[Editor’s note: The following article is based on excerpts from an address delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan during a virtual meeting on December 12, 2020 of the Nubian Leadership Circle convened by Sadiki Kambon. We urge you to order the message in its entirety on DVD/CD, or MP3, call 1-866-602-1230, ext. 200. Or visit www.store.finalcall.com.]

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

As-Salaam Alaikum.

To Brother Sadiki Kambon of the Nubian Leadership Circle, longtime broadcaster Bob Law, Dr. Ray Winbush of Morgan State University, E. Faye Williams of the National Congress of Black Women and all of the wonderful presenters, I am so inspired by what I saw and by what I heard.


It was a learning experience for me. Because when you work a long time in the vineyard with your people and this is my 67th year working in this vineyard. I read once in the Bible, cast your bread upon the waters and after many days you’ll see it coming back to you.

Sadiki Kambon

I thank Allah for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I thank him for what he gave to me to give to you and to our people throughout the world. I thank him and the God who raised him for their Intervention in Our Affairs. After listening to each of you with rapt attention I saw a great future for our people coming through you. Thank you Brother Sadiki and all of those who worked with you to make the vision that you had reality.

Back in the 1980s, I believe, I had just come back from overseas and I knew that as a people we were struggling and I knew that we needed to pull our people together like we are today; organizational leaders, our critical thinkers and sit down to talk about the problems that we face and develop solutions for those problems.

I didn’t think that the Nation of Islam at that time could provide that umbrella for all of the organizations and organizational leaders to find that comfortable spot with. So my brother Dr. Ben Chavis and my dear lawyer and friend Lew Myers had become the two principals of the NAACP in the 1990s. Since I was nurtured by reading the writings of W.E. B. Du Bois in the NAAP’s Crisis Magazine that my mother nurtured me with, I felt that the NAACP could be and should be the one to call our leaders and organizations together.

I broached the subject to Rev. Chavis and Atty. Myers and I asked them would they do it and they did it. The NAACP hosted Black organizations, Black leaders, Black historians, Black thinkers and we met in Baltimore, Md., in June 1994. Out of that meeting a new organization was established. It was called NAALS, the National African American Leadership Summit. We went forward from that day in Baltimore. So charged that we knew that with this kind of organizational effort, people in a room with various religious, ideological persuasions, some friends, some not so friendly, but we did it with the help of God and the help of the NAACP and we went away feeling that we had made a good start.

Outside of the door was a rabbi who was noting all those who came but the rabbi’s anger was because I was in the group. I’m sure that you all know that Farrakhan is not loved in that circle. They hated the fact that all these Black leaders and organizations were in one room and Farrakhan was in the room with them.

It seems like Farrakhan has a disease and it’s not Covid, it’s not AIDS, it’s just being too Black, too strong and too much in love with the word of God coming through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

I’m in love with you. I can’t help myself. I could never betray you.

I’m anxious to prove my love for you through living and dying for that which is bigger than I and you, but never bigger than Us. …

Sadiki Kambon has offered me the chance to speak at many things that he organized. Last year he asked me to participate and I realized at what he wanted to do was revive NAALS, a national Black leadership summit. And as I learned from each one of you that spoke all the beautiful ideas that gushed forward from your lips and your hearts and your minds, I know that we have arrived at a certain point in our development now that we can become the greatest gift to our people and the biggest threat to the enemy who hates to see our rise.

He can’t help himself.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught me that a rising force pulls apart and destroys a falling force. Since this world is falling and we are rising, we are the force that’s helping them to break apart. It is you and I and we are coming into a level of consciousness that causes us to rise.

We’re influencing our babies, we’re influencing art, we’re influencing culture, we’re influencing science and technology.

We are upsetting a world and that’s what disturbs me now because the enemy sees in his fall, and our rise, that the end of White Supremacy and its power over people of color is come to an end.

So what is in his mind? What is he thinking? … So now we are in danger.

When the National African American Leadership Summit (NAALS) got started in 1994, I think the rabbi’s name was Rabbi David Saperstein who was outside watching us. After the third time we met we begin to feel the affect of money on Black organizations. The affect of their philanthropy when they feel threatened then they will threaten us. “Farrakhan shouldn’t be in that meeting. Sorry, he’s a hater, he’s an anti-Semite; he’s anti-gay … Farrakhan is anti-everything.”

