[Editor’s Note:  This article is a reprint that was published on November 8, 1995.]

The Million Man March, divinely called through the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, was an awesome display of the purpose for which God came to the United States of America. 

It was an event which has fulfilled a major prophecy, as I’ve mentioned in previous articles, which triggers other aspects of the divine plan.

Throughout this issue of The Final Call there will, no doubt, be several analytical articles about varying aspects of this huge event and of its significance of what it will and ought to lead to.


I’ve asked myself what could I contribute to the “jillions” of words being spoken and written which could be of value in this national (and indeed, international) “discussion” about the “Messenger” and the “Message,” as so many have referred to Minister Farrakhan and the message, teachings, lessons, information, etc., conveyed through this wondrous event.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

I’ve decided to discuss certain specific statements made against the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, but to do it in a way that gets up under the public words used by those persons who used them.  I want to contribute to the process of the clarification of thought about a very significant Black man and the event God Himself called through him.

Not everyone will agree that the Divine Supreme Being willed the Million Man March into being through Minister Farrakhan.  But He did.

Not everyone will agree that He first made signs (or types) of this event and had them put on the pages of the scriptures, in more than one place, and had its meaning also written of in advance.  But He did.

Not everyone will agree that He first put the idea of it in the extraordinary head of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and made him to drop the germ of it on the mind and in the heart of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan in such a way that at Allah’s right time, this idea would germinate—in the brain of this mighty Minister of God—and that the Almighty God would foster and guide the process of the Minister’s thought to bring about the event through one stage after another until around 1.2 million Black men would come to Washington, D.C., for the best of reasons, at the call of their Brother, Minister Farrakhan, and that untold millions (or billions) internationally would witness it. But He did.

However, to one extent or another all will come to agree on this, and much more, about which they now disagree, concerning Minister Farrakhan and his work of the uplift of fallen humanity.

An analysis is the product of the process of analyzing. The central idea in analyzing anything is the act of separating into constituent parts for study and later, perhaps, for use; or to separate into parts or basic principles so as to determine the nature of the whole.  It is to examine methodically, which includes an effort to see the parts in terms of the whole.

Up to this point, what has been the mental process, which has been used by all of those who have publicly cursed Minister Farrakhan?  Can we call the mental process of these persons who have/are publicly speaking and writing against Minister Farrakhan—who otherwise seem so intelligent—a scientific method of studying the nature of something or someone, so as to determine its (his or her) essential features, qualities, their relations to each other and to other aspects of reality?

Some well known and influential men and women have even gone so far as to call Minister Farrakhan insane.  By what right or reason do they do so?  Why have so many highly intelligent men and women publicly spoken and written about Minister Farrakhan in such a way so as to indicate mental instability?  I wish to try to explore this matter to the very core or the very root of the ideas they have expressed about my Brother.  Hopefully, others will take this up and go deeper and spread it as far and as wide as the public cursing of Minister Farrakhan have gone.  For what end?  To what purpose?  To trade insults?  By no means!  To enlighten. By all means?

Hopefully such an analysis will help those who now don’t see as clear as they could see, as they engage in the effort or process of understanding what such persons presently have in the deep recesses of their hearts; even to how such bottomless evil developed in them in the first place. Then the events which are soon to take place in America, for all the world to see, will make better sense to all of us—especially those who make the effort to see into the heart of matters; and ultimately to better appreciate the beauty of the wisdom of Allah in this entire affair.

Let me begin with two aspects of a brief interview I was able to conduct, with a Brother, two nights before the Million Man March.

Brother Robert X:  “My son attends a school in Phoenix and his teacher, who is an ex-Catholic nun, is one of his instructors.  She was giving her view to her students as to what was the meaning of the Million Man March—before it even occurred.  Now, there were four Black children in the class that had to listen to and be impressed with her views.  She stated to the class that she sees advertisement of the Million Man March on television and she’s sick and tired of Farrakhan and wishes he was assassinated.

“Now, that type of viewpoint, that type of expression to young impressionable children is intolerable, but yet this is the type of instruction that our young Black children are receiving in public schools.

“My daughter, who also attends this school, has a young
White female teacher, who openly in class expressed her disappointment with the O.J. verdict.  She said that the fact that the jury was predominately Black was the reason why O.J. was acquitted.

“As she walked out of the classroom one day, my daughter, who is very helpful in all types of administrative things in the school, was assisting her, but was walking behind the instructor.  The instructor turns around, looks at my daughter, and says to her, ‘you are stalking me, like O.J. stalked Nicole.’

“Look at the effect that that has.  Here we have, all over the media print, as well as television, White people voicing their disappointment over the O.J. decision, painting a negative picture of O.J.  So the comment that the teacher gives to my daughter, a young Black child, is that you are stalking me, like O.J. stalked Nicole. These are wicked and negative impressions being put on Black children’s minds; that she’s being now viewed the same way that the public is viewing O.J., in a negative light.”

Later, in the interview, Brother Robert said:

“My foreparents, on in particular, was a slave in Alabama, whose main job for the slavemaster where to plant his crops. The slavemaster would always ask him to go on top of the mountain, look at the field and tell him where to plant his next crops so that they will gain the greatest yield and harvest.  And my grandfather would tell me that my great grandfather, an African slave, would go on top of the mountain, and look at the fields and be able to see what plants, what crops needed to be planted, where and how much, and in what quantities, and when they should be harvested, and in what amounts and how to do it.

“This type of vision, my grandfather would always tell me, that my great grandfather was a seer.  And this type of ability was present in the slaves during slavery.  How much more present was it in our people before slavery, when they were in their own land, amongst their own people, living in harmony?

“This same talent was in my father.  He was a brick mason.  He could go to a housing construction site and without putting a pencil to the paper, he could tell you how many bricks were to go in that house.  He would e only off a brick or two.

“White people were always in amazement as to how he could visualize that type of mathematical application of construction.  He was also a seer, and this is in our line; it is in our blood—to see.”

The next day, which was the day before the “March,” I asked this question of Minister Farrakhan’s National Spokesman and the Nation of Islam’s Minister of Health:  “What is that statue on top of the capitol?”

Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad: “That’s a statute of an Indian maiden.  It was recently refurbished.  I watched them use a helicopter, as they took it off and then they took it somewhere and cleaned it—it was about a year ago—then they brought it back and they set it on top.”

He continued his response to an earlier question I asked him: 

“So we’re on our way to the Western side of the capitol building and what we were saying just a few minutes ago was that the marchers will be facing due East.  And this is 180 degrees opposite of the march in 1963, when the marchers were facing West.  In fact, they were gathered at the feet of the Lincoln Memorial and behind them was the Washington Monument.  So those leaders, led the people between Washington and Lincoln, which is the period of time when we were in physical servitude, and to the feet of the “emancipator.”  So now, Minister Farrakhan has turned that all around, and has got us facing East to the rising sun of a brand new day.” I smiled.

How these excerpts from these interviews fit into the analysis, with a “positive’ excerpt from another interview, comes next issue, Allah willing.