CHICAGO—Brother Bennie “Moe” Mahdi Muhammad—longtime helper in the cause of truth under the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam—is known to many as a man who will go far and beyond in the line of duty.

Benny Mahdi Muhammad

He was born August 24, 1946 and raised on the West Side of Chicago and remained true to his upbringing by joining the Nation of Islam as a young man in 1966 after his mother, Margaret, and his brothers. He is a dedicated soldier of the Fruit of Islam, the men of the Nation of Islam.

“He helped to align and recruit other FOI; he was effective in the way of who to place where, which brothers are best fit,” said Sister Margaret Mahdi, daughter of Bro. Bennie Moe. His sons, Bennie Mahdi, Elijah Muhammad, Fard Muhammad and Wali Fard Muhammad were also raised in the Nation of Islam.

“I think overall what the brothers loved about him was his straightforward disposition. What you see is what you get but he always advocated the love for his Nation, and he also—if we are working alongside with the Minister—helping him in any capacity, that love should be in our hearts and our actions, unapologetically. And he was one to stomp anyone down who would try to come against us,” she continued.


Some affectionately called him “uncle” Bennie Moe because he wanted nothing more but to bring out the best in others and he sacrificed greatly for others. Minister Farrakhan recognized Bro. Bennie Moe at Mosque Maryam several years ago, for “getting in the way” of the Minister himself paying entirely for the Final Call Administration building, in the early days of the rebuilding efforts of the Nation.

“Bennie Moe said, ‘Brother Farrakhan, you got to let us do something!’” the Minister said during the address “A Celebration of Life, a Celebration of Family” in 1998.

To date Bro. Bennie Moe never wavered from that spirit in going beyond the call of duty and helping others. “He’s a man if he said he’s going to do it; he’ll do it and he’s a man because he gives his word. So, I believe he gives all those who’ve been blessed to be in his space, he gives us strength, he gives us the constant reminder of celebrating all the praises to Allah (God). He gives us the desire to keep moving and to fight and also, to be straightforward,” said Sis. Margaret.

She said she was inspired by her father’s spirit even during the time he fell ill recently, and doctors said he wouldn’t recover from his stroke. “He has shown me the purity of his heart, to go beyond the call of duty, even when you don’t feel like it, even when you are hurting, even when you are even sick to still go above the call of duty to help someone else. I think that’s what I’ve gotten most from my father as I see him now,” she observed.

“The Minister called him a warrior because he fought death. We met with the Minister about two Thursdays ago and the Minister shared with him, he said, ‘Brother Bennie, you told that Death Angel get back, it’s not my time.’ I wanted people to know that my father is a warrior, and that he’s a man’s man and he’s been trained in the best class there is, the FOI.”

Barney Muhammad of the Elite 50 Plus Squad told The Final Call, “It would take a book, and yes, a full featured documentary to really dig down into the life and times of Brother Bennie Moe, but suffice it to say that as great and strong a warrior he is could not overshadow the humble and sensitive person he manifests through the love of Allah, his people, the Minister and the Nation.” The Elite 50 Plus named by Min. Farrakhan, is a special squad at Mosque Maryam, comprised of FOI ages 50 and over.

Herbert Laffoon wrote on Facebook about Bro. Bennie Moe, “God Allah continue to bless this brother. Feb. 1999 I hung out with this brother til’ Saviours’ Day; very hospitable, no nonsense on security; they check you out and everyone in Englewood knew Bennie when soldiering.”

Lionel Muhammad wrote on Facebook, “I met Bennie Moe in 2001 when I first came home and he gave me 500 Final Calls and told me to go save our people, I had never sold a paper in my life and I thank Allah over and over again for his Brotherly love for the Brotherhood.”

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