CHICAGO—The Honorable Brother Minister Louis Farrakhan once said, “… there is no nation without businesses.”  So, it is always a delight, whenever we can recognize and feature a member of the Nation of Islam who has successfully weathered the storm in establishing a brick and mortar business. 

Rosebud’s Reflections Affordable Fashion Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories store is located at 1240 East 79th Street in the heart of the Southside of Chicago just blocks away from The National Center and Mosque Maryam.

Sister Dora Muhammad, dubbed “the Fashion Scientist,” started the business over five years ago as an online company and participated in “pop-up events” throughout the Chicago area until eventually opening a brick and mortar store at her second and now current location along with her online store. 

When customers enter the store the exclamation of  “wow!” is heard throughout the store followed by “I didn’t know it would look this great!” or “you have a real store with real inventory!” Rosebud’s Reflections specializes in unique modest fashion wear, jewelry, and handbags strategically purchased worldwide to maintain a fresh and unique look. Halal skincare products and much more are also available. Providing quality fashion merchandise is just part of the service given by Sister Dora Muhammad. The best part is how she matches the best combinations of clothing, jewelry, handbags, and colors to uniquely style her customers like a scientist.


Rosebud’s Reflections also carries many of our Black-owned community productssuch as “True Detergent,” “Rap Potato Chips,” various black soaps, bath salts, toothpaste,

skin and hair products, and of course, “The Final Call newspaper.”

Rosebuds Reflections is enhanced with shared space provided to MGT Entrepreneurs: Nene Crochet Boutique by Sister Denise X and Cristel Boutique by Sister Cristel Muhammad.  There are also numerous pop-up opportunities such as book signings and new product introductions.

Sister Dora brings a special background to her success story whereas she took failing White major retail stores and revived them into thriving 2 million-dollar entities. Some of you may remember Sister Dora’s older brother Amir Muhammad who was commissioned by Min. Farrakhan to be his personal emissary to street organizations and in 1996 returned to Allah.  Sis. Dora is also the wife of Brother Barney Muhammad of The Elite 50-Plus squad.