DECEIVING, DEFAMING, DESTROYING: The Jewish onslaught against Blacks as part of campaign to destroy Farrakhan

The Jewish assault on entertainer Nick Cannon and efforts to bludgeon him into submission were the latest moves in a long history of anti-Black bullying and coercion by Jews obsessed with the destruction of Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan—no matter the cost or the collateral damage.

Nick Cannon Photo: MGN Online

“The Masked Singer” television show host, who has also been active in demands for Black justice, was targeted after an interview with Professor Griff of Public Enemy was made public. In the interview, which has been removed from the internet, Mr. Cannon talks about how the experience or harsh life in the caves of Europe deprived Caucasians of melanin, which causes dark skin pigmentation, and created a less compassionate, more aggressive being, which ravaged the globe—especially the darker peoples of the earth.

There was also a discussion of who fulfills the biblical prophesy of the children of Israel today and whether Blacks in America, after 400 years of service and affliction, are actually that people.

Mr. Cannon had been a guest at Min. Farrakhan’s home July 4 and was present in “The Garden” as the Minister delivered a stirring message of warning, a call for repentance and spoke directly to the so-called Jews who have stalked, opposed and tried to kill him through a cancer radiation treatment.


Initially Mr. Cannon stood strong in the face of charges he was anti-Semitic but then apologized, saying he was sorry for hurting the Jewish community and ready to learn about their suffering.   

Nation of Islam Student Minister and researcher Demetric Muhammad called the assaults “ritual defamation” designed to incite the murder of the Minister.

Radio host and author Charlamage tha God and Min. Farrakhan

“It is my belief that the ultimate goal of this defamation and character assassination campaign is to inspire and provide a justification for a literal physical assassination of Black America’s most ardent and beloved champion,” said Student Minister Muhammad.

While the Anti-Defamation League, Simon Wiesenthal Center and other Jewish groups wage their 34-year-old war against the Minister and the Nation of Islam, they are enraged that the man and the movement still command great respect, admiration and love.

These anti-Black enemies, however, are intent on crushing any good word, good will or good wishes extended to Min. Farrakhan by tarring admirers and influencers with the false label of “anti-Semite” to destroy their careers, reputations, and businesses.

Jews have most recently threatened the careers or business interests of noted admirers, supporters or even people photographed with a man who has served Black people for over 60 years.

Besides Mr. Cannon, the Jewish media assassins have threatened Sean “Puffy” Combs, whose Revolt TV, ran the Minister’s July 4 message online and was headed toward one million views when shutdown by Entrepreneur and rapper Ice Cube has been labeled a hater by Jews as were DeSean Jackson, a star player for the Philadelphia Eagles, former NBA player Stephen Jackson and even radio host Charlemagne Da God. Legendary NBA player Allen Iverson was excoriated for posting a photo with the Minister on social media.

DeSean Jackson Photo: MGN Online

What’s behind all the Jewish hate?

“This is all part of a very predictable arc. Part of that arc, of course, is kind of that obligatory call to condemn Minister Farrakhan. This is the call that Tamika Mallory resisted. This is the call that many people have resisted,”  observed Dr. Gregg Carr of Howard University and regular contributor to the Roland S. Martin Daily Digital show.

“The Nation of Islam has been unapologetic in its work on behalf of our people … and that is inevitably going to bring the Nation into conflict with people who don’t want to be in last place, either. And some of those people in the history of this country have been White people who happen to be Jewish. And there’s nothing, really, that the Nation has done or can do or that Minister Farrakhan has done or can do that can erase that history of conflict, of situational compromise and coalition,” he said.

He placed the question of anti-Semitism into two categories: the historical journey of Judaism and the politics of Whiteness. He said while it is true that religions are not linked to skin color, there are studies that suggest Judaism emerged out of Northeast Africa and that the first Jews certainly weren’t White.

“The question becomes in 2020, what value is that, when we go into the second category of political meaning and social meaning of people trying to negotiate with Whiteness? The question becomes, is that a topic, is that a subject that enables people of African descent to find some value, some advantage, some weapon in our fight against oppression?” he asked.

(L) (L) Min. Farrakhan and rapper and businessman Ice Cube (Photo: Final Call archives) (R) NBA superstar Allen Iverson and Min. Farrakhan (Photo via Instagram)

White America has never been comfortable with Black people who are unpoliced and free to wield their power and that today, White America has resorted to calling Black people to denounce the Minister rather than facing the Minister or the Nation head on.

