The 2020 PowerNetworking Conference (PNC) had a great blend of motivational moments, comedy, and even wellness activities. This year’s virtual conference brought together some of the most talented and sought-after experts in business and marketing from around the country.

Dr. George Fraser, founder of the PowerNetworking, held its first “virtual” conference October 28 -30 with the theme, “Operation Breathe.” It gave participants an opportunity to be in a “safe space to learn, breathe and build” during a global pandemic.

One new attendee in her 70’s said it was “the best two days she has had in the past seven years!”


For 19 years, the PowerNetworking Conference has been the home of Black entrepreneurs looking to connect, grow and prosper. Forbes ranked it as one of the top five conferences in the world for entrepreneurs. The conference has developed a unique platform helping people to network and build a financial legacy.

Dr. Fraser, who is an author, entrepreneur, speaker and networking expert, has an amazing skill of bringing people together and helps everyone feel heard. This year’s conference gave participants “a front row seat” in every event from the main PowerStage which featured presenters such as Les Brown, Dr. Ron Daniels, Stedman Graham, Iyanla Vanzant, Dr. Stacie Grant, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Rev. Jamal Bryant, Linda Clemons, Delano Johnson, Brother Bedford, Dr. Randal Pinkett, Dr. Dennis Kimbro, Wendy Muhammad, Willie Jolley, Dr. Cheryl Wood, and son of the legendary Marcus Garvey, Dr. Julius Garvey.

In the PowerSuites, participants were able to converse with speakers and ask questions. Valuable nuggets of information were shared in each session. Body language expert Linda Clemons shared with participants keys on reading a person. She said, “Words are seven percent of what we say, 55 percent of our communication is nonverbal.”

Rev. Freddie Haynes asked the question, “How can we be mentally healthy when we are physically threatened? … Revolution begins in the mind.”

When Dr. Fraser asked a panel of speakers, “What keeps people broke?” They identified six items:

  1. Too much focus on getting paid. … “Chase excellence, never chase money.” If you are excellent, money will find you.
  2. Being a consumer instead of being a merchant. We need more Black people producing products and selling items.
  3. Thinking a politician will change our economic condition.
  4. Trying to look rich with a poverty mentality.
  5. Paying bills late.
  6. Credit Cards.

Conference participants expressed their satisfaction with the event. “What a phenomenal experience PNC was!” shared Dr. Cheryl Woods. “It was absolutely executed at the highest level of excellence! Thank you for how well you serve our people and for inviting me to be a part of history,” she added.

“This was my first PNC Conference and I have fully taken in all of it,” said Helena Wise. “I believe you’re God sent and I am thankful and grateful,” added Ms. Wise.

“As a first-time attendee of the PowerNetworking Conference I was blown away by the wealth of knowledge shared by the diverse power speakers and coaches during last week’s virtual conference. I was also impressed by the caliber of the other guests and the excellence exuded at the conference,” shared Dr. Olufunke Odetunde.

“As someone passionate about financial literacy and financial wellness, it was great to see a panel dedicated to discussion about money, bringing an awareness to the importance of financial literacy and wealth creation which historically has always been deemed a taboo topic. … Hearing the speakers talk freely about money even in the context of the church was very liberating,” said Dr. Odetunde.

Andrea Dixon, president of Nia Life, LLC said, “The entire conference has been incredible. You are a legend [George Fraser] and a treasure to the world… I can’t wait for next year’s PNC.”

This year’s PowerNetworking Conference helped many to build new relationships and connections online. Two of the highlights at the end of the conference were Rev. Freddie Haynes’s closing remarks and the successful Power Exchange Auction which helps to support students attending along with a regular registration.

“Without Relationships, you have no business,” said Dr. Fraser. “Be kind. Have character…The purpose of life is to love, to give, to serve and to add the highest value to others.”

The replay of the conference is available on