If you want to meet, if you want your meeting to survive, we must have money to support our organizations. You don’t know this but Brother Abdul Akbar Muhammad, my wonderful friend and longtime associate and helper, we were together in Libya with Brother Muammar Gadhafi. Gadhafi said to me Brother Farrakhan when we are off of the sanctions that America has on us, we’re going to put the Nation of Islam in our national budget each and every year. That’s great news because Gadhafi gave a lot of money to the Palestinians and to other organizations. But now he was going to give it to the Nation of Islam.

You don’t know this but you should know your brother. When I asked Ben Chavis to call us all together under the aegis of the NAACP, I’m a Muslim but I love the NAACP. Why you love them? Because they nurtured me. Why do you love Black organizations? Because everyone of us has something to offer the struggle. You can’t say that you got it all or I got it all. But together we have it all. And until we think for the whole and not for a few of us getting this or that we’ll be the loser.

So the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to me think for the whole, speak for the whole. So they took Gadhafi off of the sanctions and he turned over all his weapons of mass destruction to President Bush. Brother Akbar Muhammad will tell you I wrote a beautiful letter that we carried to Gadhafi. In that letter I laid-out to him my thinking. I know that the NAACP could be more powerful than it is if it didn’t depend on outside forces to give money. So when you were talking today about economics and how we have to sacrifice, nobody gives the Nation nothing but our people. I’m free to go anywhere in the world because I’m supported by the Nation of Islam. I have helped every Black organization that has ever asked me for money, asked me for help. I’ve sent others all over the world to conferences. I’ve helped other organizations that were dying with some of the money that these Believers that were on this program today give to me. Because I don’t see the Nation as this little group of people, we are the Nation. The only thing that we are missing is the unity of the whole of us for all of us and as a catalyst for the whole Black nation all over the earth to rise when we rise.

When Brother Gadhafi was out from under the sanctions and I reminded him of his promise. I didn’t know another promise was made, because President Bush would not let him off the hook until he declared that he will not give aid to the Nation of Islam. Brother Gadhafi was a helper to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He was a helper to Louis Farrakhan.

Elijah Muhammad borrowed $4 million and bought the Mosque in Chicago and paid him $75,000 a month. I borrowed $5 million to go into personal care products for the Nation. I put it in a Black bank. I went to Black companies, “Come on let’s manufacture these personal care products.” The enemy went to Mr. Johnson of the great Johnson Products Company, and told him “if you did anything for Farrakhan, we’ll take all your products off the shelf.”

Do you know the enemy? Do you really know the enemy? Do you really think he’s happy to see what you’re doing today? Do you really think that he will not hesitate to destroy us when he sees his end in sight?

So my concern today is not the beautiful thinking. My concern today is do you really know your enemy? Because some of us fell out with Elijah Muhammad because he referred to the White man as the devil.

The devil is real. He raises hell. In the church you say the devil is a liar. And every since we’ve been in his hands he’s told us nothing but lies about ourselves; nothing but lies about God; lies about our people in Africa to keep us all divided against ourselves. And we’re still sick from his poison, but we’re cleaning it up. Before Elijah Muhammad left he gave us a subject, “How Strong Is the Foundation Can We Survive?” All that we did today, all that we heard today says we’re on the move—we are rising. …

Brother Malcolm was my teacher. Everywhere I went with Brother Malcolm he didn’t waste any time exposing the devil. So that became the talk everybody, Malcolm X. He whipped the White man coming and going and you know it because he affected practically everyone in this circle. Brother Malcolm affected everybody with his teaching, real talk.

You didn’t know the White man like he knew him. Malcolm made sure that all of us knew him and we got uncomfortable. When I was his young student in New York I use to watch the intellectuals, the learned ones. When Brother Malcolm was speaking on 125th Street and 7th Avenue, in Harlem, at Elder Michaeux’s Bookstore, big gatherings. Malcolm would lay it down. The learned it ones would come, stay across the street, hear Brother Malcolm and keep on stepping, real talk.

But after awhile, they understood him and they loved him. But to love Malcolm you couldn’t love the enemy. Once you came under his teachings, we respect the enemy but love, no, no, no. Love was for you, love for us who learned to hate each other from his, the enemy’s, teaching to us. But now we’re wide awake. …

We’re in a survival mode today brothers and sisters because all the plans that we have to do good for ourselves and our people, if we don’t survive we can’t do it. We live now in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. And what I read when I first came in the Nation, “We Charge Genocide.” They want to kill an entire people because we are the next inheritors of rulership over the planet. He, the enemy, already knows this. He knows our future but he doesn’t intend for us to see that future.

