Portrait Of Extended Family Group In Park

Almost daily comes video, statistics, tears, and tragedy depicting harrowing conditions Black people face in the United States.

Political leaders seem weak, failing and unable to honestly meet questions and problems of race and reality head on.

The American president views everything through a narcissistic kaleidoscope devoid of national interest. Everything is tied to his personal popularity or personal political fortune. Consider additional revelations that national security staff hid info from the president for fear he would take the country to war on a whim.

Covid-19 threatens to displace hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions if economic conditions get worse, housing moratoriums expire, infections and deaths rise and new spikes drive America deeper and deeper into an abyss.


A fractious election looms and talk of stolen votes, fake polls, enemies of God, guns and country is shouted from the political mountaintops. There is no common ground, no greater purpose, just the seek and destroy tactics of the GOP and a tepid Democratic Party trying to walk the thin line between respect for White sentiments and appealing to Black voters to come to America’s political rescue again.

Even former first lady Michelle Obama has confessed to low grade depression and troubling spiritual times as she looks across the national social and political landscape.

Where are we and how did we get here? Is there a way out? Where is it and how can we access that exit?

For ninety years the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad have been inside of America. It offers a divine warning, a divine solution to the problem between Black and White and the children of the slavemasters and the children of the ex-slaves.

Portrait Of Extended Family Group In Park

The message has been distorted, attacked, miscast and derided as everything but the truth by those opposed to a universal change already underway and those who fear or have hope that those who have ruled will continue to rule.

But what do the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who has been rebuilding the Nation for over 40 years now, offer? “My mission is to give life to the dead. What I teach brings them out of death and into life,” writes the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, in his monumental book, “Message To the Black Man In America,” in a section titled “Answer To Critics” with the subtitle, “My Mission Is To Give Life.”

“They, most of these leaders, have good intentions, but they just don’t have the right instruments to work with, and they do not know how to use the instruments, since they were not appointed to do the job. But all of our people today have the desire to do something for themselves and, first of all, to see injustice removed from the whole,” writes Messenger Muhammad.

“We have suffered injustice at the hands of the White people for 400 years, and today some want to be called ‘Citizens of America,’ but all of this without the qualities that go along with freedom. We are today, I repeat, imbued with the spirit of justice for our people, and something must be done. This oppression cannot go on forever.

“What the civil rights movement is trying to do is just another effort to bring home to our people a better life. But this is the time when our people should and will get a better life on a permanent scale. Not on a temporary scale.”

The permanent solution is not rooted in politics, but rooted in the reality of God, the divine word of God and prophecy. Not in an other worldly haze of belief in a Mystery God or a misunderstanding of scripture based on the deceptions of devilish human beings. These are not horned creatures underground with hooves, red suits and tails. At the highest level, these men and women are wickedly great, powerful and committed to staying in power and ruling the world.

Can such dominion continue if there is a just God?

If the divine word teaches about the destruction of ancient Rome, Babylon, Egypt and other great nations in the past, can America escape judgement today for the Black Holocaust during and after the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade and the genocidal slaughter of Native Americans?

Is God just or unjust? Is his word true or untrue? Should we expect justice or is there no such thing?

The divine word and understanding of that word also does not arrive on its own, it is invested in a man who God chooses to deliver the word. The word contains light, life and power. It condemns the wicked and comforts those who have suffered from the abuses of the wicked. Yet, it offers the wicked a way out, if the wicked will turn from their wicked ways, seek God’s face and walk in the light of truth and righteousness.

It also offers the suffering an understanding and faith that brings feelings of peace in difficult times, dark times. The one who believes begins to see the world through the eyes of God and His Servant. He begins to see that the darkness is not permanent, nor is it truly real. It is a covering that will be removed as the Supreme Being continues to remove the man and world of sin.

Faith opens eyes and bathes the Believer in light. She is able to see the path of truth, righteousness and deliverance and no longer is in darkness and despair. God has come and the trials of the moment, though intense, are not eternal.

Belief in a beneficent, merciful and powerful God buttresses faith and opens a gateway to peace of mind in a world gone mad. Black people are the choice of God today. We fulfil the biblical prophecy of Abraham’s Seed serving in a strange land under a strange people for 400 years until the Coming of God. We need not fear for the future so long as we accept the God on the scene today and His Servants. He has promised us relief, protection and success. We can rely on His promises and seek refuge in Him and His strength.

We don’t need to feel lost and alone, those days are over. These are the days that we will be successful, by God’s Grace, through turning to Him. He came to give us life. Embrace Him, embrace His word, embrace His men, and embrace a bright future with unlimited progress.