With the end of the rule of the White race over the Black people of earth in sight—face to face—we have to deal with each other according to the actual facts which exist between the two nations (Black and White).

With the nature and desire of the White race to continue their rule and subjection of the darker people even though the White man recognizes these facts, he will continue to try holding onto his rule; his subjection; his thinking of what he has acquired under such rule—that which is his and he cannot give up the prey—his concession—the merchandise which he has exploited out from under the noses and eyes of the real owners (Black man).

He is willing to shed the blood of his own people and that of others to hold onto that which he calls his legal possessions. The spirit aroused in the Black man says, “NO”—that the continent and what is on and under its surface belongs to him and his people (Black nation). This spirit and knowledge is now not only confined to Africa and Asia, the Black, Brown and Yellow people, but it actually is now arising in the American so-called Negro, the true lost and found brother of the Black man throughout the earth—whether it be Africa or Asia, he is the brother of them all.

It is the desire of the White race to continue to hold power and authority over Black Africa, whether it is in Rhodesia or elsewhere. They will just have to give it up. England, Germany, Italy and France—especially England, France and skeleton Germany—seem to be the die-hards.


The White men in Rhodesia would be acting wisely if, they would realize that one day, sooner or later, they: must pack up and leave. Wherefore I quote the Bible prophecy concerning the separation of nations, again today, as it was before: “Every man must go to his own.” This is the clearest and most direct justice that God and man could agree upon.

The White man cannot live in luxury unless he has the Black man and his place of possession in subjection to his will. But, as I repeatedly say in this paper and in all of my writings, “You cannot make God and His prophets liars,” nor can we reverse the time of their prediction in which these things would take place. So the time has come.

This is nothing but justice; that we have possession of what is our own. The White man is conscious of the fact that he deceived the Black man of the knowledge of the Black man and his possessions. But that particular authority was given divinely; temporarily. But, by the same Divinity, it is now being taken from the White race.

The White race is facing doom because she will not act according to justice and righteousness—which was not by nature put in her. But this is known and her race is frightened concerning her future, as we see here in America.

The White man recognizes his coming doom and many of them would rather die here than to go elsewhere, outside of America, to try to defend what they call “their own independent sovereignty.” Some have poured gasoline over themselves and committed suicide by setting themselves afire.

This is a very new and open act of a people who want every other people (Black, Brown, Yellow, and Red) on earth to fight their wars to save their independence.

A ruthless and brutal people like America, England, and Germany should be ashamed in this modern time to look for these people, whom they have robbed, killed, murdered and brought under subjugation by force, to think that today they should be so soundly asleep that they ignore the time and the authority that they can unite, as the European has been doing against Black Africa and Brown and Yellow Asia.

As the Book says to the White race: “As Thou hast done, so shall it be done unto thee.”

The White man must return to Europe and concentrate on that continent for his future—or else concentrate on his death instead of his life—for they can no longer rule the Black man. The Black man now knows where his home is and he now is rising up to take possession of that which is his.

(Reprinted from “The Fall Of America,” 1973.)