Though members of the Nation of Islam have shown proven success in restoring Black communities for over 90 years, some Jewish organizations continue to lobby to remove their presence with threats and covert alliances with organizations and successful Blacks. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has visited Black communities to instill pride, cultural awareness and respect for life into the hearts of residents.

You just missed Black-Jewish Unity Week.

Marc Morial, of the National Urban League, American Jewish Committee president Harriet P. Schleifer and other American Jewish Committee officials led the effort the week of Sept. 7 to highlight the mythic Black-Jewish relationship, citing the work of Jews with Blacks during the civil rights movement and Jewish philanthropy, notably with efforts to support Black education.

The idea isn’t necessarily negative, unless you look just beneath the surface. And a 1,000th of an inch into the “celebration” of Black-Jewish Unity Week a few things are clear: Jewish unity is intact. Jewish and Zionist groups are clear on their agenda and protecting their issues. Jewish groups won’t apologize for pursuing what they see in their best interests.

It’s also clear that too many Black groups, mainstream groups, in particular, continue to pursue Jewish approval and support regardless of the cost. Black unity is lacking. And, undergirding the call for Black-Jewish Unity is the desire to destroy the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, his influence and to drive him out of public life.


Mr. Morial do you really want to be part of and leader in that nefarious and transparent plot?

Let’s not play word or political games: Those who are coming together for so-called Black-Jewish Unity are against Min. Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. If not all, certainly most are. Repudiation of the Minister is a requirement to get into the club. Jewish groups are recruiting Blacks once again into their rabid, anti-Farrakhan campaign. It follows Jewish anger over Black athletes and celebrities who saluted Min. Farrakhan after his July 4 address, “The Criterion,” and rancor over the posting of videos of Min. Farrakhan by Jewish comedian Chelsea Handler and others who were struck by his analysis of the racial problem in America, and the truth he spoke. Mainstream Jewish groups weren’t impressed. They forced Ms. Handler and others to take down videos that showed the Minister speaking for himself.

Instead of focusing on Black unity while Covid-19 stalks and kills our people on one end and police shootings and killings and fratricidal violence kicks up in cities across the country, the best use of Mr. Morial’s time was to join the Jewish anti-Farrakhan Brigade? Hiding under the cover of backing a federal bill against hate crimes and racism is too narrow a sheet to hide hypocrisy and cowardice.

Whether in politics or interracial alliances, Black interests and Black sentiments are always jettisoned and someone else’s politics and sensibility must always be respected.

Aren’t we tired of being free slaves yet? Aren’t we sick of bowing and scrapping to people who live far from us geographically and are light years away in quality-of-life reality?

The American Jewish Committee, the ADL, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and other Jewish groups hate Minister Farrakhan and want to destroy him. Mr. Morial, do you desire the same thing? If so, state your belief, your case and your hate. What has the Minister done against Black interests that would make you join with an enemy who has shut down Twitter and Facebook to a man who uses social media for nothing but good?

You would be hard pressed to show what the Minister has done to Jewish people, except defend himself against their assaults, their lies and their incessant effort to destroy his every good deed. In 40 years of rebuilding the Nation of Islam and over 30 years of Jewish assaults, not one follower of the Minister has harmed one Jewish person. The Minister cannot be found calling for the harm of any Jewish person, the boycott of any Jewish organization or attacks on any Jewish politician. Yet Jews have openly called for his death, fought to kill every economic endeavor the Nation of Islam has pursued and made Black politicians kiss their ring and deny Farrakhan or suffer the consequences.

Jewish groups and media have condemned Blacks Lives Matter as antisemitic due to its support for justice for Palestinians and called the organization a terrorist group—aligning themselves with President Trump in the process. Israelis have designated Black youth an enemy to beware of because Black youth in the streets of America want justice and are unpredictable. That doesn’t bode well for the Zionist state which loves to entice Black leaders into backing it. Israel is the place major and minor police forces go for training and orientation. These same police departments come back home and use those tactics on us.

Mr. Morial, do the lives of Black young people matter to you? Certainly, the American Jewish Committee, the ADL and other Jewish groups don’t care about saving young Black people. When the Minister led the men of the Nation of Islam, the Fruit of Islam, into Black neighborhoods to increase peace, lessen tension and curb violence, he was denounced by these groups. The wailing of Black mothers, the tears of Black grandmothers and the agony of Black sisters, fathers, cousins, aunts, wives and girlfriends meant nothing to Jewish groups. Their single-minded agenda is the destruction of Louis Farrakhan and anything that might bring a positive thought, positive words or a different view of him. So, when you read about deadly violence in Chicago, ask the American Jewish Committee, the ADL and the Simon Wiesenthal Center when are they hitting the streets to protect Black young people? They’re not. And it’s beyond absurd that slave-minded Negros today are too cowardly to tell these people “mind their business, we got Black lives to save.”

Where is your courage Mr. Morial? Where is your testimony and your tale of the evils of Farrakhan? You have none. You can only repeat the lies and slander of your Jewish “allies.”

In times past, our people were given a piece of chicken and the buttered biscuit to do the bidding of our open enemies. We should be past that by now.

(Naba’a Muhammad is editor in chief of The Final Call Newspaper. Follow @RMfinalcall on Twitter and find him on Facebook.)

Black-Jewish Unity at what cost and for whose benefit?