[Editor’s note: The following article is Part III of excerpts from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s major July 4, 2020 address “The Criterion,” delivered from his home in Michigan. The day also marked the 90th anniversary of the Nation of Islam in America. The portions of the Minister’s message below highlight his warning against blindly trusting the Trump administration and U.S. government’s push for a Covid-19 vaccine in an unprecedented nine months, not withstanding the president’s desire to be reelected and to use such vaccine to help get him back in the White House and the historical wickedness of American government against Black people. The Minister also calls for ending the embargo against Cuba to access treatments and approaches that could save lives, examining potential treatments and cures other nations are researching and convening Black health professionals to discuss and examine how to protect Black people from possible harm. We urge you to order this important message in its entirety on CD, DVD or MP3, please visit store.finalcall.com or call 1-800-602-1230, ext. 200.]

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

China says it was the U.S. army that dropped the Covid-19 virus in China and America says, “Wuhan, China, produced this virus and they could have told us what they were doing.”

Mr. Trump, and all your scientists, why don’t you put your mask on and sit down for a minute while one of the ex-slaves whom God has awakened gives you guidance on what you seek.

[FCN] Min Farrakhan 4th Of July Photos By Haroon Rajaee

I want to tell you right up front you will not conquer this virus because it didn’t come from Wuhan. It did not come from Fort Detrick in Maryland because if you had made it you would know how to handle what you made. But you don’t know this virus, it’s new, it’s different. It mutates and goes in different directions with a different strain of itself. You’re running trying to get a vaccine like you’re really interested in saving the world from this virus.

Mr. Trump was so happy. Oh, my president was looking forward to reelection. The stock market had gone up near 3,000. But all of a sudden without warning something happened. And overnight the countries were being shut down. Think about it. God never takes a people when they’re sad. In the days of Noah, He waited until they were very happy. Having marriages and getting drunk and having a good time and that’s when the flood came. Be careful of your happiness because in that hour that he was rejoicing knowing that as long as that stock market was there and the economics of the country seemed favorable, he knew that he would be reelected. 

Bill and Melinda Gates

And all of a sudden out of nowhere an unseen thing—shows you how you can get messed up from something you can’t see. And you’re preparing for all the things that you can see but you have no preparation for the unseen. Because it’s unseen does not mean that it is unreal. And the reality of Covid-19 is what we are facing today. 

I say to my beloved family, brothers and sisters we have to set an example before the world. I could not allow you to come out without a mask as though because God has favored us that we are mask-free, don’t need it. That would make us followers of the foolishness of our government. …

A man named Jesus was in a Garden and while he was in the Garden if you remember the movie “The Passion of the Christ” darkness surrounded the beauty of the Garden because Satan was watching Jesus.  They wanted to get him, they wanted to attack him but they had to wait for the right moment, the right time. So in the Garden even though it’s bright, it’s so beautiful and the Believers decorated it with such joy and you could feel the peace of God as you sit where you sit and walk these grounds because the peace of God is with us. But while we’re here the plotters are plotting (right now). And they intend to do me and you harm. …

Our iniquitous behavior is a pestilence on the earth so God answers with a pestilence. His anger is at a point where He has to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity. How big is the earth? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us the earth is 196,940,000 square miles and 57,255,000 square miles of it is land. You may live in the sea on the sea but you don’t live and inhabit under the sea. So, punishment from God’s pestilence is to turn against you the things that you depend upon for your sustenance.

Have you lost your job? How many millions have lost their job in America? Between 30 million to 40 million. How many of you have lost friends and love ones? How many of us being arrested in place in our houses, how many find it like a prison? How many of you are arguing with members of your own family? Because staying with them day after day and week after week, you’re discovering things about yourself and about one another so you want this to end. So, Mr. Trump calls it “liberation.” 