He’s upset because we are rising.

Look how much we gave to the Democratic Party. We’ve always given them our best shot. But we never got what we deserved. Mr. Joe Biden has wanted to be president since he first entered Congress. He tried a few times and lost. He was giving it up until Charlottesville, Virginia, and the Nazis and the haters of Jews came out and somebody got run over with a car and he decided he’d get back in the race.

When he got back in the race people laughed. They laughed because he was too old. They laughed because he’s the oldest man to ever become president of the United States. But when he went to South Carolina our brother, the great brother who helped him take his campaign up out of the doldrums, Congressman James Clyburn. And from that day the Biden campaign kept going up, up, up.

Our people wanted Mr. Trump out of there. I have never seen Black people talk about a White president like our people talked about Mr. Trump. I heard my beautiful sister, Maxine Waters, at the funeral of Dick Gregory, “that thing over there,” called Mr. Trump a thing. When he became president our brother from Georgia the one who just passed away recently, John Lewis, didn’t even recognize him and said he’s illegitimate. You remember that? Snoop Dogg came out with a rap video, with a gun, and Snoop shot the gun at him and Busta Rhymes called him the orange man.

Mr. Trump called Biden “Sleepy Joe.” The biggest slap in the face to Mr. Trump was when the man he called Sleepy Joe became the president-elect of the United States of America and called a Black woman to his side. She isn’t a lightweight. Kamala Harris is a heavyweight. Look at how White folks are thinking right now, “She’s a heartbeat away from being the first Black, female, president,” if Mr. Biden dies while in office. So White folks are upset, that’s what I’m trying to tell you. They see our rise and we are witnessing their fall.

Now we have to survive because the Death Plan is in motion. What is the Death Plan? You say, “well Black folks are the most prone to the covid virus.” Why is that? Because of the comorbidity conditions: diabetes, heart failure, obesity. Name all the comorbidity problems—we lead in that. But let me ask you this. How did we get in this condition? Did you know that there’s food that they prepare for you and me in the ’hood, that they kill us by zip code? When they know your zip code, they send the worst food in for us to consume. Flint, Michigan is not an accident. They’re killing us through the water. You’re a young man and have erectile dysfunction. I’m not meaning to be vulgar. But our old folks died with the ability to make a baby. You need pills. You are already on death row and don’t even know it. So now you’re a perfect host for the Covid virus. That’s why it’s killing us. But it’s not that we don’t have the means to do that, we don’t really need the vaccine. We need more Vitamin D.

Brothers and sisters, I heard my African sister talking earlier. We’re talking about our people in the Caribbean. In the little island that my mother is from, St. Kitts, I think they had zero deaths from the Covid-19 virus. Do you know why the virus is not hitting the Caribbean like it’s hitting America and Europe? Because we live in the sun. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told me that in the sun there are billions of vitamins that you can’t get in anything that is created except through the sun. My teacher taught me take a bath a least once a year in the sun. And when you’ve turned enough your body has accepted billions of vitamins into it. And when the day of disease comes the vitamins rise up to defend us against disease. That’s why in the Caribbean they’re not worried about a pandemic down there.

But we are so frightened over this Covid now they’re getting us ready for the vaccine. Brothers and sisters, do you believe that Satan is concerned about vaccinating you? You trust him after all that he’s done to destroy us, you trust him. Your trust is sickening because you love your enemy and you hate yourself and your friend.

How could you allow him to stick a needle into you saying he’s helping you? “Well, we have Black people that are in the trials they’re in this part and that part and they’re telling us it’s okay.” There are things that he, Satan, brings you right into that blinds you at the same time because he lets you see what he wants you to see. He lets you know what he wants you to know and he keeps you blind to the thing that he doesn’t want you to know because he does not want you to warn your people against his plots.

Do you know they took me down from YouTube? You were talking about YouTube today it’s a great thing. Use it as best as you can. But my July 4, 2020 message called “The Criterion,” anyone that broadcasts that message, he’s pulling them down. What’s wrong with the Minister? You’re talking all your stuff. Why can’t the Minister tell us the view of the Elijah Muhammad on these vaccines? I’m taken off, Boyce Watkins is off. Ben X is off, Abdul Quiyyam Muhammad is taken off.

What have I done but tell you the truth? None of you can say to me that I’m a liar. You know that I have never lied to you. But that Satan that you’re listening to, he’s a liar from the beginning and a murderer to the end.


Sadiki Kambon

Minister Louis Farrakhan