America is being torn to pieces politically as Pharaoh’s political party was in the days when Jehovah went after the freedom of Israel. —the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

When you unravel something, you undo twisted, knitted, or woven threads; you investigate and solve or explain something complicated or puzzling.  The condition of America is puzzling.  The world is looking at a country going to hell. —the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

Less than 30 days from the Nov. 3 presidential election, tumult and upheaval continues in the United States. Approximately 48 hours after a combative and chaotic debate between Republican incumbent President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger and former vice-president Joe Biden, news broke that the commander-in-chief and his wife Melania Trump both tested positive for Covid-19.

The news disrupted global financial markets and is the latest “giant disruption” in a country reeling from a global pandemic which has shut down its economy. The U.S. is also simultaneously battling massive forest fires and other weather-related disasters, dealing with police violence igniting nationwide protests, and ongoing racial division under the watch of an unpredictable and polarizing president.


“Dumpster fire” debate on the world stage

The president’s Covid-19 diagnosis came in the aftermath of the country spiraling from a contentious debate between he and Mr. Biden. “Dumpster fire,” “embarrassing,” “frightening,” “offensive” and “crazy” were just a few of the descriptions the combative 90-minute showdown held Sept. 29 in Cleveland, Ohio, invoked.

“What we saw last night was a horror show, the most disgusting underbelly of U.S. politics,” Rina Sha, political commentator and founder of Republican Women for Biden, stated during her post-debate analysis on CTV. While most of the backlash was hurled at Mr. Trump for constantly interrupting moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News and hurling personal insults at Mr. Biden and his family, the former vice-president was often on the defensive and did not emerge with a clear decisive victory either. According to an Ipsos post-debate poll, “Biden may have gained a little support, but many still think Trump has a good chance of winning.” Over 73 million people watched the debate but the real losers afterward, argued many analysts, were the American people.

The first 2020 presidential debate was widely condemned. Photo: MGN Online

“I think that what people are seeing is that we’ve reached a new low,” said Marc Lamont Hill, author, activist and professor at Temple University. He spoke with The Final Call the day after the debate.

“There was no substantive conversation about those of us catching the most hell in America. The conversation was reducible to ‘Oh you think I’m racist you should see the other guy’ as someone said on Twitter,” observed Mr. Hill.

The first presidential debate for the 2020 race was supposed to provide the candidates an opportunity to present their ideas and policies on Covid-19, the economy, race in America, their respective political records, the Supreme Court and U.S. election integrity.

“There was no conversation about a path forward, about a way out, about a mechanism for rescuing folks, about how to heal this economy, how to create jobs, how to provide food and shelter. It was none of that. Instead we saw again a mud fight and it was not only disgraceful and distasteful but it’s a reminder that the only way we’re going to find any real semblance of freedom and justice is if we organize and produce real political possibilities, not wait for the same old system to give us results, ” said Mr. Hill.

Mr. Hill is also under no illusion that a victory by Mr. Biden in November is the solution and said he would not expect much but would expect more than what has taken place under the Trump administration. He is also concerned there could be violence. Mr. Trump has publicly stated that the only way he could lose in November is if there is election fraud on the part of the Democrats and he has not agreed that he would accept the results if he loses. The president has called for his supporters to go to the polls on election day and monitor locations.

“I absolutely worry about violence at the polls. I worry about election theft or worry about a Supreme Court reinforcing an unjust outcome. I worry about a President Trump who refuses to leave. I refuse to leave the White House, literally, physically. I consider all of those things. I’m still hopeful that those things won’t happen. Not because I believe in governments or because I believe in political systems, but because I believe in the people,” said Mr. Hill.

“And if we come out, when we organize and we vote and we turn out at the rate that I think we can; and there is the possibility of such a resounding victory that Trump would look foolish to contest the election. But if it’s close, tie goes to the runner in baseball. A tie will go to the powerful, and the power of the Senate, the power of the House, the power of the Supreme Court could tip for President Trump’s favor. So for me, I’m completely prepared for those negatives but I’m still deeply hopeful that we can make it out of it better than we started.”

Dr. Boyce Watkins noted seeds of division have been sown by those who do not want to see America prosper at the expense of the American people. “Black folks, I think we should see this as White people’s problems. Trump is a White man’s problem, he’s not my problem. The fact that he might be old and obnoxious that’s their problem, that’s not my problem,” said the finance professor and businessman.

“I think that this debate, the nastiness of it really undermines the amount of respect that any of us can have for the presidency. I don’t think anybody sees working in the White House as a badge of honor. I think it can be a source of shame, definitely a source of divisiveness. It’s going to keep our best people out of politics and it’s ultimately going to ruin our country,” said Dr. Watkins. He argues radical elements on the left and the right are to blame.