“We want you to be liberated from the virus by asking you to come out of sheltering in place, come out from wearing a mask; come out for social distancing. Open up your society.” So, the moment they opened up trying to get basketball on track several showed up with the virus. In the choir people singing and the melodious sound of their voice was also coupled with droplets of death coming out of their mouths. So now many in the choir have already died. So, you want this to end but you don’t know how.  You want it to end Mr. Trump so you can go back to what was. But I’m here to tell you sir, you’ll never see what was again; that is over.

Coronavirus vaccine. Syringe on white table. Virus from Wuhan casusing pandemic. 3D render

Why do you say this, Farrakhan? Because we are under the judgment of God. I want you to open your Bible to Genesis, Chapter 15:13-15 (you can’t get away from this one). “Know of a surety Abraham that your seed will be a stranger in a land that is not theirs and they shall serve them and they shall be afflicted in that land for 400 years.” After that time God says:  “I will come and judge that nation which they shall serve.” 


What will you do with Corona, a pestilence from God? What will you do? What can you do? You are at your wits end.

I say to my brothers and sisters in Africa if they come up with a vaccine be careful. Don’t let them vaccinate you with their history of treachery through vaccines, through medication. Are you listening? I say to the African presidents do not take their medications. I say to those of us in America we need to call a meeting of our skilled virologists, epidemiologists, students of biology and chemistry and we need to look at not only what they give us we need to give ourselves something better. 

So, my teacher told me don’t speak to some speak to the whole. And now I’m speaking for Black America, for Hispanic America, for the Native American and for those who are desirous of life. They’re making money now plotting to give seven billion five hundred million people a vaccination. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and Melinda, you want to depopulate the earth? What the hell gives you that right? Who are you to sit down with your billions and talk about who can live and who should die? That’s why your world is coming to an end quickly because you have sentenced billions to death. But God is now sentencing you to the death that you are sentencing to others. …

“But Farrakhan if we don’t take the vaccine, we’re sure to die.” You’re dying for sure now. They want to quicken death. Yes, brothers and sisters they’re in the Bible as the Pale Horse of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The Pale Horse had a rider, his rider was Death. And everywhere that Pale Horse went hell followed behind. This is your history. You’re angry with me. I’ll take it because the two that back me are very angry with you and the righteous are becoming more angry with you with every passing day.

Imagine some Caucasians sitting in a room plotting the death of two to three billion human beings calling them useless eaters; that’s Satan.  That’s the mind of Satan. You know how Satan’s mind begins? It begins with these words … when asked; why didn’t you submit when I (God) commanded you. The Satanic mind says, “I am better because I am made of fire while he is made from dust. … ”

So, you develop your vaccine. Mr. Alan Dershowitz listen to the words of God from my mouth for you. You’re such a skillful deceiver, you deceived your brothers in the Senate to vote not to impeach Mr. Trump you were very skillful. But see if you can impeach the wisdom of God.  You’re Satan masquerading as a lawyer. Satan walking in full sight deceiving whoever they can deceive; that’s Satan. Mr. Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL, you’re Satan. Those of you that say that you’re Jews, I will not even give you the honor of calling you a Jew, you’re not a Jew. You’re so-called, you’re Satan. It is my job now to pull the cover off of Satan … .

I don’t care where you are, if you know the truth stand up on the truth and tell Satan … “who the hell are you to try and pick my friends? Farrakhan is God’s man and you are from the enemy of God, so to hell with you.” Stand up on it like a man.

So, Mr. Dershowitz, if you bring the vaccine and say you’re going to bring your army to force us to take it, once you try to force us, that’s a declaration of war on all of us. You only have this one life. Fight like hell to keep it and fight like hell to destroy those whose heart and mind is to destroy you and take your life from you. …

So, don’t take the vaccines. There are 14 therapies that are in the world today that we can use to fight against the Covid virus. America, you won’t solve it. The scientists of the world, you won’t solve it. I want to tell you what will solve it. You ready? This virus is a pestilence from heaven so scholarship from hell can’t deal with a pestilence that came from heaven.