“If White America and the racists who are in control cannot eliminate or defeat independent and self-determining Black institutions, they simply begin to pretend like they don’t exist,” Dr. Carr said. “Why don’t you go after the institutions you think are so bad instead of asking people who are not members of those institutions whether or not they condemn those institutions? That, to me, is a confession of sorts.”

Dr. Ray Winbush

Dr. Ray Winbush of Morgan State University pointed out how Minister Farrakhan’s Jewish detractors use a double standard with how they respond or don’t respond to what they claim as anti-Semitism.

“You can be a White supremacist and say things about Ashkenazim Jews and you won’t be vilified,” argued Dr. Winbush.

However, he said, when Black people share something of praise of a man who clearly has helped their community over the past 60 years, Blacks are punished. They are made to visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington, make a public apology and denounce the Minister, said Dr. Winbush.

“As if somehow Black people are not to be critical of Ashkenazim Jews, Israel or anything related to that,” he said.

Jewish dossier on Farrakhan?

And, while the agreement with Mr. Cannon was supposed to create greater sensitivity awareness toward Jewish people, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, who is supposed to be his guide, started by giving Mr. Cannon a dossier on Min. Farrakhan to read.

TMZ reported and aired a video of Rabbi Cooper, of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, saying first Mr. Cannon had to digest anti-Farrakhan tripe as part of his repentance. After his apology came Fox’s announcement that it decided not to fire Mr. Cannon from “The Masked Singer” because he was remorseful.

The Jewish effort is a deliberate strategy to obliterate anyone who comes near Min. Farrakhan to stop any “legitimation.” “The Black community in this country is wrestling with a desperate crisis situation in our inner cities … Farrakhan’s NOI is arguably filling a void for that community,”  the ADL noted in a 1994 special report entitled “Mainstreaming Anti-Semitism: The Legitimation of Louis Farrakhan.” By repeating their falsehoods, public shaming, and economic cut-offs these powerful Jews seek to annihilate Black folk, in particular, who refuse to bow.

Minister Farrakhan has stated his work is exposing Satan, evil ones of every race and religion, their ill effect on the world and raising the Black man and woman and the oppressed living under an evil rule.

Nick Cannon

“The reason they hate me is because they know I represent the end of their civilization. I represent the uncovering of their wickedness, fulfilling the judgment that God has come to bring down on America and the world,” explained Minister Farrakhan.

Unlike those Jews who misrepresent Minister Farrakhan to the public, he is not motivated by malice toward the Jewish community. He honors Jews who follow the Torah—a revelation given to Prophet Moses. He condemns all who use religion as a cover for dirty deeds and unjust, ugly practices. He has never taught violence against Jews; boycotted Jewish institutions and the Nation has no record of attacking Jewish people.

“Get to know me from the God within that can tell you if the Minister is false,” he said July 4. “They tell lies to make you think I am a bigot or anti-Semite, so you won’t listen to what I’m saying,” Minister Farrakhan said.

“There is nothing enjoyed more by White racism than placing a Black man on the apology tour, sadly degraded and put in their place, horribly afraid of losing their money or social status,” Dr. Boyce Watkins, entrepreneur and media maker, said on a recent podcast.

Dr. Carr, who is  also chair of the Department of Afro-American Studies at Howard University, says it’s the same script used every time a Black person embraces the Minister and the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

One, an incident happens: the conversation Nick Cannon had with Professor Griff on his podcast, Cannon’s Class. Two, the person is charged with anti-Semitism. Three, a reaction occurs: in the case of Nick Cannon, Viacom let him go. Four, a statement is made: Nick Cannon tweeted that if he offended anybody, he’s sorry, and that he’s a student continuing to learn.

19 Keys Photo via Twitter

19Keys, a young Black activist out of Los Angeles, also commented on what he described as the “age-old story” of the litmus test.

“When you stand next to truth, it can’t be a moment. It has to be a way of life. Unapologetic. You have to not be a passive revolutionary, but you have to be aggressive and strategic and be willing to live for and die for those causes,” he said. “And you have to pick a side today and also understand and be able to defend the words that you speak with truth and back those up.”

He said anti-Semitic propaganda is a weaponized tool against anyone who has valid criticism.

The forced apologies of Philadelphia Eagles football player DeSean Jackson, who posted a fraudulent statement attributed to Adolph Hitler about Blacks being the true children of Islam and Jews hiding that fact, alongside positive words for a July 4 message by the Minister and Mr. Cannon, who attended the speech in “the Garden” at the Minister’s home in Michigan were pummeled into submission.

