The 1995 Million Man March was not only an historic gathering called by Allah (God) through the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, but it was a call to action that inspired subsequent mass gatherings. For decades Min. Farrakhan has been a champion of truth and consistently displays and demonstrates his love and devotion for the Black man and woman and all of humanity.

The ground breaking Million Woman March in Philadelphia, PA. on Oct. 25, 1997.

The Million Man March was a launching pad for mass movements and gatherings conducted and organized by groups, organizations and people inspired to make or force changes in their communities or to call attention to injustices or other critical issues. Any mass gathering that utilizes the term “Million” or “Millions” was directly or indirectly inspired or influenced by the Million Man March. The Million Woman March, Million Moms March, Million Worker March, Million People March, Million Muslim March were just a few gatherings that have taken place over the years in the U.S. and abroad.

However, Min. Farrakhan who is backed by Allah and His Messiah has convened several impactful and life-altering gatherings that have taken place in Washington, D.C. as a direct outgrowth of the 1995 mass gathering. The subsequent marches included: The Million Family March in 2000, Millions More Movement in 2005 and Justice or Else in 2015. Min. Farrakhan is arguably the only Black leader who can issue a call and receive an overwhelming response from people who desire to hear what a Man of God has on his heart to share.

Min. Farrakhan and Rev. Ben Chavis (r) announce plans and agenda for the Oct. 16, 2000 Million Family March in Washington, D.C.

During a previous interview reflecting on the Million Man March, Min. Farrakhan noted the following: “Five years after the success of the Million Man March, we were able to go back to the Mall on Washington for the Million Family March. There were a little over 1.2 or 1.3 million people. Although less than the success of the Million Man March, it was a great success again and it showed the Minister’s impact still with Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Native Americans and Hebrews.”


The Millions More Movement was historical in that brothers and sisters representing the Latino, Indigenous and Native American communities were prominently featured as organizers and speakers. And Justice or Else which commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March in 2015 featured young activists and leaders and was extraordinarily successful despite no mainstream media promotion of the event.

Rev. Ben Chavis stands with singer Eryka Badu as she endorses the Oct. 15, 2005 Millions More Movement.