By Naba’a Muhammad Editor @RMfinalcall

No thanks to the usual Satanic actors and attackers, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a major address July 4 offering warning, guidance and instruction to a world ravaged by suffering and loss tied to the coronavirus pandemic.

As people worldwide seek answers and solace over the loss of loved ones, the Minister offered comforting words, calling those lost during this time of pestilence martyrs whose lives were given as a new world comes in and an old world of evil and indecency goes out.

Once again, as the Nation of Islam marked its 90th anniversary in America, he repeated the monumental warning his teacher, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, issued in the 1930s. The United States and the world are under divine judgment and that judgment is tied to divine punishment for the evil and murder of Black and indigenous people.


Repentance led by the world’s religious and political leaders is required to bring America and the world out of the current crisis, said Min. Farrakhan.

Who would oppose this message and seek to frighten and destroy any person or entity that would share this message? The same evil ones who have opposed and fought every good word and good deed performed by the Minister and the Nation of Islam since the 1984 presidential campaign of Rev. Jesse Jackson, where the Jewish onslaught against the Minister started. The old anti-Black enemies of the Anti-Defamation League and its leader Jonathan Greenblatt, Attorney Alan Dershowitz, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and major Jewish organizations opposed the message. They started with fake umbrage over word that Fox Soul was planning to air the Minister’s July 4 address, “The Criterion.” Their howling, their twisted arguments, their lies and their pressure led the streaming service to renege on its announcement.

These “powerful Jews”–what else would you call them since they have the ability to make people and organizations do their bidding and smear and punish those who refuse–must have thought their plan was a success.

But, as the Qur’an says, “they plan and Allah (God) plans and Allah (God) is the best of planners.”

These imposter Jews–who violate the laws of Moses and break the commandments by seeking refuge in the Talmudic arguments of rabbinical scholars–were thwarted. Whether the Nation of Islam website and social media, Revolt TV, radio station WVON in Chicago, WPFW AM radio in Washington, D.C., entrepreneur Boyce Watkin’s platform, and the countless Believers, followers and supporters, who turned their individual devices into amplifiers and broadcasters of the truth–the word was delivered.

So across the country and around the world, the Minister was heard. Now that the divine word has been released, he will continue to be heard and we must ensure that his word circulates. Despite a Twitter ban, the name “Farrakhan” trended for hours July 4. Despite the enemy’s assault, Black people and others cast a strong vote for truth and the man of truth.

And, while the weak ones, the politically impotent ones and the tools of our enemy offered mealy-mouthed apologies and repeated the lies of their masters and pay masters, Black folk could be heard over the airwaves of WVON AM, and other cities, defending the Minister before he spoke and praising him the day after.

Blacks are tired of oppression, tired of brutal policing, and tired of being told who to listen to by demons who do not care about Black lives nor the quality of Black life. Our so-called Jewish friends only seek to assert their agenda and impose their interests on our community. Their mission is stopping Min. Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam at all costs, paternalistic control of Black organizations, leaders and politicians, and having Black America serve as their tool and their slave.

What Jewish organization, Jewish politician, Jewish movement or Jewish entity can Black America call on the carpet? Who can Black people summon from among Jews that will come? What correction can you offer those Jews who love to control and correct you? None.

What Jewish affairs or behavior do you discipline, control or influence? None.  

These are our “friends?” They demand that we reject a man who has served our people faithfully for 65 years, reformed lives by God’s permission, cleansed Black minds of the leprous disease of White supremacy and Black inferiority, called millions of Black men to atonement, reconciliation and responsibility, uplifted Black women, inspired Black children, taught rappers and entertainers about their power and responsibility and motivated gangbangers to walk in the way of peace.

Have your Jewish friends done any of that without strings, without controls, without conditions? No. Perhaps such “friends” would be better-called enemies given their opposition to every positive step or word from the Minister and his followers to reform and uplift Black people.

It is time to stand up brothers and sisters wherever you are. Don’t cower. Don’t concede. Don’t collapse. Speak the truth about this man and movement that you know and, if you get a little weak, call one of his helpers. We welcome the opportunity to hurl truth at Satan until it knocks out its brains.