Both consented to be being educated on Jewish history through visits to former concentration camps, books, discussions and the like. But they won’t likely be asked to tour settlements of the Ethiopian Jews in Israel who suffer from the highest poverty rate, levels of police brutality, unrest and incarceration. There have also been complaints that the 14,000 Beta Israel remaining in Ethiopia, despite repeated appeals, have not received support from Jewish federations to combat the onslaught of the coronavirus. Perhaps that would be too much like home.

“They don’t want them to see that,” said one analyst.

A voice, time for truth

“So much of what Minister Farrakhan says is truth, and many people don’t want that truth to come out,” said Pastor Emeritus Willie Wilson of Union Temple Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. “The Black Lives Matter movement has emboldened people who have never spoken out before; now, they have the courage and confidence to speak up.

“The same would be true with the Minister if he receives more support and unbiased coverage, it would strengthen what he is saying, ultimately opening up things that have been hidden and obscured. It is what they fear,” he said.

Ilyasah Shabazz, daughter of Malcolm X, and Min. Farrakhan.

A few Black leaders and celebrities who’ve been called anti-Semitic include President Barack Obama, Angela Davis, Alice Walker, Oprah Winfrey, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton. Not to mention Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa who were subjected to the same slander. The entire list is long and stretches back to Marcus Garvey, the 20th century Black nationalist leader, Minister Malcolm X and beyond.

The game, according to social activist and MOVE member Pam Africa is if you criticize Jews, you are assigned the anti-Semitic label. “It’s a label that intimidates and bullies like the tactics of (President) Trump,” she said. “They use this with people who support the Minister, terrorizing them into their way of thinking, when the truth is staring them right in the face, causing them to run and hide. If they (Jewish people) have a problem, they need to go directly to the source.  If you have a problem with the man, at least have the guts to sit down and talk with him. His door is open,” she said.

But those who condemned the Minister weren’t enough. Writing for The Hill Rabbi Marvin Hier declared, “what is most upsetting is the absolute silence from America’s Black leaders and clergy with regard to the hateful, anti-Semitic message (of Minister Farrakhan).“  He also uses the tired Hitler/Farrakhan comparison. Comparing Adolph Hitler with Minister Farrakhan is logically fallacious. You might as well compare rutabaga to chocolate candy.

Dr. Na’im Akbar, former chairmen of the Psychology Departments at Morehouse College and Florida State University, told The Final Call he viewed the July 4 speech by the Minister. Addressing the issues of Rabbi Hier, he observed, “What Jews and White people don’t get is the Minister’s work ain’t about them, and for some reason, there seems to be a determination to shift the conversation to be about them.”

“His message is how do we begin to resurrect and restore the integrity of Black people. Jews and the devil, in general, are incidental. In many articles, they are amazed and insulted that Black people don’t condemn the Minister for doing his work. That is because Black people understand it is not about Jews. It’s not even an integral part of his message.  They continuously recycle the false narrative, so they become the center. It is their way of sabotaging the good work that he does.”

Dr. Akbar added, “The Minister has been consistent and unapologetic in his concern for the upliftment of Black people. Not trying to teach others out of racism, his focus is to teach and restore Black people to their own integrity and sanity.”

“For them, this is frightening because there has not been anyone who has stood up like this since Marcus Garvey and Elijah Muhammad. Unfortunately, 21st-century Black leadership is consolatory, always responding to White people. Responding to the antagonist and the antagonist writes the agenda,” he observed.

“Minister Farrakhan keeps us at the center, and the antagonist doesn’t write the agenda. He writes our agenda keeping us at the center, and for them, this is frightening,” Dr. Akbar concluded.

Rapper T.I. attended the July 4 message with his wife, rappers 2Chainz and Rick Ross and former pro basketball player Stephen Jackson, who has been championing justice for his longtime friend, George Floyd, who died in the custody of Minneapolis police officers. (See related story page 8.)

“I haven’t been attacked but as far as I have heard the references to the Minister being anti-Semitic I haven’t heard any words from his mouth personally that would lead me to that conclusion,” he told The Final Call in an exclusive July 16 telephone interview. “And, I’ve been waiting on someone to present something that would allow me the opportunity to see what they say they’ve seen and I always hear them speak his name in the midst of hate and anti-Semitism but I’ve never seen them play the clip of him saying what they claim to be hate speech.

“I have to judge him based on my experiences and what I have heard him say out of his mouth with my ears. I can’t go off with what somebody else tells me what they heard with their ears and that’s just how I feel,” he said.