“But the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed up the flood which the dragon had spewed out of his mouth.”—Revelations 12:16-NKJV

“The ultimate aim of this world should be known to everyone; especially the righteous…The (arch-deceivers) ultimate aim is to do as their people have done—try to destroy the preacher of truth and those who believe in him. This was the aim of Cain when he slew his brother, Abel, and the aim of the dragon when he sought to destroy the woman (Messenger), as it is written in Revelations 12:4”—Hon. Elijah Muhammad April 30, 1965

DJ Vlad Images: Youtube

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s July 4th message, which offered Divine Guidance and pastoral comfort in the midst of a global pandemic to millions of men and women throughout the world, at the same time generated a flood of negative news coverage from various publications within the Jewish community.

Popular YouTube vlogger DJ Vlad joined the Jewish press in attempting to scandalize the Minister’s Divine Message. His insistence that Minister Farrakhan had used his July 4th message to call for violence against Jews was met with scorn and rebuke from many in the Black community, many of whom took to social media to register their condemnation of DJ Vlad’s false statements against our beloved Minister. In reaction to the Black community’s righteous indignation against DJ Vlad for slandering Minister Farrakhan, the popular YouTuber and member of the Jewish community released the following statement detailing his actions: “On Friday, VladTV posted an interview with D.L. Hughley where I referenced part of Farrakhan’s speech about Jews. After our interview was released, I was made aware that there was a later part in Farrakhan’s speech where he clarified those points. Based on that new info, we removed that part of our interview, changed the title and removed the social media posts. Although I don’t agree with some of Farrakhan’s statements, VladTV has always reported on people accurately and will continue to do so.”


Vlad’s statement however, angered many since it failed to include an apology to Minister Farrakhan. This anger undoubtedly arises from the Black community having taken notice that when Blacks are alleged to have offended the Jewish community, public apologies are required from the offending Black person. They are also expected to allow Jewish organizations to educate them on Jewish suffering. And often times they are expected to donate large sums of money to Jewish institutions and causes. And all of this is done to demonstrate contrition and sincere sorrow for having offended the Jewish community. It is also required so that the Jewish community will refrain from using its influence to ruin the offending Black person’s career and reputation.

The most recent example of this is the talented entertainer Nick Cannon. To put it plainly, many in the Black community feel that if Jews are going to require Nick Cannon et.al. to undergo a step by step process to make amends for offenses to the Jewish community; DJ Vlad should do the same to make amends to the Black community. One of the most vocal voices of condemnation against DJ Vlad has been Detroit-based rapper Royce Da 5’9”. He took to his Instagram account to record a powerful statement in support of Minister Farrakhan. Royce Da 5’9” boldly stated: “I think you need to understand, that as an associate of yours, when you misquoted Minister Farrakhan, that is highly offensive to me.

It’s reparable to me, between me and you. But nothing like this can ever happen again. It’s making my brain go somewhere else. I’m starting to get that abused feeling again. … We’re being nice. We’re a kind, forgiving people. Minister Farrakhan is a very regal, deep, intellectual, cerebral, great man. My respect love and admiration for him will never waver, ever. … So you can’t have a relationship with me, if you don’t respect the Minister.” He has been joined in his stance against DJ Vlad by legendary Hip Hop artist and podcaster Lord Jamar and Comedian Godfrey. Activist MC Mysonne the General and Nation of Islam member, the legendary artist West Coast KAM have also used their social media platforms to call out DJ Vlad and issue forth the call to boycott his YouTube podcast. The spiritual intersection that these popular Hip Hop artists are uniting on the occasion of DJ Vlad’s attempt to assassinate the character of Minister Farrakhan is very significant.

It draws our attention to the scriptures of the Bible, particularly the scriptures that use poetic language to detail the End-Times prophecies concerning the last days and years of the present global civilization of the Caucasian or European people. These prophecies include a reference to the presence of a Divine Messenger of God who is symbolically described as a woman who is pregnant with a child of destiny. Commonly referred to as “the woman and the dragon prophecy,” this dramatic passage of scripture includes Satan who is described as a great and powerful dragon. The passage from the Bible’s Revelation’s chapter 12 that leads into this article reveals that the dragon sought to drown the pregnant woman in his attempt to kill the woman and the child she was about to deliver, a child whose destiny it is to rule the nations of the Earth. But instead of being successful in the destruction of the mother and child of destiny in her womb, the dragon’s flood is rendered non-effective because the Earth swallowed the flood and helped the woman escape to a safe place with God.

This poetic and symbolic portrait of one of the Bible’s major end-times events is explained by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. The “woman and the dragon” episode has deep and profound meaning. This “woman” is a symbolic reference to the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s national representative, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. He is anointed and authorized by Allah (God) through the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad to deliver the Black man and woman of America from our present state of mental and spiritual death. Our destiny as a people is the same destiny of the child inside the womb of the woman being pursued by the dragon in Revelations 12:16. Our destiny is to replace the old wicked rulership of this present civilization of the White man, with the righteous rulership and civilization of Allah (God); to fill the earth with righteousness and the praises of Allah (God).

A careful study of Minister Farrakhan’s conflict with the Jewish community on behalf of Black people in America reveals that this “woman and the dragon” episode found in Revelation 12:16 is prophetic prediction of the Minister’s conflict. Minister Farrakhan has been unique as a leader of Black people in that his efforts among us are always fueled by his demonstration of an unconditional love for us. For even when other Black leaders have repudiated the Minister, he has forgiven them and refuses to retaliate against them. His love for us is divine. And it is both paternal and maternal. He is therefore a consummate leader. As a father, his love of his people is on display in his long history of sharing guidance and profound knowledge, wisdom and understanding to the Black community. And he has been a great provider for our people in the way he has worked to create a model of solutions to many of the social ills we suffer from in the Black community, solutions that if followed en masse would make the Black people of America one of the healthiest and wealthiest in the world. His unconditional love is like the maternal love of a mother, and it is frequently seen in his ability to defend even the worst among us.

Yet despite Minister Farrakhan’s beneficial impact on Black people, his conflict with the Jewish community causes mainstream media outlets to denigrate him and victimize him with false propaganda. The purpose of their propaganda is character assassination which is itself purposed to incite physical assassination. There is a lot that can be expounded upon and extracted in this passage whereby relevant parallels can be drawn to current events to open up more and more of the scripture’s inner meaning for those who are courageous enough to study it. Royce Da 5’9”, Lord Jamar, West Coast KAM, Mysonne the General and Godfrey’s collective stance against the flood of propaganda aimed at Minister Farrakhan is an encouraging sign of the “earth swallowing up the flood” to help the modern messenger of Allah (God)—Minister Louis Farrakhan.

These strong brothers and their stance signify that Allah (God) is with Minister Farrakhan. While these brothers are standing in support of Minister Farrakhan, other prominent Black celebrities are similarly refusing to repudiate and condemn the Minister even though they are being pressured to do so by Jewish organizations. In recent times Nick Cannon, Stephen Jackson, Ice Cube and others have resisted the evil suggestion by Jewish political organizations to repudiate Minister Farrakhan. Again, these are encouraging signs. They help us to see that Allah (God) is involved in these controversial current events. They are signs that the people, symbolically referenced as the “earth swallowing up the flood,” are willing to help the Messenger of Allah (God) by standing against the modern dragon’s flood of propaganda.

Demetric Muhammad, a Nation of Islam student minister, is based in Memphis and a member of the NOI Research Group. Read more from him at www.researchminister.com.