Countries react to debate debacle

What made the fallout from the Trump-Biden debate more appalling in the eyes of critics is the image and message the combative display sent globally to America’s allies and enemies. “Global reaction to the debate between President Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden was largely similar to reactions in the U.S. But to many international observers, Tuesday’s spectacle wasn’t just unseemly; it represented an America in decline, eliciting pity in some cases, and in others, leading some to question whether democracy is a political system worth embracing,” wrote Matthew S. Schwartz in an article titled, “Is This American-Style Civilization?: World Reacts To Presidential Debate,” published on

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a world address on July 4th.

Mr. Schwartz cited several international publications that heavily criticized the two men citizens of the world’s most powerful country will chose between as its next leader in the next few weeks. The UK-based BBC News noted that newspapers and commentators around the world criticized the tone and tactics of the debate. The network cited British publication The Guardian calling the debate a “national humiliation.” The Times, another British publication, described the spectacle as “an ill-tempered and at times incomprehensible squabble between two angry septuagenarians who palpably loathe each other,” noted French newspaper Libération described it as “chaotic,” “childish” and “grueling.” The Times of India wrote, “The US embarrassed itself before the world for 100 minutes.” Kenyan commentator Patrick Gathara reacted on Twitter: “This debate would be sheer comedy if it wasn’t such a pitiful and tragic advertisement for U.S. dysfunction.” America is continuing to decline before the world note analysts. International reaction to the debate is in line with multiple Pew Research Center reports finding that America’s international image has suffered during Mr. Trump’s presidency, opined Mr. Schwartz. The center released a report Sept. 15 that found that in nearly every country, a majority holds unfavorable views of America. The Pew study is titled, “U.S. Image Plummets Internationally as Most Say Country Has Handled Coronavirus Badly.” Among other findings of those surveyed was since Mr. Trump took office the image of the U.S. has suffered across many regions of the globe.

What may shock, anger, surprise and even frighten many people is what is happening in America is rooted in scripture, and the Prophetic, Life-Giving Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Warning, Insight and Divine Guidance delivered by his National Representative, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

What the country and world is continuing to witness, noted Atty. Ava Muhammad, national spokesperson for Min. Farrakhan, is the continued unraveling of a great nation as described by the Minister in February during his major Saviours’ Day convention address in Detroit. Shortly after his powerful message, the country shut down due to the spread of coronavirus.

“So, to see President Donald J. Trump and former Vice President and Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., in the middle of screaming and shouting and interruptions and name calling and incoherent cross talk” is an example of this continued unraveling, Atty. Muhammad explained recently on her popular internet show, “Elevated Places,” that aired Oct. 1.

“I can only think of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad saying to America, in the Fall of America, you (America) are going to come to disgrace. You are going to be the laughingstock of the world. All of the other nations, they will no longer fear you, they will not respect you. And that is what is being said around the globe. That was what was being said Wednesday morning. Because this says more about America than it says about Mr. Trump or Mr. Biden.”

Voices of Divine Guidance

For 90 years the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan have issued a clarion call of Guidance and Warning about the fall of America, her lack of leadership and fair dealing with the darker people of the earth and in particular the Black and Indigenous man and woman of America.

Like Moses and Aaron in scriptures warned the pharaoh of ancient Egypt, Elijah Muhammad and Min. Farrakhan have warned America to, “Let my people go.”

In his book, The Fall of America, Mr. Muhammad writes that the reality of the judgement of America is a repetition of ancient Babylon’s judgement in the Bible. “Long before America ever thought that she should repent of her evil done to her slaves or reject repentance, God hath set the snare to catch her. America is now in the same snare that God set for ancient Babylon. Will America repent that she should be healed or will she ignore it?” he writes.

As recently as July 4 in his earth-shattering message titled “The Criterion,” Min. Farrakhan warned Mr. Trump, America and the world about what is coming to pass. The Minister cautioned world leaders including those in the Muslim World, China and the U.S. that Allah (God) is in control.

“Mr. Trump, you’re the leader of America now. You need to try to make America safe from the wrath of God, her chastisement over the wickedness that you all have been involved in since your inception. Since you are the last of the presidents, maybe, that has a chance on your watch to delay the judgment of God. You have a secret chamber in the White House, a place where you can go to pray,” said Min. Farrakhan.

He continued with Guidance to the commander-in-chief. “Mr. Trump, I really don’t see you falling down on your knees. God has to knock you down on your knees because your arrogance, your false pride in the little money you have. Can I show you something from the Qur’an? Listen to this. It says, ‘All that a man hath of the wealth of the earth. If he had it in his hand and the like of it with it, they would gladly ransom it in the Day of Resurrection to keep the chastisement of God away from them.’ Mr. Trump, you won’t bow down on your own. But the scripture says ‘… every knee will bow and every tongue will be forced to confess.’ We say it in Arabic that there is no God but Allah, and you say it, Jesus Christ is Lord, same thing. Bow down. …, the Minister stated.

“America, you’ve been weighed. Try to keep yourself out of war. Try to keep yourself away from the Judgment of God. Mr. Trump would be wise to put on a mask because it would be the greatest irony that you would die in office from coronavirus. I’m not wishing that on you. No, no, no. But if I did, you’d have to worry.”