Mr. Trump, you’re the leader of America now. You need to try to make America safe from the wrath of God, her chastisement over the wickedness that you all have been involved in since your inception. Since you are the last of the presidents, maybe, that has a chance on your watch to delay the judgment of God. You have a secret chamber in the White House, a place where you can go to pray. Mr. Trump, I really don’t see you falling down on your knees. God has to knock you down on your knees because your arrogance, your false pride in the little money you have. Can I show you something from the Qur’an? Listen to this. It says, “All that a man hath of the wealth of the earth. If he had it in his hand and the like of it with it, they would gladly ransom it in the Day of Resurrection to keep the chastisement of God away from them.” Mr. Trump, you won’t bow down on your own. But the scripture says “… every knee will bow and every tongue will be forced to confess.” We say it in Arabic that there is no God but Allah, and you say it, Jesus Christ is Lord, same thing. Bow down. …


America, you’ve been weighed. Try to keep yourself out of war. Try to keep yourself away from the Judgment of God. Mr. Trump would be wise to put on a mask because it would be the greatest irony that you would die in office from coronavirus. I’m not wishing that on you. No, no, no. But if I did, you’d have to worry.

Florida, are you becoming the epicenter of the coronavirus? I asked God to do that. While Florida was white all the way around with low infection rates, it turned deep red. I asked God for that. I just want to show you that this man that is talking to you has power with God. I’m not fake. I’m the real deal. You can take it or let it alone. Why did I ask God to drop that on Florida? Because of you, Florida, and those that ran out or were run out of Cuba, who were members of the Jewish community, who lost everything, your hatred for Fidel Castro has caused America to be blind now. … I asked God to bring down the virus heavily on Florida because 90 miles from Florida our Cuban family, when the plague broke out in Wuhan, they went to Hubei province in Wuhan and with the Chinese they corrected it and drove it out of Wuhan. Don’t we need something that Cuba has? But you have an embargo on Cuba. …

I’m about to ask the government to relieve our brothers and sisters in Cuba of the burden, the unjust burden, of your embargo because we’re not going to take no medicine that you, the killers of all of us, give. Remember the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment? Remember what they did to the Native Americans with smallpox in blankets. Remember the vaccine that they gave us for polio? That was cancer itself, contaminated with SV-40? How could you trust them with a vaccine after you know what they have done and that they are capable of doing it again, on a bigger and broader level?

It’s government policy to reduce the population of the earth by two to three billion people, you know that right? If you don’t know I’ve been telling you about it and they’re using methods that Zbigniew Brzezinski mentioned: It’s easier to kill a million people than it is to control a million people. Mr. Zbigniew was not playing. It is easier to kill a million because they’re killing millions as we speak. We will not accept your vaccine. So, you can slow down because whenever you bring out, it’s for your people. You give it to them.

So, we’re not accepting death because you are the very representative of death itself. The Pale Horse and everywhere you’ve gone in the world, hell went right behind you. We are sick of hell and we are sick of death. So, all of you that have made a covenant with death, your covenant is going to be annulled. All of you who have made an agreement with hell, your agreement with hell will be broken. So, I’m saying in this election year, tell Mr. Trump release Cuba. We want our Cuban doctors to look after us. We don’t trust you. We heard that you’re killing some of us in the hospital. See, we know who the laborers were of Yakub that brought you into existence were. They were ministers. They were doctors, they were nurses. They were cremators. So, we know you well, and we are watching you go to work in the hospitals to kill us.

“But some of us are very good people.” You are, some of you, but you’re usually low level. Because those that get instructions to kill, don’t share that with you. They just tell you, “don’t waste time with that one. That’s already dead.” …

Cuba is ours. The Blacks of Cuba are our direct relationship. The Brown in Cuba, the mixture of the Black and the Spanish, that’s our family. You didn’t kill the Black in them. You just mitigated some of the power of it. But that’s our family, too.


Florida has stood in the way of a better relationship of our government with Cuba. We want what Cuba is developing against Covid-19. We want Alpha Interferon 2B, if that is what is good against Covid. We’re looking into Madagascar. We’re looking into other therapies, but we definitely will not accept your vaccine. You’ve blown it all the way around with us.