of their God who made them and how; and the end of their time, the judgment, how it will begin and end.”

I then asked the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, does the Master continue to study, and he replied a definite, yes.  I wondered to myself, if He is God, knowing everything, why would he need to continue studying?   He replied that the material of our universe is always producing new objects for us to study and our ability to tap into that raw material and create something new makes us gods.  Being in a constant mental state of learning is the prerequisite for attaining Wisdom; and to know what we know and how we know it gives us unlimited access to the Divine Supreme Wisdom operating in the Circle of the gods.  This Knowledge is passed down from one to the other with the objective of creating something new.

Charles Wright African American Museum

This is our challenge today as students of the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  To be a god is not easy.  It requires the utmost attention to study in every detail and methodology which is an unending process that is continually evolving us into something new.  According to the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, we have before us 20 years of re-education and training to which he pointed to Al-Azhar University in Egypt as a sign.  He stated that we would be educated and trained there into advanced mathematics and science and learn the mechanics of the universe that we had never been taught before.  We would be trained under our own scientists and teachers into the creation of an entirely new world.

Who is this Great Master who came by Himself to free us from our oppressors and set us in heaven at once?  According to Message to the Blackman, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad continues to write about the identity of the Master on page 17. He stated that—“He loved us (the so-called Negroes), his lost and found, so well that he would eat rattlesnakes to free us if necessary, for he has power over all things!  Finally, I asked him, “Who are you, and what is your real name?”  He said, I am the one that the world has been expecting for the past 2,000 years.”  I said to him again, “What is your name?”  He said, “My name is Mahdi; I am God, I came to guide you into the right path that you may be successful and see the hereafter.”  These words, “I am God” spoken by the Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad, were once recited by a well-known mystic in Iraq in the early centuries of Islam which in the Arabic transliteration reads:  “Ana al Haqq” (I am God) in his Ecstasy. 

He was reported by the authorities as being an infidel and was put to death for uttering this ultimate Truth to which he was awakened in his journey to find God.  This state of spiritual consciousness where the actual person or believer is transformed and absorbed into the fountainhead of God’s Truth, he is no longer an individual, but remains only the person of God Himself.  In Islam this spiritual state of God consciousness is called annihilation.  Surah 94, contains this message in the following verses 5-8: “Surely with difficulty is ease, With difficulty is surely ease.  So when thou art free (from anxiety), work hard, And make thy Lord thy exclusive object of worship.”

We, the members of the Nation of Islam, are being guided into that path of the Reality of God where we no longer see personality or ego but only the Person of God so that we, too, may say, “Ana al Haqq—I am God.”  That is the profound Truth that lies at the foundation of the founding of the Nation of Islam in America as we ultimately evolve into a Nation of Gods being Divinely Guided in the creation of a New World Order of Islam. All Praises is due to Allah! 

“By the heaven full of paths!  Surely you are of varying opinion—He is turned away from it who would be turned away. Cursed be the liars!  Who are in an abyss, neglectful; They ask: When is the day of Judgment?  (It is) the day when they are tried at the Fire.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 51, verses 7-13

To be continued.